My morning coffee just got a little better!  My dear friend Rett, from The Gazebo House sent me this beautiful MUG RUG!
A rug mug… isn’t that a great idea?
She is an accomplished quilter, and I had commented on a darling rug mug on her blog~
and in just a few days she had made one especially for me!  The colors compliment my study where I have my morning coffee. And the quilting and stitches make this a real work of ART!
Oh Rett! I just love my MUG RUG! Thank you so much!!!!!
Look at this creative detail…
She even put one of my very favorite Bible verses on it… Philippians 4:13
And she was kind enough to post a MUG RUG BINDING TUTORIAL!
Click HERE to see the making of my MUG RUG and an informative tutorial.
Rett, how very thoughtful of you! You are so wonderfully kind!


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    Would you ever had thought you could make such friends through blogs???? I am still a little “on the outside looking in”, however, I do see how God connects people and uses it as a means of blessing!!! The women in my family are memorizing this very verse right now and in two weeks we move on to another one!

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    Very lovely. I love the colors and all of the detailing.

    Of course the reminder in the verse can be especially encouraging on days you may be facing challenges.

    Have a happy day.

    Enjoy the warm sunshine.

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    Very pretty rug mug! The quilting is beautiful. I also love that verse and I’m hanging onto it right now at this season of my life.

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    Those mug rugs are a super cute idea. They would make wonderful gifts to the special people in your life. I really need to learn how to make some of this stuff. It looks like so much hard work, she is so talented.

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    Very Cute….I think you meant to call it a MUG RUG at the beginning of your post but instead called it a Rug Mug! :o) We understood though. Have a great day.

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    Awww, what pretty photos you took of your cup sitting on top, Yvonne! You capture some of the best shots!

    I’m glad you liked it & I was happy to be able to make it for you. You’ve shared so many wonderful ideas & tablescapes with us, it would be impossible to pay you back for all the inspiration!
    I thank you for your kind words as well as those shared by others in the comments. We’ve been out of town, visiting relatives all day & to come home to read all these nice posters warms my heart, truly.

    Mega Hugs,

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    Yvonne, it’s beautiful. That Rett is such a sweetheart. I recently received a little package myself. I’ll be posting it soon. 😉
    ~ Sarah

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    Hi Yvonne,
    This is a beautiful quilt piece. I love the scripture to sit by my coffee cup as a reminder for the day. I must have a Rug Mug, just like yours. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day!
    Miz Helen

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