This window frame came out of the childhood home of a friend. I feel very honored to have it.

It was made into a mirror years ago and painted a semigloss red. 

It hangs in the hallway between the garage and the kitchen. We call this hallway “the mudroom”. Mostly from habit. Our last home had a mudroom.
Since painting the kitchen/ family room/ mudroom Springfield Tan (Benjamin Moore) and moving to a more neutral color palate, the red looked a litttle garish. I decided to repaint it Graphite (Annie Sloan Chalk Paints) and put some age on it.

Painting furniture, I have discovered, is wonderfully fun and creative! Making a new piece look old and beautifully worn is so artistic! I could go a little crazy with paints I think!

No sanding, no priming just painting! I used 1 coat of ASCP in Graphite and touched up areas that needed a little more paint.
After the paint dried, I used AS Dark  Soft Wax and applied it liberally all over the mirror. When the wax was dry, I rubbed it to remove the excess.

Then the artistic process began… a little dab of Valspar antiquing glaze in Asphaltum,  sanding, and more glaze and more Dark Wax and more AS Paint. Until it “felt” right. Then a final coat of AS Clear Soft Wax was applied, dried and buffed to a lovely subdued finish.

I was very pleased with the red paint that showed up in the “worn” places. I love new color! The mirror looks dramatic in a soft worn way!

SG Trick

Through blogging I have discovered something that is a great decorating help
Taking pictures of an area in your home it can tell you a whole lot! 

What we miss or overlook with our own eyes the camera will pick up.
Here is an example:

The hanging drum light is new and coordinates with the light above my kitchen sink. The mirror works much better with the colors and the style of my kitchen/mud room area.
This area looks fine to me because I see it everday

It could look so much more “finished” and interesting. And the camera picks that up! A little ho-hum isn’t it?

By looking at the photo here is what this area needs…

1~  A nubby woven jute runner  from  PB outlet I was considering for this hall but left there. I’m running out today to pick it up.
Flat-Braided Jute Rug, 2.5 x 9
2~   oil rubbed bronze door knobs would look very fresh 
3 pulls on the hall closet would add a nice touch
4~  something above the mirror, not too tall, would look nice… I’m thnking black framed family silhouettes with interesting mats.
5  maybe a blessing above my door
Bless This Home and All Who ENTER Vinyl Lettering Wall Sayings Home Decor Art
6 The security pad needs updating. Call the company and price getting new alarm keypads (ours are 16 years old)
7~  Paint brass switch plates with oil rubbed bronze paint and install new dimmer switch

These images were also pinned to MUDROOM IDEAS (click on “mudroom”) on Pinterest giving me an on-line design board to work from!

Keep posted as I pull this mudroom together to be as updated and fresh as my new kitchen.

I know that you have been patiently (hopefully) waiting for the kitchen reveal… I can’t wait to show you!!!!!!  I just have to finish the bar stools and then it will be ready! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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  1. says

    Your home looks just right Yvonne:) The changes you are planning are very pretty..I love the clock pulls:)

    I love having treasures from friends also..Reminders..:)

    You have been so busy!
    Good for you for perking things up to your liking..
    This isn’t a rehearsal right?:)

  2. says

    You have a great eye…I would not have seen where improvements could be made. I love seeing what others have done, but I sometimes get very dissatisfied with my hohum stuff and just don’t know where to go with it. I keep coming back to see more :)

  3. says

    Loving the changes Yvonne.

    A few years ago, an artisan near our home, handmade two Windsor rockers, specifically for us. The finish we chose was black over red. This was achieved with milk paint. The chairs were sanded and oiled after painting. Beautiful work. Your window finish looks just like the black over red on our chairs.

  4. says

    I know what you mean about the camera trick. I am attempting to redo my mudroom. Nothing as grand as yours though. I like the mirror redo! I have been dying to try out the AS paints but since I am a poor girl, I haven’t. One day though….

  5. says

    Those changes will be beautiful! I LOOOVE that runner! It would be pretty HERE too! The dorrknobs are so nice that you show. You are so right about the camera SHOWING us what we look at every day and MISS!!!! XO, Pinky

  6. says

    Thanks for the nice comment you left for me, I really appreciate it. Your mudroom area looks nice now but your ideas for updating will make it even more striking. You have given me several ideas for changes to make at our 12 year old home. Isn’t it surprising how quickly styles change. People used to live with the same look for many years without changing. They missed a lot of fun, didn’t they? Shannon

  7. says

    It looks lovely in black and distresssed so well, Yvonne. Our small entry has a pine mirror that I posted about recently, similar in style to yours. I took photos and you are so right that things stand out much more from a photo. I’m just not happy with the mirror and now I’m wondering if painting it black and distressing is the way to go. If you or your readers get a chance, maybe they could pop by my entry and see if black would work better on the pine paned mirror.

  8. says

    Okay… will do :)

    I just pulled my two “clock knobs” out of the drawer and put them on the entry table/desk.

    Going to get the old wall scounces out of the garage and make cover the shades, and put them in my hallway.

    Painting the old window frame black and hanging it in the hallway.

    Maybe this can be next weeks party offerings đŸ˜‰ Thanks!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    (Home to Wednesday’s Bunny Hop Party)

  9. says

    I wish I could repaint and refinish furniture but I doubt I could even get the lid off the can of paint. I can’t believe the difference in the mirror, it looked lovely before, now it is fabulous. You have a very beautiful home. xo,

  10. says

    The mirror has made a gorgeous transformation! Like you, I adore how the red shows through! I’ve used my camera numerous times to be my “extra” pair of eyes when facing a decor dilemna…great advice!!! Oh, dear friend, how you do tease one with your upcoming post! Of course, I’ll be back soon…for the rest of the story!!!

  11. says

    I really love the window mirror, Yvonne…it looks perfect in this area. I know how you feel when you take a picture and something looks out of place or needs to be added. You have inspired me to paint my switch plates!!

    Have a great week! :-)


  12. says

    Hello Yvonne,
    the idea with the mirror window is great and I love the new look. And sure everything can be changed and looks new and fresh. But it also looks very nice the way it is.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  13. says

    Love what you did with the mirror Yvonne.
    I have several pieces around the house that would improve greatly with such treatement… I’m not sure I would dare even with your explanation.
    Thank you so much for sharing and your house is beyond Lovely.

  14. says

    I love the window mirror ~ I have a frame here that I lugged home from the cottage last year and have yet to do anything with ~ you have inspired me to finally do something with it!

  15. says

    You are so right about the camera telling you things…I have done that before taken a picture and gone wow I should change this or that…I LOVE your pendant light fixture, I am going to copy that one!

  16. says

    Can’t wait to see all your changes, they’re going to look terrific, more than they are already. The mirror is lovely, it has memmories and I cherrish things like that. I love your home right now too. Hugs, FABBY

  17. says

    Hi Yvonne!
    Oh you always have something good going on over here!
    This is one of the best places to stop!
    Your ideas for jazzing up the hallway are super. I love your beautiful six panel doors and that sweet hanging lamp!

    Oh your kitchen reveal will be fun… I know I won’t want to miss that!
    It turns out that Chris and I went with a soft, creamy granite for our countertop, Yvonne. I wasn’t really a granite fan to start with and we almost bought soapstone. It looks magnificent with your creamy cabinets. With our peninsula being so long, and our kitchen on the average to small size, we thought we should keep it lighter. If we had to just go between the cabinets and had an island… soapstone would have been perfect. The island would be butcher block or marble …
    Your farm sink is spectacular. I can’t wait to see the rest!

    Thanks for sharing so much of your time and talent with us…
    Blessings and Joy to you, Yvonne!

  18. says

    This turned out great! Btw, thanks for the sweet comment about my hotdog kebobs.On a different note, you’ve got so much creativity in your blog and I’m admiring all your creative posts. Can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

  19. says

    That mirror is now really special as compared to being just red. You are right …something wasn’t right about that hallway. I think that oriental type rug juxtaposed against that drum light didn’t work….the new rug will be an improvement. Another thought would be to paint your ceiling…you know, the 5th wall as they call it. Maybe on the same color strip as your wall paint, would cozy it up more.

  20. says

    Hi Yvonne,

    I’m new to your blog! I just read your comment on Alison’s Polohouse blog, and thought you sounded like the sweetest person. I needed to come on over and visit you :) I love the new look of the mirror and what you’re planning for your mudroom. Looking forward to following along!

    :) Carolyn

  21. says

    What a fantastic job you’ve done on the mirror. It does look just like you planned, old and worn. Your hall looks just like mine going from the kitchen to the garage, runner and all. I’m bookmarking this post, a great tutorial. I can’t wait to see all you’ve done.
    Great post!

    The French Hutch

  22. says

    Your hallway looks so beautiful… picture perfect! I love your blog… so many wonderful inspirations! You are incredibly talented… from cooking, tablescaping to sewing and crafting.The transformation of the mirror is gorgeous and I love how you aged it… and the jute ruuner will be perfect for this hallway. Love the wall color and your attention to detail is impeccable! I really appreciate you stopping by and leaving me such an endearing comment,it made my day! I’m so glad you liked my pillow project and wish you all the best with yours. Thanks for always inspiring us to creativity!Hugs~Poppy

  23. says

    You are an artist with a paint brush, Yvonne. I love the way the red shows through on the window frame. You have polished the wood to the most beautiful lustre. Taking photos of areas in the house is such a good idea and helps looking at things with fresh eyes. Can’t wait to see the results of all your work.

  24. says

    You did an excellent job on the frame/mirrored piece…your rubbed off sections look perfect! I just saw a give-a-way at the “Color Outside The Lines” blog for a $100 credit at a company that makes vinyl lettering…your idea for the “Bless This Home- and all who enter” made me think of that! Seems like that would be a nice way to add that in there!

  25. says

    Fantastic job with lots of interesting details yet to come. I’m impressed with seeing how you think this through, Yvonne. I need lessons! :/

    Your mirror turned out GREAT & I like all the other additions, too.

    Its funny how a photo can show our eyes something that we never noticed before. I find that true with every sewing project.

    Have fun shopping today!

  26. says

    Love the way the mirror turned out, especially the color you choose and the red that is showing through!

    It’s amazing what the camera shows that you never notice until you see the picture. Your upgrades will be terrific!

    So happy to learn that you are planning to attend my party. It will be all the better with you there. Thanks for becoming a friend and follower–I already follow you.

    Can’t wait for the kitchen reveal!

  27. says

    Hi Yvonne, I’ve enjoyed visiting from Kim’a WOW, and becoming a new follower of your blog. I’m especially glad that you mentioned updating the security key pad. Our pads need a facelift. LOL!

    Helen of Helen’s Decor

  28. says

    Hi! I’m stopping by again to say a special thank you for for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you and hope to see you again next week!

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