This year StoneGable is decorated with lots of “naturals”.

The antique tool caddy that sits on my the island is filled with lots of organics… but the star of this arrangement are the paperwhites…

I planted them in individual mason jars and lined them up in the back of the caddy.

You can ready how I planted them by clicking HERE.

When they bloomed I staked them up with painted branches tied up with black and white plaid ribbon.
The twiggy branches make the paperwhites look wintery! 
These little blooms are so so fragrant!
In front of the paperwhited I lined up Lemon Cedars and Sugar Pinecones. I have repeated these elements in my decor this year!
I got the Lemon Cedars at a local greenhouse for $3.99 a pot. They are hardy and have held up very well indoors. I would love to plant them out in the yard in the spring!
I like them much better than Poinsettias!
I really like the way the cedars and pinecones line up in a row!
Two large chippy pillars flank the paperwhites. Each has a white candle. The candles give off such a warm glow.  
As the paperwhites fade I have new ones to replace them.
Decorating with naturals has been very easy and has brought a feeling of calm to StoneGable during this busy time of year!
I think I’ll use naturals again next year… maybe with red tartan!

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    This crate looks so naturally beautiful. I am not a huge poinsettia fan either, and don’t find them as easy to care for with their leaf droppy ways.

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    Yvonne, your paperwhites are lovely and so perfect with the rest of your arrangement. Love everything about it. While searching for a “how-to” for making my own scented drawer liners, I found your blog. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy I found you. Now following you and plan to spend a lot of time here. What a treasure I’ve found! Hugs, Nancy

  3. says

    LOVE what you did…I cannot wait for mine to start blooming, they are growing a little every day! I love the mix of greenery, pinecones and the white branches…so beautiful and the smell is intoxicating, my favorite holiday flower!

  4. says

    the pairing of the rustic box with the refined paper whites is brilliant, yvonne. this made me smile on a dreary morning.

    stop by soon, lovely blogger.


  5. says

    Hm~m~m. . .glad to see I’m not the only one already thinking of Christmas home decor for 2013!!! Thirteen is a wonderful number for me…so, I’m excited to see this New Year unfold! Thanks for sharing the paperwhites from start to centerpiece!!!

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    Opps! I don’t know how I deleted my post, but here it goes again!

    Yvonne, I SO needed to see something beautiful and creative this morning. Thank you so much! Could you share the approximate measurements of that wonderful (tool) box? I would love to have someone make one for me.

    Bless your heart for sharing your spirit with us all. It reminds me that there are still beautiful things to see, delicious things to taste and abundant love to share.


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    Yvonne! This post perfect timing for me. I planted paperwhites for first time and just noticed one drooping this morning. Never knew that could happen and I’ll use your branches idea to stake them. Thanks for sharing, they look beautiful!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

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    It looks so pretty, Yvonne! I planted paperwhites after seeing yours and mine is now blooming. I gave jars away as gifts. Next year, I’ll plant more to keep as they’re so fun to watch grow.

  9. says

    This is just beautiful. I love the idea of the white branches and bits of ribbon to hold them up. I tied mine with twine but they are still flopping. Maybe I’ll stick dogwood sticks in tomorrow to hold them up better.

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    Your paper whites are so pretty in the rustic crate. I’ve got mine in bowls and forcing vases.. love the fragrance over the holidays. Mine just opened and I’ve had to move several plants because they are getting too high for their containers. Lots of fun!

  11. says

    I agree about the Cedars. They are lovely. Someone just gave me some paperwhite bulbs so I’m going to check your link to that next! Soon, I, too, can have springtime loveliness in the midst of Michigan winter!

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