ON THE MENU MONDAY~ Week of November 5, 2012

Well, Tuesday is a big day… ELECTION DAY (no early voting in Pa). I hope all of you are going to exercise your right, as an American, and vote.

I always marvel at this process. The election cycle is messy and loud and tiring…  often obnoxious and full of pundits and those annoying last minute robocalls. It lasts w-a-y too long and costs f-a-r too much and it can bring out the most dreadful behavior in people!  It is not a perfect system… but it’s our system… the best on earth!

  I am always proud and wistful to watch our government work as we vote for a President every four years. I get up election day and thank God I am an American and I can vote! This is not a right to take lightly or to dismiss!

So I’ll be at the poles with coffee in hand, bright and early on Tuesday morning, taking advantage of the freedom I have to make my voice count… and I’ll be up all night watching the results and being so thankful I am an American!!!!


(Please no comments on the candidates or their parties, thank you!)

Now, here’s what’s ON THE MENU…

Click capitalized dishes for the reicpes


NANI’S CABBAGE SOUP (yes, again… lots of cabbage here)
Rye Bread
Sauteed Spinach with Sherry Vinegar
Greek Salad
 Sweet Potato Fries
Homemade Coleslaw
Mason Jar Pumpkin Trifle

Coleslaw from Friday

Here are some yummy features from the last two weeks…

Soup is perfect for this time of year! Susan (and Bentley) at ASH TREE COTTAGE cooked up a beautiful CREAMY WILD MUSHROOM SOUP… that’s not lo cal! Yummy, one of my favorites!

Mary at INSPIRATION CAFE made SPANAKOPITA… a fabulous Greek favorite! Just look at all this deliciousness!

This easy 3 ingredient MOCHA FUDGE SAUCE is from Stephanie at BACK FOR SECONDS. I can’t wait to make this… wouldn’t this make a great little gift!

3 Ingredient Mocha Fudge Sauce

This is for you Bobby, darling! My husband loves mushroom and I’m making him these DELICIOUS CRAB STUFFED MUSHROOMS from Sherry at PONDERED PRIMED PERFECTED. He could probably eat all of them!

Anything that starts with the work “zippy” must be more that good! Lisa from SIMPLY… THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER  made these darling ZIPPY PUMPKIN MUFFIN DOUGHNUTS.  Thanks, Lisa!

Don’t we all love pizza? Jenni at MOM ESSENTIALS knows how to make a HEALTHY HOMEMADE PIZZA. And she has the sweetest little helper, head on over to get this yummy recipe!

Pizza round 300x199 Healthy Homemade Pizza

Mary at HOME IS WHERE THE BOAT IS made a cauldron of the best WITCHES BREW AKA SLOW COOKER CHICKEN CHILI. I love how easy she made this by using rotisserie chicken!

The featured menu plan this week comes from Rachel at THE ATWOODS. Rachel, I have my eye on that CROCK POT CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS!

The Atwoods



Thanks, for joining us and sharing!

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  1. says

    Wow, such great menu and recipes! Thank you for hosting yet, another great party at On the Menu Monday. I’m colaborating with brittle I made, didn’t place the recipe, but anyone can go to Victoria magazine, fall 2011 and the recipe just shows up! Have a blessed new week ahead, sweet Ivonne.

  2. says

    I want to spend the week with you and dine at your table! Everything sounds so very delicious and so well thought out. But alas this diet of mine to get ready for my daughter’s wedding forbids all of this luscious food! Thank you for hosting this every week. I am collecting recipes for after the wedding. =) Have a wonderful week!

  3. says

    We finished the Slower Cooker short ribs recipe tonight….It’s has such a great flavor and my husband keeps commenting on the unique flavor it has!
    Those Zippy Pumpkin Muffin Doughnuts look mighty good! There are some great recipes here!
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. says

    Thanks so much for featuring my Slow Cooker Chicken Chili Yvonne! Every time I see your Muffin Tin Potato Stacks I drool, I have got click over and get the recipe to make them! I’m thankful we have early voting in NC. Thanks for hosting :)

  5. says

    Your weekly menu sounds fantastic. Do you always stick to your menu? Our schedules are so crazy plus I am not organized enough to plan a week ahead. There are so many good sounding recipes. Will try some definitely.


  6. says

    I am so glad you asked that no one write about politics. I am SO sick of it all on FB!!! Your menu sounds wonderful again, and those are great features. I’ll try to have a recipe to link next week. XO

  7. says

    Ya know-visiting you I always feel like licking the screen! I am off to vote on Tuesday, too, with my Starbucks in hand. I am hoping the lines aren’t too long. Blessings -xo Diana

  8. says

    I hope your hubby loves the crab stuffed mushrooms! My hubby and I gobbled them up in no time. Thank you for sharing them here! I’m tickled to be featured among so many other yummy looking recipes. Have a great week.
    Sherry of Pondered Primed Perfected

  9. says

    I love your features and I love your party :) Those pumpkin doughnuts are the last straw, I’m going to have to go be friends with that girl!!!

  10. says

    Mmm! So many great things shared already today! I can’t wait to try your cabbage soup! We love cabbage! Yum!

    I started a new link party and I’d love for you to join us for Soup’s On (Sunday Link Party). The party went live on Sunday and will be open for a few more days. I’ll be hosting each week during the fall and winter months! Hope you’ll join us!

  11. says

    You are so right about voting – it is a privilege that may are denied. My husband and I are on the opposite sides of politics and our votes cancel each other out, but going to the polls and casting our votes together is an act of being an American. My son recently returned from a nine month stint in Afghanistan, and hearing first hand accounts of the life there really makes me appreciate (even more) how lucky we are.

  12. says

    Hi Yvonne, we are still without power, heat or water here in Connecticut, so your lovely recap of the delicious recipes is making me wish I could prepare them myself! Voting will be wild here–not sure what to expect as the schools are still closed where we vote and there is no heat or water there either! Gas is also becoming a problem so we are conserving. YMCA and library are open for shelter and the fire station provides water if you bring a bucket. I really can’t wait to look at your posts on a real computer screen! Keep your fingers crossed for us that this incoming nor’easter doesn’t hit. First thing I’m going to make when we get our power is a hearty stew! Linda

  13. says

    Yvonne! Imagine my surprise when I came to link up my menu this week and saw our blog featured!! You are so sweet – thank you!!! I hope you enjoy those Chicken and Dumplings – they are fabulous!

  14. says

    YuMMy!!! I’ve been thinking of Brunswick Stew all weekend, but instead, I’m making another soup that I will share with you next week!!! A family heirloom with a twist!!! Love all your recipes posted here and will go back and pick one new one to try. Thanks for hosting this weekly meme!!!

  15. says

    I will be voting tomorrow as well! Kind of glad to get the whole thing over with haha!

    That wild mushroom soup looks delicious! Thanks for hosting. I linked up my post on maple brown sugar granola cookies.


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