Picking out furniture can be an exciting adventure! But it can also be a daunting task…especially if you are making decisions on investment pieces that will live with you a long long time!
Here at StoneGable we are literally building a new living room from the floor up!
Two new pieces of furniture were recently added to our very sparse living room…

We have been working on our living room since November, albeit we did take a month break for Christmas.  It seems like it has taken such a long time… I have to keep reminding myself that decorating is not a race  and the only winning is done when it is done right!
Here is a look at the new chairs I chose from Ethan Allen.
I saw these about eight months ago when I was in the beginning stages of planning out our new living room…
and they never left my mind. I looked at dozens of chairs… but still kept coming back to these unusual BRANT chairs.  
I love love love the 17th century design that has been graciously brought into the 21st century! Classic lines are my favorite… especially when they are combined with a casual updated  feel!
These chairs have a beautiful carved frame… that’s what made them so memorable to me…
…complimented by custom down cushions in a light almost white herringbone pattern.
I’m keeping my furniture light and bringing in texture for interest!
I’m hoping to pull off a look that is casually elegant!
I put a little black table with a mirrored top between the tables… for now.
Next on my list is to sew the drapes… put down the new area carpet and find that perfect but elusive coffee table!
I’ll keep you updated!
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  1. Anonymous says

    Beautiful…but I would be afraid for any to sit on such a light color!! You are very BRAVE!! đŸ˜‰ Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! XO

  2. says

    I can see why you kept coming back to the chairs. They are really pretty! It’s so enjoyable following your makeover. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. says

    I love bobbin chairs, and these are gorgeous. I like your approach…no rush, make wise choices with each piece. I find decorating overwhelming…so many, many choices, and I tend to approach it as you do.

    Can’t wait to see more.

  4. says

    LOVE the chairs. Love the carved design of the frame. Am anxious to see the material you choose for your drapes. I wish I had a sewing machine and could sew!!!! Have a RESTFUL weekend!!! XOXO

  5. says

    Gorgeous chairs Yvonne, Ethan Allen sells beautiful furniture.I know how you feel, redoing is a slow process, bit when it’s done it’s so worth it.

  6. says

    Yvonne, you are capturing the look you are striving for. Your chairs are exquisite. You have such impeccable taste. I have fallen behind in my blog reading but I plan to catch up over the weekend. I am looking forward to finishing your wonderful interview. Oh, and I love the beige and creme cushions on your chairs!

  7. says

    Yvonne, Spool chairs are on my radar for my family room. I have had them on my dream list for quite awhile, you will love these forever and they can be changed up with different cushions. You chose the perfect piece for a casual elegant look. I am so happy for you to be getting the pieces and the room you love. I too, am in the middle of redoing our family room and you are right it takes a lot of time finding the perfect pieces. I am enjoying the process and I know you have been too. I would say you have a winning pair!! xo Kathysue

  8. says

    Love your style, Yvonne. The chairs are lovely–I would never be able to keep them clean with all the guys around here! :-)

    Have a great day!
    Laura from

  9. says

    I like your way of thinking! When we moved in 15 years ago we were on a budget, and bought a lot of furniture…we now hate it all…so gradually we will have to change it. I like the way you are doing it…slowly, with great thought. Lovely pieces I might add!

  10. says

    Gorgeous!! I love them. They are classicly beautiful… I can’t wait to see the finished product. I am in the process of redoing my kitchen and I have decided to not rush it, like I did the last time… and see what flows. I too have a couple of pieces that haven’t left my mind.
    Anyway, the chairs are just beautiful!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. says

    Elegant, indeed!!!
    Great choice for longevity, dear friend!!!
    I agree, that decorating is a process!
    With budgets diminishing and economies rising prices…careful and wise choices definitely need to be made!
    I’m quite interested to see what you find in a coffee table.
    I have a clear vision of what I’m looking for here On Crooked Creek,
    but as yet it only exsist in my dreams!!! (I know you understand that!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  12. says

    Yvonne, I don’t think anyone mentioned it yet,but I also love the trim on the pillows! Very fun! And as you said you were going for different textures, they are great to add an extra interesting detail to your mix.

  13. says

    These are just beautiful, Yvonne! I can see why you fell in love with them. I love how your room is coming together. Someone said decorating should be like using a slow crock pot, not a microwave!


  14. says

    Oh Yvonne! I love your new chairs. They feel, to me, almost like vintage “spindle beds” in their design! The herringbone patterned neutral is the perfect choice! I agree…decorating isn’t a race!

  15. says

    Your new chairs are lovely, Yvonne. What a comfy place to sit and read or visit with a friend. Going slow in decorating seems like a good thing when you do it so well.

  16. says

    Gorgeous chairs! I loved the frames immediately in the first pic! Ethan Allen surely has some gorgeous furniture! I go in now and then to browse and get inspired! I think casual elegance is perfect for you!

  17. Anonymous says

    Beautiful chairs. I also love the new floor.
    I only two pieces of furniture by Ethan Allen.

    My coffee table and my hope chest. I treasure

    Enjoy your new furniture.


  18. says

    I love classic lines too. I can see why you like those chairs so much..and I love the texture in those lush looking cushions. We have similar taste….Casual elegance is my preference too. The soft color of the chairs looks great agains the backdrop of the beautiful wood floors. I can’t wait to see this room come together…and to see the fabric you’ve chose for the windows.

  19. Anonymous says

    Yvonne, I’ve been following your blog for several years now. When I think it can’t possibly get any better or more beautiful, you post something that makes my heart skip a beat!
    When my mother was terminally ill and I was exhausted from caregiving duties; your blog gave me something to look forward to on the weekend. For a few minutes each Saturday morning, I felt the stress melt away and peace fill my soul while I poured over each beautiful photo (especially the tablescapes!)… I’m forever grateful. Hattie

  20. Anonymous says

    Love the chairs, and the texture you brought in. My entire house is almost white, with cream and taupe. Lots of glass table tops too. I think a custom made round glass table top on a base made from a tree branch or even a contempory stainless steel base would look great. What I don’t get is how you handle the “no dark pants” rule on your white furniture and why? All my furniture is white, even my kitchen chairs. While I can see the dirty jeans rule, we have never had any trouble with dark pants, skirts or shirts.
    I enjoy your posts very much. My home is more contemporary than yours, but many of your pieces would fit right into our home.

  21. Anonymous says

    Love, Love your chairs. I have the same fabric on my sofa from EA. I fell in love with the sofa, and than the fabric ordered it and there has been no looking back. I have two little grandsons and a 17 year old cat who hang out on the sofa all the time….no problems. Friends have said I was crazy for going for such a light color…so far they have been wrong. I am so happy with this fabric as I know you will be too. Enjoy, the chairs are just beautiful. Can’t wait to see the completed room. Linda

  22. says

    Classic and elegant! I like the mirrored black table between the chairs. The pillows are so pretty. Yvonne, these are a wonderful addition to your room!


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