I just couldn’t wait to give you a peek…

Here is the dining room… the tools and lumber still scattered! I took this just before the last board was laid!

And the living room is just across the foyer (which has always had hardwood) … the living room has the best natural light in the house!
I’ll continue to keep you updated on this makeover!
The winds are beginning to whip… I probably won’t be posting for a couple of days… we are getting a direct inland hit.  Our Governor said that the storm will go to Lancaster, Pa … take a right turn and continue on. We live in Lancaster.
Please pray for all of us at StoneGable and all who are affected by this Hurricane.  I am praying for all of you!
Lots of love… I’ll be posting when we get electricity!
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  1. says

    Your floors are gorgeous, Yvonne. I love all the light you get in this room, it makes the floors just shine!

    We are all very nervous for those of you on the East coast. Please stay safe and know that we are praying for you.


  2. Cathy T from Texas says

    Absolutely gorgeous floors, I know you are pleased!

    Yvonne, where are you located, so we can keep up with what’s going on near you during this storm? I know it’s on the blog somewhere, just thought I’d get a quick update!

    Prayers are with you!

  3. says

    Prayer arrows are flying to heaven for all of my blog friends in the path of Sandy. One of my favorite teachings seems appropriate this day: Sometimes God calms the hurricane, and sometimes He calms His child in the midst of the hurricane. I claim the Lord’s protection for you, in the name of Jesus. Cherry Kay

  4. says

    Your floor looks amazing, I so need to do that – have a few structural changes to do first before we do so have been trying to be patient.

    Praying for all affected by this horrible storm. If it goes right from Lancaster we’re probably safe here in Columbus, Ohio.

    I feel so awful for the coastal towns, what a BAD STORM this is!


  5. says

    i always wanted hardwoods in my dining room and den so a few years ago hubby gave me the go-ahead and i got them! i love them and yours are so pretty, especially with all that natural light.

    praying for you and everyone in the path of Sandy.

  6. says

    Yvonne…our prayers for you and your family’s safety….I can relate as I am a former Floridian and have been through many hurricanes and it is not pleasant…..your dining room is gorgeous in it’s own right….beautiful floors, windows and love the wainscoting…..Stay safe Yvonne!

  7. Anonymous says

    Yvonne: Your floors are beautiful.
    Prayers for all of us in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

    Denise Long Island NY

  8. says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. We are in New York and the wind has really begun whipping up. We are supposed to get really hit in the next few hours. We have a generator which we put in last year after the big October snow storm. I hope you are all okay.

  9. says

    Great shots Yvonne.. what is the brand of flooring? We went with Bruce and started on Saturday around 11 am, only got 1 bedroom done and started on the master on sunday (yesterday).. do tell, if you could what is the color on the walls in the dining room? I was thinking (yes again) of changing the current colors as I went with the lovely Sherwin Williams color in the formal living room so why not update the dining room too.. (hubs will shoot me).. but oh well.

    Waiting to hear and I hope that sandy has left our area for good now.. just darn cold here. Tons of rain in NC.. hold on to your panties sweetie.. she’s a soaker!

    warm hugs

    Cotton Peony

  10. says

    Dismayed to learn you are in the path of this storm, Yvonne. I hope you, your family, friends and neighbors will stay safe, the storm will weaken and your home and community spared. You give so much inspiration to all of us, enriching our homes, hearth and hearts; know we all share a wish we could return the favor to you, especially now when you must have so many concerns. Please keep safe and know here on the West coast you are very much in our thoughts and prayers. Your new hardwood floors are goregous. My husband is a General Contractor, we recently completed our home, installing hardwood floors throughout, it was a great deal of labor, so happy to be done with it; but worth the wait. Sandy

  11. Judeth says

    Wishing you and all the good folks to the east a safe outcome from big sandy. I live on the Texas gulf coast and know first hand how uneasy the next several hours/days will be. take care, God bless.

  12. says

    My gosh, Yvonne- What a BEAUTIFUL room- I love how all the light floods it and the flooring is gorgeous! xo Diana ps…praying for your safety in the storm. xo Diana

  13. says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and all in the storms path. We are on the eastern edge of it so expecting a lot of rain and the wind is already very strong. Your new flooring looks beautiful. Blessings to you and yours Yvonne. Pamela

  14. says

    Such a warm a inviting place you have. I will surly be back to visit! Wishing you and your family the best during this storm. I live on the Gulf coast and it all sounds so familiar to me for I have been through many! Be safe, Shari…a new follower!

  15. says

    Your floors are beautiful! The color looks alot like mine! Love the wainscoting too. Can’t wait to see it all together again. Stay safe, hope you still have power. We do, amazingly! The sump pump was running every 3 to 4 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

  16. says

    Yvonne, I’ve been watching the storm on TV and saying prayers for all of you in those areas affected. It is windy here in my part of the south but nothing serious is expected. Your new floors are really beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing the rooms decorated. They will be beautiful, I’m sure. ———- Shannon

  17. says

    Oh my. They are absolutely gorgeous! You’re going to love this when you’re finished. We too are being hit with Sandy here in Cleveland. Waves are crashing over the shoreway. Good luck with the storm. We are among the lucky becuase we haven’t lost power but many in the area have including our son. Have loaned out one of two small generators so far.

  18. says

    OMGosh… you are definitely in my prayers, along with everybody that is affected by Hurricane Sandy. Be safe and know y’all are in our thoughts. P.S. Everything looks beautiful. Be safe!

  19. says

    Yvonne: Thank you for commenting on my little Fraidy Cat. That is exactly how she feels. We have been watching the news and seeing the devastation in Jersey and NY.It looks overwhelming to say the least. Did you get hit like you thought?. Hope not and you will continue to stay safe..Judy

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