The trees here at StoneGable are almost bare… and leaves are swirling all around! I love fallen leaves. Their vibrant colors… the way they rustle and crunch… the distinct aroma of burning leaves… the way they fly in the wind… and their buttery yummy taste!Wait…. what?  

I love eating leaves… puff pastry leaves…

They are wonderful little bites of delicious buttery flavor and crunch that add so much sass to soups, stews, pies and desserts this time of the year!
 And they are sooooooo easy to make…

All you need is a sheet of puff pastry, an egg, some flour, a little salt or sugar, and these darling little leaf piecrust cutters.  I got mine at Williams-Sonoma a couple years back.
For the link, click HERE.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Thaw puff pastry and unfold one sheet on a floured surface or parchment.
 I don’t even bother to roll it out.
Dip the leaf cutters into a little flour and then cut out a puff pastry leaves. Brush off excess flour.
Place the leaves on a rimmed baking sheet and pop them into the freezer for 10 minutes to rechill.
Meanwhile make an egg wash by scrambling an egg and a little water in a small bowl. When the leaves come out of the freezer, brush them with the egg wash. You can also sprinkle them with salt or cinnamon sugar.
Bake them for until they are puffed and slightly golden, about 18-20 minutes.

Sprinkle a little sugar (or cinnamon sugar) on leaves for a little bite of sweet crunchiness!
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    Yvonne…beautiful as always. I will be sharing this on my Facebook page later today. I never thought to use those cutters for puff pastry…only sugar cookie dough!! Brilliant! (I have a little vintage giveaway on my bloggy today and tomorrow if you have time to visit!). :)
    Happy Friday!

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    Such a great idea- plus a savory and a sweet version. Your talent and ability to transfer your ideas to glorious photos always inspires me! Can’t wait to try this! Susan @ Romancing the Home

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    Oh my goodness! that’s what those are! I have wanted to know for so long what those darling little beauties are in some of your posts Yvonne…gotta go get these cutters…why I even commented once about them thinking they may have been a cracker? Thanks for sharing, I have a Williams Sonoma in my neighborhood! Have a great weekend Yvonne!

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    So pretty and yummy! Nice touch to any fall soups or stews…will have to stop at the market today and start accessorizing my meals! Thanks for the fun idea!
    Miss Bloomers

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    Thank you for sharing the recipe and idea. This opens a host of possibilities for all the soups and stews. I think I’ll try it with corn tortillas for chili.

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    Thanks for sharing this! Wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog!! SO glad you came back. (P.S. The pumpkin bread pudding recipe link takes you to the beef and barley soup recipe…..)

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    Yvonne, you scare me. I cannot believe how many cute ideas you have in that brain of yours. These puff pastry leaves are something else. The good news is I do have a wonderful recipe to contribute to your next foodie party. Yay,
    have a great weekend.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

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    These little guys are the perfect way to top off any savory or sweet concoction. And it could possibly fool people into thinking that I’m a genuine gourmet cook! Now if I can only make them without skewing their shape – that’s usually where I manage to mess things up!

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    Yvonne, these leaves are over the top awesome. They would be lost on my inlaws, but I am the perfect guest to do stuff like this for. I would probably be crying at how cute they are and appreciate so much that you made them.

    Pinning, in case I get the urge to dazzle undazzleable folks.


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    Love your tutorial. I make the leaves in the fall too and they add so much and a real special touch. However I have never used a leaf stamp with the veins and I love the idea. Now I’ve got to add that to my collection. N.

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    Hope to go to WS tomorrow and purchase the stamps. Have looked at them, and wondered if I’d really use them. The answer…Yes, thanks to you, Yvonne!

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