November is almost upon us….

Here’s a look at November details at StoneGable…

Baskets of bittersweet…
Hydrangeas and acorns in dough bowls…
Mums in champagne buckets…
Caramel Apples…
White pumpkins…
Fall Vignettes…
Tartan blankets…
Big orange pumpkins…
Colored leaves…
Thanksgiving dinner…
I love November at StoneGable!

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  1. says

    all of it is magazine worthy yvonne yet so cozy and inviting.

    It “cold” here in alabama this morning, i’m really looking forward to some cooler days.

    we’re going to grill out hamburgers this evening and watch SEC football, hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. says

    Hope you have a wonderful week-end, Yvonne. Everything looks so beautiful and warm. Love it all. I too love the month of November as it is the month my first grandchild was born. She is the light of my life. Enjoy you beautiful home. Sheila

  3. says

    Your home is always so warm and inviting.

    It is hard to believe that November is almost here and December is right around the corner. This year has flew by so fast.

    Have a great day.

  4. says

    Beautiful creations, Yvonne! Time flies too quickly. Sometimes it makes me sad, not so much for myself but to see my children and grandchildren getting older. But then, I think that as long as they’re all healthy, that is all that matters.

  5. says

    Yvonne, last night I was viewing Pinterest and came across one of your photos, I didn’t even have to confirm that it was yours. You have a special flair, style, elan…it’s simply YOU !!

  6. Anonymous says

    Love, love, love the autumn colors of your tartan blanket. I want to buy one as a birthday gift. (Shhh! It’s to me from me!) Will you share your source? Thanks! ~Margie

  7. says

    That blanket has always been a favorite since you first showed it. I am looking forward to November too. Hopefully to see YOU is first on my list:):):) Thanksgiving at tracy’s this year, her first! Getting this house FINISHED being decorated and organized, it is making me a little crazy about now. XOXO

  8. says

    Hi Yvonne! These are gorgeous snaps and gorgeous vignettes! You are so talented at making pretty and talented at your photography.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  9. Anonymous says

    Thinking you should remove the brass pineapple from the front door…Just a thought…but LOVE the decorations!!

  10. says

    When I was little my mom would make me Caramel Apples. I loved them. Soup is something I crave in the fall time. November is a beautiful month.

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