MOVE OVER PUMPKINS! Make a little room for pears this time of year too!

Pears, in season, are the most scrumptious perfummy fruit. Their gorgeous color’s range from earthy brown to jewel-toned red. They have an artistic and elegant shape. No wonder they are a popular decorating element…

Pears are a culinary star! Their great mild flavor plays nicely in both sweet and savory dishes! 
Today’s tablescape is in homage to the beautiful and luscious pear!

The table is saturated with Autumn colors. Browns, rusts and golds… lots of yellow/gold! The colors are mixed with organic elements reminiscent of a walk in the woods!
Wanting the hand hewned barn beam table to play a part of the overall table design, no tablecloth was used. 
Instead,  two burlap runners are placed intersecting each other to make “placemats”.  This is a great base for the other elements of the table. I often purchase 2 identical runners to achieve this look~ it is a favorite!

Grapevine chargers (Pottery Barn) give a twiggy feel to the table. I love to decorate with “sticks and twigs”. 
If you cannot find these chargers, you can also use real grapevine wreaths as chargers.

Stacks of colorful dishes in varying shapes and sizes make wonderful towers for a hand painted pear bowls (HomeGoods AND Pier 1).
The burnt orange dinner plates (Olde Millhouse Shop) have striking edges. Square yellow/gold plates (Wegman’s) and burnt orange plates with a lovely raised dot edge (Olde Millhouse Shop) give interest and height to this stack.
They are topped off with detailed green leaf dishes (HomeGoods) and beautifully shaped hand painted pear bowls (HomeGoods).

This stack evokes the coming colors of Autumn!
Bittersweet napkin rings (Olde Millhouse Shop)  are wrapped around napkins with a falling leaf motif (HomeGoods).  They rest on the side of the grapevine charger.
SG TIP: If you can’t find napkin rings you like, collect Autumn floral pics and fashion them into pretty napkin rings.
Vintage flatware with variegated honey colored handles continue the color scheme.
Complimenting the dishes are gold bubble goblets (HomeGoods). I love the style and “hand” of these glasses. They pair so well with Autumnal hues!
The inspiration for this table abounds in the centerpiece.
Bartlett, Bosc, Anjou, Comice and Seckel pears are grouped with grapevine balls, colorful leaves and berry pics in a large wooden dough bowl.

This handmade dough bowl is a favorite container to decorate as the seasons change! The bowl has a patina that can only be acquired after many years of use. 

Gold softly striped candles stand tall on stout wooden candlesticks. Candles are a must at my tables! I love the light and atmosphere they set… even during the day!

This table smells good enough to eat! The aroma from all the pears is intoxicating!

Cream Of Wild Mushroom Soup
Constructed Pear Salad
Roasted Pork Loin With  Honey Mustard Sauce
Baked Potato Fans
Roasted Green Beans With Garlic Oil
Pear Galette
Chardonnay (with a hint of pear)


  1. says

    Pear Heaven! Your tables are constructed the same attention, beauty & detail as your delicious pear salad! I don’t know if I’m salivating more over your menu or your wonderful fall colors & gorgeous elements!

  2. says

    Absolutely beautiful…as usual! I consider your decor, photos and recipes as professional. I don’t know how you do it but I’m so glad you do! Great eye candy ~


  3. says

    Absolutely beautiful…as usual! I consider your decor, photos and recipes as professional. I don’t know how you do it but I’m so glad you do! Great eye candy ~


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    You know, with all the antique white and pastels popular these days, it is really refreshing to see these warm and cheerful autumn colors. And bravo on the menu. You have captured the spirit of fall!

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    Yvonne, your autumn themed table represents the beautiful colors of the season to perfection. I like the fact that the table decorations and dishes don’t scream bright orange. Sometimes I like more muted fall colors. Great job, as usual.—— Shannon

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    Pears are the perfect Fall fruit adn you have them displayed perfectly. The stacked pear salad looks amazing. I have always wanted to try this, I am now inspired to do so, xo Kathysue

  7. says

    You’ve done a beautiful job on your tablescape. Sometimes I think that Fall tables end up with a hard edge caused by colors that jar the eye. You however, have skillfully incorporated just the right shades and hues to make this a softer, more sophisticated take on Autumn. The greens play a huge roll as well as the abundant use of texture. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

  8. says

    Yvonne, another beautiful inspired table. Love the pear shaped dishes, oh to have a Marshalls close. :-( Than again maybe I’m better off lol.. love the way you’ve stacked the different shaped dishes. Thank you for sharing the recipe, a must try. hugs ~lynne~

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    Totally gorgeous! I love ALL your layers of plates, specially the pear shaped plates, such wonderful colors and shades of fall colors in these fabulous autumn tablescape! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  10. says

    Yvonne, such a fabulous fall table. I do adore pears and love how you have used them in the centerpiece, the napkins the bowls!

    Art by Karena

    I hope you come to enter my Giveaway from Interieurs!

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    Everything on the menu looks great, Yvonne, but I could skip the meal and eat the FLATWARE!!! MAN, that’s pretty!!! You pegged the description of the color just right! Wow!!! This is a beautiful and bountiful fall table that has so many great elements. Hooray YOU!!! :-)

  12. says

    So pretty! The colors are wonderful. We’re all getting in the mood for fall. That pear salad is so beautiful…..I’m afraid that it looks like something I could turn into a disaster when I cut the first bite!

  13. says

    Wow, this is just stunning! I love your centerpiece. That is the perfect use for such a beautiful bowl. The colors in all your dishes, to the flatware and the hues of browns and oranges and yellows is just beautifully inviting. What a lovely, lovely table!

  14. says

    Give me a pear any day! Joni just posted this reconstructed pear salad and it has been on my to do list! I am just going to have to make it soon while the pears are so great.

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    Yvonne, Love it, love it, love it! Everything about this tablescape is wonderful. So much attention to detail as always.I so look forward to all your posts. Happy Fall, Pam

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    I love summer. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year and go kicking and screaming into fall every year. Well, every year until now. Your lovely tablescape has made me want to embrace fall with a new vigor this year Yvonne. Very, very inspiring photos.

    I adore antiques and would love to find a dough bowl such as yours. What a beauty. You live in the right part of the world for finding antiques (sigh).

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    Your tablescape it glorious, one of the prettiest fall tables I’ve seen. I love the layers and all the lush fall colors. Naps are perfect. What a delicious meal to go with it.

    The French Hutch

  18. says

    This is almost too pretty. Is that possible? that deconstructed pear…WOW, one word, WOW! This table is STUNNING and would have fit in so well with my post yesterday about decorating with fruit! So beautiful…the perfect fall table, ever little inch of it. Thanks for the devine inspiration.

  19. says

    I’d say, dear friend, you’ve picked a perfect “pairing” with the green leaf dish and the pear bowl. Oh~h~h so beautiful are those hues for our Seasonal changing weather and decor! Pears are my pick of faux fruit for home decor! Thank you for sharing this lovely tablescape! As always, when I visit StoneGable, inspiration abounds!

  20. says

    I love the mixture of color and shapes in your “stack”. So beautiful. Your dough bowl is beautiful. I have my husbands grandmothers dough bowl. It is not wooded though but a heaven stone type bowl. I love it!

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    Hi lovely lady.
    Your fall Tablescapes are Gorgeous with all the fall colors !!! I love your five layers of your beautiful dishes also sweet. You did a lovely job putting this all together for your dinner party. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape…
    I hope you have a great weekend coming up.
    XXOO Diane

  22. says

    Hi Yvonne…

    Ohhh my goodness, your autumn pear table is simply “pear-fection”!!! As soon as I seen the first photo, Yvonne, I was awestruck!!! Of course, autumn is my favorite season…the warm, rich colors are also my favorite! Sooo…your fabulous Fall table is right up my “design alley”! Hehe! I just adore each and every element…from the beautiful criss-crossed burlap runners…right down to your lush layers in the place setting! Soooo very beautiful! And…I love, love, LOVE your dough bowl filled full of autumn’s gracious bounty!

    I have to tell you, I have a “thing” for pears! I’m not exactly sure why…maybe it’s their shape…maybe the colors??? Ohhh…I love the pear shaped bowls that you found at Home Goods! Lovely!!! My dear friend, you are still one of my “most favorite” tablescapers!!! What a creative and talented lady you are! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous autumn pear table with us…it was such a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  23. says

    That is one “tower” of plates, alright! Wow. I’m just lusting for the pear salad and the dessert. All of you bloggers who have a Home Goods store — I’m so envious — I must move to a town that has one! But foremost, I want to tell you that the photo of the pears lined up is just outstanding!

  24. Anonymous says

    Just came over from BNOTP (Table Scape Thursday). This is my first visit to your blog and I just had to say this post is gorgeous!

    Love the autumnal table scape. Great job!

  25. says

    A perfect fall table with each element so carefully chosen.. Your dough bowl centerpiece turned out splendid. Love the recipe! wow what a lovely meal too. xo marlis

  26. says

    How beautiful! I adore the colors, the layers, the textures, the dough bowl – everything! The menu got my mouth watering – what time is supper? ;o)

  27. says

    Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comment on my blog!
    You’ve outdone yourself again….this pear inspired table is gorgeous–perfect autumnal colors/motif and the glorious Rustic Lux I love is in abundance! I also love the pear and apple from your most recent apple dumpling post photos!!!!


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    Stunning table. So many great layers. All the beautiful plates, bowl full of autumn pieces..perfect! It would be an honor to enjoy a meal at this table.

  29. says

    Oh my word…they just keep getting better & better! How do you manage it all???
    Wonderful textures & vibrant autumn colors make this tablescape sing. All the luscious looking foods are amazing, too.
    ~~applause-applause~~ Encore!


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