Mum Makeover Magic!

Mum’s are a traditional and abundant part of Autumn. Decorating with them indoors and out brings color, texture and a definite splash of Fall. These seasonal blooms are such a terrific buy. And they keep on giving. When their flowers are spent, they can be replanted in your garden for years of floral picking!

But let’s be honest… a mum in it’s plastic container can look a little dowdy!

I say, “Give mums a little embellished makeover“! They are so pretty and festive, let’s just make them up a notch! Help them be all they can be… and more!
Think Outside The Pot!

Don’t let that ugly black pot be part of your fall decor. Hide it, cover it or… if all else fails replant the mum!

Use a big bowl that goes with your decor. Just put the whole pot in a prettier container!

 Use an unexpected container, such as this silver champagne bucket or a soup tureen . An old basket works well too! Look around your house for a container to repurpose!

Transplant a mum in a big planter or urn. A mum will only last about a month so you are not committing your container for the long term.
Cover an unsightly container with burlap.
Hiding a pot with a vertical row of pretty Indian Corn is very festive. Put a rubber band around a container and slip ears of Indian Corn under the rubber band all the way around the container. Cut the husks to an appropriate height, fluff and add a beautiful bow!

Top It Off!

Don’t worry that the ugly black container is  larger for your container. Hide the rim top of the container by adding a grape vine wreath over it.

Spanish moss, straw and reindeer moss also work wonderfully to hide a plastic pot while adding a little softness to the arrangement.
Adding pumpkins, gourds and leaves around the base of a mum gives a look of Autumn bounty!

Bling It On!

Add a little more interest by adding bits of this and that to the mum. Picks of berries and acorns work well with the Autumnal theme.

Add a big bow in a gorgeous color. Talk about a big statement! This luscious ribbon came on a giveaway gift from Decor To Adore (show and tell on Foodie Friday post). Click HERE to visit this very beautiful and inspiring blog!

Gilded fruits and squashes also add a lovely touch.

Include natural elements too! Don’t forget the leaves! This is after all FALL!

Take It To New Heights
Adding “sticks and twigs” to the center of an arrangement adds great height and interest.

I keep a collection of natural elements in a plastic kitchen trash can in the garage, ready for use at all times!

Just a side note: No spray paint on my brass in my dining room!!!! These candlesticks and lamps( not shown) are from Japan. My father brought them back after a military tour over 50 years ago. They have beenn passed down to me. They are irreplaceable in quality and sentiment.

The humble and long lasting mum can be elevated from boring to the center of attention!
Make some of your own MUM MAGIC!
I am participating in Centerpiece Wednesday at The Style Sisters. These idea could be used to make a beautiful centerpiece!! Please check out all of the creative and fabulous fall centerpieces!!!!!


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    Oh Yvonne! Once again you have wowed me! I love all of these arrangements and honestly know that I never would have thought of most of them. I’m not just being humble here! :-) I especially loved the one with the grapevine wreath around it and the one in the champagne bucket. Just gorgeous! Thanks so much for the great inspiration and I may just be using these for an upcoming party we are having!

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    Oh my Yvonne, all of your arrangements are just exquisite. I would never in a million years think of this. Love all of theme. Using the corn to surround the pot is such a stroke of genius. I am totally impressed. I am going to bookmark this for future reference. Stunning. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Hugs, Marty

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    Great ideas Yvonne. I especially love the mums in the champagne bucket. I use mine during Christmas and never thought about putting mums inside. Thank you for the inspiration.


  4. says

    Yvonne, Just a great big thank you. I am getting ready for a “huge” (not in people but in importance to an event) cocktail party. You are just an inspiration for me. Keep them coming because I just love each and every blog post. Madelyn

  5. says

    Amazing! I’ve enjoyed seeing some of these Mums in your previous posts on tablescapes and outside, etc but so glad you explained how you’ve created them. I especially love the corn around the base one! As always, the pics are gorgeous too!


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    Well, my friend, your creativity never ceases to amaze (and delight) me! Loved all of these great ideas! I have done a similiar thing at Christmas using candy canes around a vase for an arrangement so love the Indian corn idea! Your home is just gorgeous, every inch has your signature on it. XO, Pinky

  7. says

    Bling it on is a good title for this, for you have definitely brought the bling to mums. All gorgeous but I especially love the Indian Corn, definitely thinking “outside the pot.” Thanks for all the beauty to behold and your kind comment on my blog today.

  8. says

    You are so clever! Love the idea of the corn around the mum pot! Very cute!

    Love your fall display on your sofa table!

    From Virginia

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    Yvonne- everything is just amazing.
    You are so talented.
    I feel like I am reading a magazine!

    I have some pots of mums that have wilted- do I trim them back and plant them?
    In full sun?

    White Spray Paint

  10. says

    Yvonne, I wish I had seen this BEFORE our shower this weekend! I don’t like to see any of the black container either and usually mask it with something! I will post my party later! I would have snagged the ‘mum in the champagne container’ idea and the mum with the corn for last weekend! These are GREAT and they sure do make the mums look amazing!! Maybe I can incorporate for Thanksgiving! Lovely ideas you always have! Thank you for your kind comments. They always mean so much! Sadly, I couldn’t find a picture of my mom and me except for at my wedding…make sure you take lots of pictures with your mom AND your daughter! I need to get out from behind the camera and do the same thing!

  11. says

    You amaze me with all your gorgeous creations, and I haven’t even found time to make the pumpkin topiaries yet! ~sigh~ I am so inspired! My sister in law and I were discussing your beautiful blog just the other night. We are both huge fans! More-Please!

  12. says

    “Think outside the pot” – LOL!!! How did you know silver urns make me go weak in the knees? Seriously, they do – and you posted no less than 6, yes SIX, photos of that stunning urn. Now how am I supposed to get up from the desk and walk to the bathroom to go pee?


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    Yvonne, I have to admit I am not a lover of mums, but you have elevated them to a whole new world. The mum in the champagne bucket with the picks and the twigs is absolutely gorgeous. It is fun to peak into your classy world for a few moments every week.

    This was really a great tutorial. I loved the corn too for a more casual look. Thanks for the inspiration. I won’t look at mums the same again.

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    Yvonne, you really bring the mums at their best. I like all your suggestions but best for me is the one with the Indian corn. That is so pretty and so much autumn.
    Greetings, Johanna

  15. says

    There’s no one that can outdo you on things like this, Yvonne. Oh, my, I’ve never seen such beautiful mums in my entire loooong life. They are all beautiful but the ones in the champagne bucket are just flat AWESOME. Beautiful…
    xo bj

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    All your Mum displays are gorgeous!
    My favorite has to be the Mum in the grapevine wreath in the golden bowl on the table! I, too, think outside the box and this centerpiece won my heart! Thank you. . .always inspiring and creative!

  17. says

    Great displays for plain ol’ plastic- containered mums! Like the one idea with the grapevine wreath encircling the pot. Clever girl, after my own heart. :-)
    ~ Sue

  18. says

    Great ideas once again, Yvonne. You are always an inspiration.

    The blooms on my outdoor potted mums have already passed their prime, but they will soon be planted for enjoyment another year.

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    What fantastic suggestions, Yvonne! The Indian corn around the base is just beautiful. I think I’ll do that for a hostess gift when we go over to a friend’s home this Sat.
    What a smart way to *kick it up a notch* BAM ~to use Emeril’s term~

  20. says

    These are so gorgeous! My mother in law recently brought over a bunch of mums for me, and I was like, “oh, thanks,” I didn’t think they were so great for precisely the reasons you listed, but now I know I can make them beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration Yvonne! XX!

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    Hi Yvonne, I love using mums inside and outside, in various containers. It makes it easier to give up the summer flowers when they begin to look sad. But I have never thought of the idea of using the indian corn! I love it and I am definitely going to use that idea!! Linda

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    I have to say I’ve never been much of a mum fan…until NOW! That Indian Corn around the pot is so perfect! Love your porch urns too :-)

  23. says

    Amazing ideas! I love all the centerpiece ideas using the fall flowers. You are so creative! Your photos are always stunning too! Thank you so much for linking up to Centerpiece Wed and sharing all your ideas with us. I have been traveling and I am slow at getting to everyone. :)

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    I took your advice from last year and this year have placed my mums in a galvanized pail on the front porch. I stuck some greyish spanish moss around the edges and the soft side of Autumn is blooming nicely to greet the visitors On Crooked Creek. Your inspiration abounds! Thank you for inspiriting and encouraging us with this post!

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