Many of you know that we are doing some major redecorating here at StoneGable. The living room, dining room, foyer and front hall stairs are getting a much needed facelift! We are slow DYI’ers so don’t expect a “reveal” in the very near future”!
Decor project, for me. tend to be like snowball… once I get in “decor mode” the snowball of inspiration rolls along gathering every home decor project in it’s path!
I am always ten projects ahead in my mind…I cannot go to sleep at night because I am trying to figure out how to knock out the bathtub in the guest suite bedroom and replace it with a no walls shower… or I wonder what style of board and batten paneling I want on my main bathroom walls… or what color to paint my laundry room cabinets and would cork floors work in there… or how to decorate when we knock out the windows in the family room and replace them with double french doors…. 
Decorating is like a snowball rolling down a two mile hill of heavy wet snow gathering steam and every packed snowflake in it’s path….

While I was in Ethan Allen last week to look at fabrics and an end table, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this buffalo checked chair! I knew where it’s real home was! I was not looking for black and white buffalo head chairs for the breakfast area… but these were perfect!!!!
While choosing fabrics for the living room and carpet for the stairs I was so distracted by the thought of the buffalo checked chair sitting in a “room” nearby… I could hear it calling me! It was whispering sweet designing nothings in my ears!  The snowball had started….
So when my new friend Linda from EA came to StoneGable to bring the fabrics and carpet samples I had chosen… she brought this dreamy chair!!!
I love love love it!!!! 
 There was a wee problem, though… it’s arms were too high to fit under my kitchen table. Did I mention how much I love it?
I am a buffalo plaid girl… and a black and white girl… and a comfy seat with the perfect arms for resting on girl!
It does come armless. But I just love its’s sturdy arms and perfectly matched pattern and welting! Then the snowball got a little out of control… 
It wasn’t long until I came up with a solution…
The breakfast room is too small anyway… we could always knock the wall out when we knock the family room wall out for the french doors!!! Then it would not matter if the darling black and white buffalo checked chair with perfectly wonderful arms and matching pattern and welting didn’t totally fit totally under the table… wouldn’t it look so cute slightly turned out from the table in a jaunty sassy way? 
I went from huge snowball to avalanche in no time flat!
Here is a little confession… Bobby has no idea about the giant decorating snowballs I create that will inevitably swallow him up too! He is a let’s-make-one-little-snowball-at-a-time guy! I believe in the old adage, “ignorance is bliss”!  
So please don’t tell him I have the next 10 years of decorating projects wrapped up in giant snowballs headed straight for our house! He will find out in soon enough!
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    This post made me chuckle, Yvonne. I kinda do the same thing–great plans in my head, but I only reveal a tidbit to my hubby–just enough to get him excited and then we’re off to the races! lol! I’ve got decorating fever myself and think the kitchen is my next victim on this President’s Day weekend! BTW: The room you posted is gorgeous!

    Laura from

  2. says

    Yvonne, you are too funny. You sound like me about not getting to sleep. I LOVE the checked chair and think it looks fine just like that. It doesn’t have to fit under the table. I like them setting out some. More of a casual feel that way.

  3. says

    I’m laughing too, Yvonne. Snowball to avalanche is wonderful. I think many women can relate to this. Seriously, knocking down a wall to accommodate a beloved chair seems completely natural to me too. I know, I know, men just don’t get it. The chair looks lovely with your rug too, doesn’t it? Everything you guys do is wonderful, and I know you will be so much happier when it’s completed.

  4. Anonymous says

    You are a girl after my own heart. Sometime you’ll have to ask Alan about how the dripping faucet in our bathroom which could have been fixed for $50 dollars cost him a “little” bit more… I decided the faucet was out of date anyway, so convinced him we needed one in burnished bronze finish…only problem is there are TWO bowls in that bathroom, so that meant two new faucets. Then I decided we needed two new sink bowls as well…which of course didn’t match the countertop…or the backsplash…or the floor!! So that’s how that dripping faucet got me a gorgeous new bathroom! :)

    Hugs & love!

  5. says

    Oh Yvonne! I can really relate! My poor Bruce never knows what huge snowball is going to smack him until it’s too late! :) The chair is too, too cute! Can’t wait to see what you come up with in your redo’s.

  6. says

    Love the chair and the logic….makes sense to me! That happened when my dishwasher went out! OK, now’s the time to replace the counters I told my husband…..of course when the counters are off is the time to redo the corner cabinets into lazy susans as well as some other door changes….and it really would be the time for a new sink because you don’t want to put a worn sink back in NEW counter top…..and who would put an old faucet on a new sink… which led to all new kitchen hardware (can’t have it NOT match) and then while we are at it we should go ahead and replace the outdated lighting panel, so while we are doing that we should really go ahead and raise the ceiling, and if we do that, now would be the time to take out the bank of hanging cabinets which meant getting rid of wallpaper which meant having to retexture which meant having to paint….etc, etc…..and that’s how a burned out dishwasher led to a total kitchen remodel! We women get this!

  7. says

    Omgosh Yvonne, I think you and I fell from the same decorator tree! That is exactly how it goes around here too. All the things I am doing in the family room have been in my decorating snowball for years and I just let a little flurry of snow hit my hubby when the door was opened. I still can’t believe he is on board for it all, but I still have not told him about the new sconces, or end table,(that I have not found yet) lol.
    We move slowly on our projects too. However the sofa is being picked up on Wednesday along with the ottoman. Love, love the checked chair and I can see why it has to stay, I totally agree!!
    I am also a shopping enabler!
    xo Kathysue

  8. says

    This post is too, too funny!!!
    I, too, have lay awake at night
    because I can’t get the creative wheel to stop turning!!!
    The chair is gorgeous!!!
    Good luck with all your projects!!!
    Ten yers, huh???
    I’ll be right here to watch the progress!!!

  9. says

    The check chair is very pretty, dear Ivonne. I love that style and the check fabric is perfect for it! I’m like you, sometimes I can’t sleep thinking how am I going to do such and such thing to change the room, the bathroom, etc…which are the places I need to face lift, but I am slow too. Hope I have the guts and budget to re make our bedroom, guest rooms and baths. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. says

    At our house we call this syndrome, “if you give a mouse a cookie….” “If you give a kitchen new paint and then it will ask for new floors and then….”. Sometimes I am not sure which is more fun, the planning or the doing! Love the chair.

  11. says

    Husbands would leave home in a hurry if they knew of advancing snowball avalanches! I can see why you love the chairs. They are great, and who says they have to go under the table! BTW, Lulu’s Musings now has its own FB page so if you LIKE, you can get it here.

  12. says

    Well based on the comments we all have the same decor-itis disease!LOL Nice to know there are other gals awake at night redecorating in their heads! We should all Skype each other! I’ma black and white and check gal too and right now an considering doing a buffalo check in my bedroom….at least that’s the plan of the moment….I’ll get back to you on that…

  13. says

    My lips are sealed. He’ll not hear a word from me:-). I know everything will be gorgeous when you finish. I hope all is well. Blessings…Mary

  14. Linda Culp says

    I love the black and white chair also! I just had a bedroom chair recovered in a huge black and white hounds tooth! Love it! If your rug under your kitchen table is black and white, I’d love to know where you found it?

  15. says

    So much fun us girls have feathering our nests right? We had the same happen with a set of chairs and we just shaved off a tad on the legs, that way smaller folks could scoot in close if needed, and it also kept the arms from being beaten up. I adore everything you & Bobby do, your home is so very restful.

  16. Anonymous says

    Love, Love the Buffalo check chair, she’s a beauty. I also have a friend at Ethan Allen. His name is Sam, we touch base about every other year or so, we can get into so much trouble together Keep the snowball rolling girl, looks to me that it’s headed in the right direction! Enjoy your new friend at E.A. xo Linda

  17. says

    I think I have to read this post to Brawn. If I change the names he’ll think I wrote it. As we embark on a dining room redo and I dreamed how awesome it would look without the small wall between it and the kitchen, well lets just say my snowball melted. For now anyhow!


  18. says

    Oh, Yvonne, I love buffalo check and love the chair! It looks wonderful. I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if someone else mentioned this. How about a smaller snowball fix? Rather than punch out a wall, why not cut a little off the feet of the chair? 😉

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