Today was a big milestone for me and StoneGable…

I now have 3,000 followers!!!!

I can hardly believe it! I am so thankful for each and every one of my fabulous followers and dear readers! I am so grateful that you are interested in my little blog and slice of the life!

I LOVE blogging and feel a deep commitment to bring the best of StoneGable to you.

I hope to continue to grow and improve and make StoneGable better and better!

Thanks, again… and lots of love to all of you!

If you are not a follower, what are you waiting for? An invitation?  Okay…. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you as a StoneGable follower. You can become a follower by clicking the “follow” button on my sidebar. It means so much to me! Thanks! xo

Now, here’s what’s ON THE MENU…

Salmon Pinwheels


Hamersley’s Roast Chicken With Garlic, Lemon and Parsley
(look for upcoming post)
Honeyed Pears In Puff Pastry
(look for  post on Friday)

CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP from Wednesday’s carcassas
Crusty Bread


Browned Butter Noodles
Roasted Broccoli With Garlic Infused Oil


I just love this weeks featured recipes and menu plan…

Last week’s most viewed entry was from Karyn at PINT SIZE BAKER. She made these adorable PUMPKIN POPS out of Little Debbie Pumpkin Delight cookies! What a brilliant and cute idea!

Another entry last week that was very popular was NO BOIL LASAGNA from Kitty’s Kozy Kitchen. Kitty this looks scrumptious!!! This will satisfy a hungry crowd, for sure!

Look at these dinner rolls, aren’t they beauties!!! Camille at GROWING UP GABEL shared a great recipe for SLOW COOKER DINNER ROLLS. With the holidays just a couple of months away this is a recipe to try!

Slow Cooker Dinner Rolls

Almost everyone love pumpkin… when part of a sweet treat! This PUMPKIN STREUSEL COFFEE CAKE makes me swoon just looking at it!

Patti at Olla-Podrida brought this cake. Now it’s on my menu this week!

Deb, your FOUR CHEESE MACARONI AND CHEESE looks heavenly!  Stop by COOKING ON THE FRONT BURNER  for this yummy comfort food recipe!

Here is a great recipe to feed a family or big gathering! And the best part of CROCKPOT CHEESY RAVIOLI is that it is done in the… you got it…. slow cooker!!!!!
Aimee at BARNS AND NOODLES (so cute) brings us this hearty recipe!

MUSSELS WITH GARLIC AND PARSLEY is a dish right up my culinary alley! I can almost smell how delicious it is!!!! Thanks to Gloria at CANELA’S KITCHEN for this easy and elegant recipe!

This week’s featured Menu Plan comes from Lori at THRIFTY DECOR MOM... she is so organized!
Thrifty Decor Mom



Thanks, for joining us and sharing!

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  1. Anonymous says

    This weeks menu sounds like another great weeks of delicious dinners.
    I picked up pork tenderloin this week and now I am going to print out your recipe for the apricot glazed tenderloin. Can’t wait to try that and the chicken soup for the chicken carcass.

    Thanks for planning such a great menu.


  2. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    Happy to be one of the 3000, congratulations! I love coming to your blog and always leave inspired! Hope you have a fabulous week and thank you so much for hosting!
    Miz Helen

  3. says

    Hi Yvonne,

    Congratulations on topping 3000, with so many more followers to come! Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for hosting the party. Best wishes for a wonderful week!

  4. says

    Congratulations 3,000 followers is a wonderful milestone!!! thank you for hosting this great inspiring party and for the wonderful things you share via your posts!! Hugs and to a 1,000 more!! xo HHL

  5. says

    Dearest Yvonne…congratulations on your blog! What a wonderful blog you have and I am sure that I could speak on every reader’s behalf…that we are the blessed ones. Not only are the recipes amazing, your home an inspiration, but your deep LOVE for our Lord is always what I find and it makes your you shine and blog radiate what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman of God. I just love YOU, Yvonne. May you continue to see the fruit of your labor. Hugs to YOU, sweet friend.

  6. says

    Congratulations Yvonne! We all LOVE your blog–your posts always provide some kind of inspiration and pleasure. I really have learned so much from you about cooking especially, but also that making a home is more than just doing chores–it is also about providing a place where friends and family can find warmth, comfort, and joy. Please don’t leave us again!!!!! :) Linda oooo (those are hugs for you!)

  7. says

    3000?! WOW!! Congratulations! You absolutely deserve it. Your blog has always been one of my favorites, and always will be. Thank you for all the inspiration!!

  8. says

    Congratulations on reaching 3000 followers, Yvonne!! Your blog is so inspirational, warm, inviting and friendly. You just reach out and we feel your warmth. Thank you for featuring my recipe!!! Everyone loves to be validated in their own little way. Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting OTMM. xo

  9. says

    Congratulations on your 3000 followers mark…that is just wonderful. Now doubt you will continue to grow. Thank you so much for host and wishing you a fabulous week!

  10. says

    I am one of your 3,000 followers, and I lurk around your beautiful blog a lot! Thanks for your sweet comment about my centerpiece, it meant so much to me since I know how busy you are with all those followers! I enjoy your posts, I’m subscribed and receive them often.


  11. says

    Congratulation on 3000 followers, well done! Wish you many-many thousands more to follow! I admire you for having a whole week menu, skill I have never developed. I go by what I have in the refrigerator and what I can buy fresh in store. I have menu only if I have company coming… :)

  12. says

    Wow ~ you have so many followers! Good for you!! I am not the least bit surprised because your blog is so fabulous. Thanks for hosting Yvonne. It’s always a pleasure to follow you and to join your parties.

    Susan and Bentley

  13. says

    Yvonne~ Everything looks delicious on your menu~ I’m glad virtual calories don’t count! Congratulations on 3000 followers, here’s to the next 3000 :) Thanks for hosting!

  14. says

    Congratulations Yvonne on your 3000 followers. It’s well deserved with all of the creative tutorials, fabulous foods, and decorating tips you feature. Your are an inspiration to us all. I’m pleased to be among your followers and look forward to your continued success.

    Thanks so much for hosting OTMM. I linked an Indian spiced lentil & lamb stew, perfect for autumn weather. Have a great week.

  15. says

    Good morning Yvonne :) Congrats on reaching 3000 followers, that’s quite the accomplishment! Your menu this week looks delicious as always. Thanks for hosting, and have a fabulous week.

  16. says

    Congratulations Fabulous Cousin! I have so enjoyed reading your blog – sharing it with as many cooks and hostesses as possible. The recipes this week seem spot on for the transition into chillier evenings. Can’t wait to try a few. x/J

  17. says

    so not surprised by you reaching 3000 followers. You have a gorgeous home, inpeciable taste and such a beautiful blog! ps Company is very lucky to be coming over on Wed-yum!

  18. says

    Congrats on reaching 3,000 fans! And thank you for featuring my dinner rolls. :-) I don’t allow hotlinking on my site (it’s steals bandwidth) so if you’d like to use the photo, please do so by downloading it to your computer and then uploading it! Thanks, again!

  19. says

    I am number 3012 GFC follower! ^_^ I am not into baking that much and I love to bake more this time. I have one question referring to an ingredient called “milk” what kind of milk they are referring to? Sorry I am a newbie in baking ^_^


    • says

      Hi Kim, What recipe are you referring to? If a recipe calls for “milk” I just use whatever kind I have on hand. Skim, 1%, 2% or whole! Hope this helps! So glad you stopped by. Thanks for following!!!

  20. says

    This is my first time to your blog and I am excited to explore! I love creativity in all forms, but especially with food. Your Constructed Pear Salad caught my eye and that will be my first stop.

    I left link #89 for Apple Spice Sausage Patties. They are a simple family favorite at our house.

  21. says

    Oh my gosh! CONGRATS on having 3000 followers, wow that is absolutely awesome.

    You deserve every single reader, too – yours is one of the very best blogs out there.

    I look forward to congratulating you on your 6000th down the road – keep up the great blogging, Yvonne, and again, congrats to you on a truly well done job!

  22. says

    Congratulations! That is so awesome, Yvonne! If I weren’t already a follower, I wouldn’t be able to resist your sweet invitation. Keep having fun with your blog.

  23. says

    3,000 WOW! I am not surprised.Congratulations! Your blog is beautiful and inspiring with a kitchen to die for. There is a lot of work to do your posts and it gets noticed! Who wouldn’t love to visit Stonegable?

  24. says

    Congratulations on the success you have had at StoneGable. You have something for everyone, and all of it is so good. You have many faithful followers of which I am one.

  25. says

    Gosh, all of this food looks delicious! I’m going to scan through it and see if something strikes me to try. There sure are a lot of good cooks out there!

  26. says

    Yvonne…Its so good to be back to blogging!! And I’m enjoying your blog even more if thats possible. Its always wonderful. Love the features this week. They make me drool!! Thanksd for hosting such a delicious party. N.

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