Bringing new life to an old piece of furniture with a paint brush and a little wax is one of my favorite things to do!
But what makes transforming furniture with a paintbrush even better is working with my daughter! She and her husband purchased an old buffet on Craig’s List and with a little time and paint we turned it into a grand “grey lady”…

This is the buffet before… we had already removed the doors, drawer and hardware…
Here is what it looked like after all the paintbrush magic…
While we were painting the boys were working on installing new wainscoting!
The base of the buffet was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and gently antiqued with Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax.
The doors and drawers were also painted with ASCP in Paris Grey and a subtle wash of ASCP in Pure White was added on top. Then they were lightly antiqued.
The hardware was really lovely, but it was brass and did not go with the finished look… so we dabbed a silver Gilding Wax over them.  We left some of the brass show to give the pulls some depth and life.
We decided not to antique the piece too much… and used a lighter hand and a whole lot of rubbing to give the piece a soft worn look.
Because this was Jacqueline’s piece, she let the buffet speak to her and she made all the decisions in the painting process.  She wanted a soft silver look on the legs of the buffet.  This was achieved by using a silver Gilding Wax…
We also gilded around the edge of the buffet top…
(look at how the top shines from a good waxing and buffing)
One day and two workers and lots slapping on paint and rubbing on wax and the results are like magic!
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  1. says

    What an exquisite transformation! I adore the Paris Gray, subtle, neutral and so elegant! I’ve just begun my journey into Anne Sloan Chalk Paint, you’ve inspired me to move on to bigger projects. Beautifully done!

  2. says

    Yvonne I love this finish. I’m playing around with a huge mirror right now, and I’m curious about the gilded product you used. Maybe i missed that part, but can you share?
    Leslie (aka gwen moss)

  3. says

    You, dear friend, have taken a “grey lady” and made her a Grand Lady!!!
    Love that you kept the original hardware and didn’t alter the original details except with a change in hue!!!
    This is stunning!!!

  4. says

    It turned out beautifully! I’ve been busy with the chalk paint, as well. I look forward to your tutorial. I have a tricky time blending in my dark wax (I use clear on top to help blend, which seems to do the trick), and I also have a hard time with the buffing. I buff till my arms ache, but I can still see ‘swipe’ marks in the wax if you look at a certain angel. ugh.

  5. says

    That buffet is simply stunning. it doesn’t look the same piece.
    love the silver effect on the legs and and its perfect antiqued look.

  6. says

    Absolutely beautiful, Yvonne! Such an incredible transformation … love the colors you chose and the gilding wax is perfection! Your daughter must be thrilled!

  7. says

    Fantastic! You two did wonders on this buffet. What a beautiful piece for your daughter’s dining room. She is luck to have a mom who can help her with such a project.

  8. says

    Yvonne, it is beautiful. I love the Paris Grey with the pure white and dark wax. The silver gilding wax looks fantastic too! Looking forward to seeing the tutorial. x

  9. says

    What a BEAUTY and grand grey lady! Your daughter must be over the moon with the transformation and paint magic you performed! The star of the dining room no doubt!

  10. says

    This is beautiful. So you only used ASCP in Paris Grey with the waxes, as described above? No color washing? What gives it that gorgeous brush-stroked “soft” look?

    Also, I’m new to chalk paint and hear that the AS wax can be difficult to use at times. Any suggestions on how to best use it? Thank you!!!

  11. says

    I saw your number tags in Knock Off Decor and loved them! So here I am for directions and what do I spot but the beautiful buffet y’all refinished…… It’s stunning, thank you for sharing it, love the handle treatment as well.

  12. etta mae dowdell says

    All of the comments just don’t do the end result of this old piece of furniture justice…Old does not have look old. This piece is a perfect example.

  13. VintageBeachgirl says

    You did an amazing job on this buffet, BRAVO!!
    It’s a beautiful piece of furniture now and I feel sure you get of many compliments from all who see it. It’s wonderful, you’re fortunate to have
    something this lovely in your home and so talented to have found it, seen it’s possibilities, then created that spectacular finish! I wish I could find something as lovely as the finished product to buy, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat.
    I bookmarked this a good while back and revisited it today as I’m getting ready to paint a bold turquoise chest I bought bc it’s a beautiful piece and very well made. I envision the chest’s finish looking like that on your buffet and it makes me smile! Wish me luck!
    Thank you for posting your excellent, clear and well done before & after photos, they tell the story for you.

  14. says

    That turned out lovely and you did an amazing job! I have a console table that I need to paint and have been trying to determine color. Love what you did with this buffet. Thanks for sharing.

  15. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    I truly enjoyed reading about your piece and decided to “take a wack at it” on a piece at home. I do believe I had more fun working on this piece than most of my past projects. The blend of the Paris Grey and Pure White are completely magical! Thank you for the inspiration!

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