I think this is a hard time of year to be a blogger. Recently, I have read of a few bloggers that have posted about “taking a break”, “giving up blogging” or  being “dry”. I myself have taken two blogging breaks. The both did my a world of good and put into perspective this odd thing we bloggers do.

I have no intention of taking a break, or stopping my blog, let me state that strongly right now!  I’m only writing this to encourage my fellow bloggers to listen to their inner selves and do what is best for them. If taking a break is what you need… take it! Don’t worry about losing an audience or someone replacing you. Life goes on… and fills in…

I also want to say that we all have times that the demands of blogging are overwhelming… especially those of us who blog for both love and living! Again, stay true to your inner voice! The blogging world is always changing and there is so much to learn, but it’s more important to blog with joy and love and with passion than to blog for SEO ratings, and pageview numbers!

 I blog because it’s like a loving compulsion! Yes, some days it’s hard and tiring… but never, never anything but the best thing I could possibly think of ever doing! I can’t believe my good fortune to be able to do something I love so much… with others I love so much… for people I love so much!

So for all the weary bloggers out there… remember why you blog and don’t stray from that very basic thought! You are the best people I know!

Now, here’s what’s ON THE MENU this week!

Wide Noodles
Roasted Carrots
Caramelized Cabbage and Onions
Over Wilted Fresh Spinach
Crusty Bread
Baked Potatoes
Other recipes on on the menu this week…
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    Another reason why we all just love you Yvonne. Blogging is hard work, especially if you do it by yourself! I agree with you, to my fellow bloggers …do what you need to do. We’ll be right here for you! :)

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    People really have no idea how hard blogging is. Because you are posting about things you love to do on a daily basis, the assumption by many who do not blog is that it must be so easy and fun. Same goes for social media. It’s what I do for a living for a major corporation, and I absolutely love my job. But, people think “oh you just tweet and post to Facebook all day, what a life”. What they don’t see is the amount of thought, strategy, and creative development that goes into every single post. And they don’t see the numerous reports and analytics behind everything that I am required to quantify all the time (“how much revenue did that one post drive??”). I can see why bloggers need to take breaks every now and then. I am sure it does such good to have a breather, and then come back to it when you are ready. Your blog will still be there, and we will be there for you.

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    all your recipes look wonderful. Going to make the crab cakes for sure this time! Thanks for hanging with us. I would miss your posts if you took a break. Even if I don’t cook them, the pictures of the food in the recipes are enough to fill me up!

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    I wonder if the bloggers you mention are the ones I follow too. I love their blogs and understand about life commitments. 2013 introduced me to you and other bloggers. What a world! I don’t know you and the others, but I feel like I do. I want to thank you for the inspiration you have given me. Kathleen in Az

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    Your Blueberry Ricotta Coffee Cake looks and sounds delicious, dear friend!!!
    Perfect for an afternoon “nosh” with tea for here on the Prairie!!!
    Thanks for sharing all these amazing recipes!!!
    I love blogging!!!
    When I was a lurker, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of for my life.
    The relationships I’ve formed with the Ladies in The Land of BLog are so~o~o enriching!!!
    Hopefully those whom are feeling stressed and “taking a break” will, again, experience joy with their blogs!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

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    I love your beautiful blog and all the posts you do. Thank you for being so inspiring! Your menus are always amazing. I would love to know how you decide what you are going to make for the week or really where to even begin when coming up with a menu.

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    Yvonne – It’s funny that once I made the decision to not be a “number cruncher” and get back to the “business” of blogging for fun versus blogging for money – It felt like I had a ton of weight lifted. I will also be posting projects that mean something to me, not just post something because I feel like I need to post. That said – I remember well when you took a Blogging break and I missed you so much. :( And for the record, I will be over for dinner all the days of the week that end in Y. Love you bunches, xxoo Barb

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    We have made your venison stew and it is the best we have had. I just pinned it to my Dinner Parties category to remind me that it would be wonderful to serve to our friends. I used Red Stag venison from my husbands hunting trip. I’ll try the polenta with it next time!

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    Dearest Yvonne,
    Well I couldn’t have said it better, blogging is a lot of hard work, the photo’s and editing, writing, the research, all of it. Hence one of the many reasons I had to put blogging aside for this season of my life. Although I feel I have so much I could and should be sharing with folks as I navigate and learn my way through life but just don’t have it in me right now to do so. However, in the meantime until I “find my voice again” I’ll enjoy and love your beautiful blog and all the wonderful posts’ you so lovingly put together for us and look forward to seeing it in my inbox no matter when it comes through. Thank you for being so inspiring and my God Bless you my friend!

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    You advice is so perfect! There have been times when I just couldn’t blog anything, and would be so worried I’d lose all my readers, or times when I wondered if I was doing things wrong because my blog wasn’t growing as fast as I’d like… But I’ve found my groove and my confidence and I’ll just keep doing things my way! :) Love your menu. I really need to try those potato stacks one of these days.

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    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Great advice, Yvonne.
    I took December off, so that I could focus more on my family and preparing for ‘CHRIST’mas. As silly as it sounds, I gave myself permission to take the month off. Sometimes that’s all we need . . . ourselves or someone we admire to tell us that “it’s ok to take time off.” With so many blogging followers, I’m sure your words are appreciated . . . and a sigh of relief.
    Have a beautiful week,

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    I have wanted to make your muffin tin stacked potatoes for so long, I’m glad of the reminder, I will make them this week! Your advise is wise of course…it is so hard to explain blogging to non-blogging friends! You are right, you must do it with joy and passion or it’s not worth doing at all~Have a great week!

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    Dear Yvonne – I am one of those taking a little break from blogging. Not because I don’t love it. In fact, this past 18 months of blogging have been incredible and I totally understand that “loving compulsion” thing you have going. I’ve got it too! I did feel the need to step back and spend some time evaluating all of the things I’m involved in and ask God to help me to narrow my focus. I don’t believe He would have me give up writing but I want to know which direction that writing will take.

    Thank you so very much for the encouraging words dear Yvonne. You are one of my favorites in blogland!

    Blessings to you,
    Patti @ Old Things New

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    Everyday I look forward to all your ideas for decorating, crafting, and cooking And most of all your words of inspiration. I am one of your biggest fans!
    Kelly Lawhorn

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    I guess I would be considered the “new kid” on the block in the world of blogging. So let me just say I have no intentions to give up blogging either. Collecting, finding treasures, gardening and decorating is something I have always done and will continue to do….I just grow impatient with myself. Thanks for the encouragement. See you around the blogging world!

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      Suzanne, Looks like you are well on your way to producing a fabulous blog! My best tip is be yourself. But it looks like you have that down! Here are a few others: be consistent, join linky parties, visit and comment on other blogs, be sincere and find other blogs like yours and make friends… this will become your “tribe”. Hope this helps. Again what a great blog!

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