What does it mean to be a woman of  a “certain age”?
Mature, seasoned, settled, mellowed by decades… maybe. But I have my own take on age and aging!
Today I am over at AROUND THE TABLE for a very saucy interview!
Most of you have never seen me in this light… very personal… even discussing what sexy means to me… SHOCK!
Stop over and visit LESLIE as she asks me some very interesting questions about being a woman and being of a “certain age”!


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    I loved your interview. I too am about to celebrate my 31st wedding anniversary, after meeting my man on a blind date and marrying 11 months later. Now in my late 50s i’m discovering (again) who i am, embracing things i love to do, starting a new blog and finding (hopefully) that life balance again.


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    Not sure that I have ever commented on your blog before now. I really enjoyed your interview. I think your advice to woman applies to any age not just mid-life. Thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself. Gives a whole new and better perspective on your blog :-)

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    I very much enjoyed your interview! I feel like we could be twins — and I especially relate to your statement that “food equals love in your house”! I agree with Ellsworth Cottage, your advice applies to all women at any age.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Love your willingness to share from your heart with the whole world. You and Bob are two of my very favorite people. Hugs to both of you, Capi

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    Thank you Yvonne. I needed to hear your words today. As someone who is about to turn 52, there are many uncertainties in my life. Your interview showed my that I matter and have worth, despite how I may feel about myself. You are truly a blessing. Your blog is very powerful.

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    Thank you for sharing your wisdom at Around the Table showing us this very personal side of you. You are a true inspiration to women of all ages and beautiful on the inside and out. xxleslie

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    What a precious interview! Love your outlook on life and totally agree that aging is a beautiful process. I’ve been married 27 years and are approaching the empty nest. I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing these years with the man I love! And hopefully sometime soon there will be grandkids, too! Love you, Yvonne!

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    Yvonne I very much enjoyed your interview with Leslie. We women of a ”certain age” share a number of things. I too wouldn’t want to be 20 again for anything and I truly believe that we come into ourselves that nobody else can understand until they get there – right of passage so to speak. I have been married almost 38 years and yes we fit like two slippers. I love that comfort in my married life. My husband is very much like Bobby where as I tend to be more the outgoing one as well and having our daughter, her husband and grandchildren, my friends and other family members sit at our table for ever and ever gives me deep contentment. I don’t know that we make better choices but absolutely the best choices for us and we forgive ourselves a lot of our own shortcomings and start to really shine and come into who we really are without worrying what other people think. I think if your happy, content and have God in your life, then there isn’t very much lacking. Have a wonderful day and I am so happy that I found your website a couple of months back.

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    Oh I am a woman of a certain age and that means to me anything I want to do at this age I am doing. It;s sort of like realizing it’s almost over or we are in the winter of our lives and we better get it done, what ever we want to do.
    Also we are the age where illness hits us quick and we don’t always recover as we would like.
    Well I told my story didn’t i ?
    I have a bucket list going and going on my first trip to New York City this summer, shopping shopping shopping and a few site seeing LOL a Broadway show

    you are a very attractive lady of a certain age

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    So enjoyed your interview as I enjoy your blog. I also am a vanilla type of gal. Just curious where you get your vanilla scent. Surely not the extract bottle!!!

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    I agree with everything you said in your interview Yvonne! So many women (or people in general) care way too much about what others think of them. So much so that they forget who they are or how to take off the mask they’ve been wearing for so many years.

    We are the same age…well, I think I’m a couple of months older having turned 60 in January. I think of getting older as a blessing and a privilege; one that so many people never get to experience. Yes, I wish I could still wear a bikini and not look like a stuffed sausage. Yes, I’m not liking the start of sagging jowls and I will admit if I wasn’t a chicken I would consider a lifestyle lift lol. BUT, I do like the confidence I feel about who I am, which didn’t happen overnight, and I don’t envy those of my daughter’s generation.

    I remember White Shoulders too! I wore Shalimar in my teens! Remember that one?

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    Thank you for sharing Yvonne. I agree about not going back to our twenties – it was overwhelming enough the first time around! What a whole package you are and I for one am glad to know you. Bonnie G.

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    As far as I can recall, I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog but had to after reading your interview with Leslie and seeing your gorgeous photo. You are such a kind and beautiful woman and I loved your advice to those heading into their “mature, seasoned, settled, mellowed by decades” era of their lives. Thank you for always being so uplifting and for sharing all of your grace and style with us. Blessings…

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    So enjoyed reading your interview today! Beautifully expressed so much of what is true; love seeing all the sharing comments; there are so many beautiful gracious ladies out there.

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    You totally amaze me, in such delightful ways, dear friend!!!
    I agree, that once we become ‘comfortable’ with who we are as individuals. . .
    life is filled with gratification. Being pleasing in His sight and not what the world perceives.
    Thank you for sharing this interview with us!!!

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