Let’s make a deal… If you don’t look at the blue painter’s tape everywhere or the uncovered electrical sockets or the storage boxes or the ladder in the background or the missing hardware on the buffet or the mess still around because we are not finished painting… then I would love to show you the buffet I painted over the weekend…. 
Deal?     Okay…

Here is the buffet my friend Fiffer and I found last Thursday…

She was just what I had been looking for. I did feel a little guilty painting her because she is really beautiful just how she is…

Here she is painted and in my dining room… THAT WE ARE STILL WORKING ON!

Now I’ll give you a little look at the dining room … ignore the chairs without seats… ANOTHER work in progress… but this will give you a feel for the dining room’s new look.

I painted the buffet with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints in Country Grey. Yes, I know that it does not look grey at all. The color is a dull, greyed down gold/ beige… after the undercoat was dry ( I try to let it sit 24 hours) I sanded it and put a wash of ASCP pure white over it.

That gives the buffet a soft striped look… very French Provincial.

I don’t follow the usual protocol for painting and waxing a piece… I’ll show you what I do and why next week.

I then used clear wax and a very light sludge of clear and dark wax to give the buffet depth.

I buffed her with Bobby’s drill and a buffer attachment. His idea! This made such a lovely soft shine on her!

I sorta felt like I was cheating… not doing it all by hand… but I was working with a pinched nerve in my back!  Pinched nerve or not… the buffer will be a must for every painting project from now on!

I used GEDEO silver gilding wax to give the original hardware a new look. I like to let some of the old color show through just a little. It brings out the detail in intricate hardware. 
I am still looking on line for matching pieces to replace the ones that were missing. If you know of a good source please let me know.
I am letting the piece “cure” before I put anything on top of it. In a few days it will be ready to decorate. That will be fun!
In the meantime… I’ll be ripping off the upholstery of another dining room chair. THIS time I have the right tools! To see the process click HERE.
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    Dear Yvonne, it is splendid. I love it and the hardware in silver really pops. I have a similar buffet that Joe does not want to paint. I am working on that. Thank you for your sweet comment about Clovis. It mean so much to me, Olive

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    What a beautiful piece of furniture. Your dining room looks wonderful! And, I didn’t notice the blue painters tape at all. :)

    I have sent you several email replies when you leave me a comment and I just noticed that your email says no reply-comment at blogger. I am so sorry that you have not been receiving my replies to your comments. As for the last comment you sent me, I just want to say thank you for praising the Lord with me. Lea is out of the hospital and is feeling stronger.

    Thank you so much, Amy

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    I think you did a fabulous job. I can’t wait to see the finished room. I suspect we have a stunner in the making. Have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

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    Love your painting. I have the same dining room table and chair – did you paint the chair? I am tired of the furniture and think painting it would make me like it again! It’s such good stuff, Ethan Allen.

    • says

      The dining room chairs are from Ethan Allen… we bought them 26 years ago. They are made so well, and I could not justify not using them. So I decided to paint them. I’ll do a tutorial in a couple of weeks.

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      Wait! The white chairs (without the seats) are those the ones you will be doing a tutorial on?
      I would love to see it!
      I have several chairs I need to paint…so afraid! some are Thomasville, maple i think and the others are painted black. I want them to all coordinate.

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    Shhh… when I was waxing a black armoire we finished a bit ago the Mr. suggested I use the drill and buffer to get a ‘better’ finish on it. I gave him the look and kept on working by hand.
    Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to give the drill and buffer a try.
    Your buffet is beautiful Yvonne. Can’t wait for the styling of it.
    Hugs, Gee

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    Love the buffet and what you did with it, including the hardware. it reminds me so much of what my mother did to furniture back when I was in high school. She called it “antiquing.” Guess that meant making something look old. I actually sort of like it bare on top — that way it’s ready to serve your guests. Your dining room is looking great!

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    Yvonne it looks fab my dear! Where did you get your wingback chairs from? I am looking for some for our dining room and your would be perfect! Hope your back feels better soon!

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    Absolutely beautiful! For replacement hardware – This is a full-line hardware catalog. I also ordered a hardcopy., to view all of their products. Your husband will love it too. It doesn’ t appear that they have the exact match, but do offer other great options.


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    I can see why you hated to paint it–it WAS beautiful in its original state too, but wow!! What vision you had for “her”!!! It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see your finished dining room. I know it will be beautiful! ~Zuni

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