Memorial Day Table

Memorial Day was originally called Remembrance Day.  First established to honor and remember soldier’s who had lost their lives in the Civil War. Their graves were decorated with flags and flowers to remember them and their ultimate sacrifice.
Remembrance Day was later changed to Memorial Day and remains a day to honor American men and women who have given their lives so we can be a free nation!

At StoneGable we will mark this day with a trip to a  beautiful National Cemetary where my father is laid to rest and honor his memory with prayers and flowers. And then back to our home for a family barbecue to live out his legacy.
The inspiration for this table is our wonderful “Old Glory”! My heart sings when I see our flag. Being raised in a military family made me keenly grateful to be an American!
The table is set on our small patio overlooking neighboring farmlands.
Each place setting is a mix of red, white and blue  mismatched dishes.
The square dishes have a wavy distressed border. The white plates are my very favorite leaf and berry plate I use in most tablescapes (both  HomeGoods).  The white salad plate has a pretty detailed rim, also slightly distressed. And the blue floral plates have a chintz look that dresses this table up a bit (both from Marshall’s).
A textured bright red napkin is folded and placed on the blue chintz plate. Twiggy stars in blue and white rest on each napkin.
My mother’s blue cups were lent to me for this table. I remember drinking coffee from them as a teenager!
Matching sugar and creamer, thanks Mom! I love to add colored sugar crystals to give a little punch to the sugar bowl…FUN!
Ice tea and lemonade will be served in my favorite bubble glasses.
Individual cobalt blue vases hold flowers and shooting stars!
This casual fun flatware adds more red to the table.
Isn’t this the most patriotic tablecloth short of using a flag? I love how bright and cheery it makes the whole table.
I made the basket of geraniums several years ago and it sits on my family room coffee table all summer, sans the flags. But for this table I added the flags and  it became a tablescape centerpiece!
Memorial Day Menu
Barbecue Chicken
Homemade Coslaw
Macaroni And Cheese (my kids favorite)
Corn On The Cob
Angel Food Cake With Stawberries and Whipped Cream
Happy Memorial Day! Remember our men and women who serve and keep us safe! God Bless America!


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    This is wonderful. I would love to come to a cookout at this table. My favorite is that centerpiece. Your tablecloth is perfect! Great table!

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    I ♥ your red, white and blue table. The geranium centerpiece is a signal that summer is about to arrive. No one but you would think to have patriotic sugar!

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    Oh Yvonne, makes me want to stand up and sing.. God Bless America! Just beautiful, love the tablecloth! This is the 3rd red, white and blue I have run into’s getting me in the mood! Come say hi 😀

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    Love, love, love,love your Memorial Day Tablescape. I also love your patriotic spirit. We invite friends to our lakehouse every Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The little towns along the highway enroute to our place all have the streets and highway lined with American flags. I have a good friend that sings God Bless America all the way to our house. I will have to share this with her. Oh and I think I will add macaroni and cheese to our menu.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi Yvonne dear, I loved being with you today while doing your table. I am remembering now that those cups, saucers, etc. came from England all those years ago. You make me so proud to be your Mom.

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    This is just beautiful. I love this time of year and using red white and blue to decorate our tables. Come by and see my memorial tablescape and centerpiece. I had tons of fun putting this together. OH and link up to my centerpiece Wednesday. Yours is perfect!

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    God Bless America. Yvonne, this is so beautiful and what you wrote has brought me to tears. We should all be so proud to be Americans and been gifted with the life & liberties we have, which most of us take for granted. Thank you for reminding all of us what Memorial Day is really about. xx’s

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    Your red, white and blue tablescape is wonderful. You always have every detail beautifully done. Thanks for dropping by. You asked about Lucketts Antique Market. It is located in Lucketts, Va just outside of Leesburg. Check out Lucketts Antique Shop’s web site for details. I believe the show is held twice a year.

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    That is just lovely. I LOVE those mugs! And the twiggy stars…and the blue plates…it’s all so beautiful. You make me look forward to the day I can acquire more kitchenware.

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    Absolutely beautiful, and a great tribute to our military heroes. You have a beautiful view from your table, too.

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    Yvonne, I love it- and the setting is just gorgeous. It personifies the official start of summer!! I, too will be making mac and cheese this weekend- by special request of a certain 11 year old!
    xoxo Pattie

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    What a gorgeous blog- THANK YOU for sharing! I was woken too early by toddler w/wet bed, came downstairs for a bit of bloggy therapy… Your pics and tips were just the right thing!!! I’m preparing for our weekend family gathering which includes a trip to Arlington to visit my Grandfather’s grave and watching Rolling Thunder… You gave me a boost stronger than my coffee and I’m inspired to decorate! I’ll be back A LOT!

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    I didn’t realize that you were raised in a military family Yvonne. Both of my husband’s grandfathers were laid to rest in the National Cemetery and our boys were able to see the changing of the guard on a recent trip to DC.

    Your table scape is the most well done patriotic table that I have seen. The geraniums are the perfect touch and I love the outdoor setting.

    Enjoy your day.

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    Stunning pictures — as so appropriate in more ways than one. Looking at them has made me rather excited about our move to the US– I cannot wait to dress our July 4th table as you have here.

    Wishing you a great week. The movers are here today, busy times for us.

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    Yvonne, your table is a beautiful tribute I think. I wonder if those fields beyond saw any battles–Revolutionary War? Civil War?

    I’m sending a special salute to your father for his service to our country. May you bask in his wonderful memory and legacy.


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    What time is the cookout? A beautiful setting for a grand table. Love how it is whimsical and playful but still elegant. You definitely have the knack for all things housey! Now I wish we were having people over for the holiday. I would so steal this table! The menu sounds delicious too.

    When you do the house tour don’t forget the outside too! LOL! Am I a pest or what?

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    Another winner!!! Yvonne, I just love how you come up with these wonderful tables week after week. You are such an inspiration!

    Putting the red sugar crystals into the sugar is a delightfully playful touch. I WILL be benchmarking this tip!

    You’ve convinced me that I need some pretty colored handled silverware. Very striking & it would work for so many occasions.

    Love the individual flower arrangments…so cute! Where on earth do you find all these darling accessories??? I want to go shopping with YOU. 😀

    BTW, I made your (and Ina’s) lemon-garlic shrimp pasta last night. YUMMY-GOOD! I intend to include it in this Sat. Blog Showcase. Thanks for sharing that link.

    Have a blessed & memorable Memorial Day! I know you’ll enjoy having your whole brood together & under your roof again.

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    Hi Yvonne!
    Wow, this is beautiful. The table
    cloth is adorable. I love the idea of putting colored crystals in the sugar. Well you know, I love all of it!
    And, I get teary eyed when I see someone wave our flag as proudly as you do. I’m forever thankful for our freedom and the brave people who fight and have fought for it.

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    This table is sooo beautiful. Wish I had taken a little more time with mine! I think I will this weekend when we officially celebrate Remembrance Day.(Thank you for that reminder. I do remember my parents and grandparents calling it that)

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    This is by far my most favorite of your tablescapes–I love the red, white and blue!

    Where did you get your tablecloth from? And did you make those twiggy stars yourself?

    Absolutely stunning, Auntie Yvonne! :)

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    Yvonne, Absolutly amazing! I am in awe of all this beautiful Memorial Day Celebration you have presented us. Oh the idea you have given me for July 4th. Thank you so much for sharing this. Have a blessed day. Cindy

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    Oh, my goodness! This is a drop dead gorgeous post. I love the tablescape and the menu. I love to visit here. Your attention to detail is a real pleasure to see. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Blessings…Mary

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    Your holiday table is so beautiful, Yvonne. Every little detail is just right. I love your centerpiece with the American flags. I have red, white and blue flower pots and put flags in them for summer holidays.

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    Love your table! Love our servicemen and women and am humbled by the ultimate sacrifice of so many. It is good to have traditions both somber and festive to remember. Thanks for your words.
    Linda @ bushel and a pickle

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    I so appreciate your SPIRIT in this table! It is all just gorgeous! Love that tablecloth, it is perfect and the little twiggy stars! I am working on a Memorial Day table, hope I can do 1/2 as good as you!!! You are the QUEEN of tables:) XO, Pinky

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    A thank you, Yvonne to your family and the sacrifices that were made because your father served our country.

    Your tribute for Memorial Day is lovely. You always take such great care in creating an inviting and celebratory place to dine.

    Everything looks just perfect.
    Thank you for all the work you do to make a wonderful place for all of us to visit.
    ~Blessings Always~ Maria

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    How do you do it!!!? Week after week of gorgeous tablescapes! It is like you were “hired” for this job and I certainly hope you are getting paid well, LOL! Your ‘scapes are certainly worth paying money for! I LOVE this one and I’m not even American! The colours of your dishes and the fabulous tablecloth, not to mention the centerpiece and view of the fields beyond, all combine to create a truly “Memorial” tablescape! Those who are serving or have served your country should feel very honoured! LOVE IT!


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    That is just beautiful, Yvonne! Every single bit of it..God bless America, and your dear dad for his service to this country.
    A beautiful tribute with so many wonderful details..
    What will you do for July 4th..:)

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    Yvonne, this is absolutely wonderful.I love how your table is outside viewing the neighbor’s farm. It looks so all American! Blessings to your Dad.

    Happy Memorial Day!

    – The Tablescaper

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    So impressive, Yvonne! Your table really speaks of home and country, and it really tugs at the heartstrings. What a wonderful tribute to your father! Every little detail is perfect.

    Thank you so much for stopping by. You really do leave the sweetest, most eloquent comments! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Warmest regards,

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    Your tablesetting and location are stunning! I love the navy blue plates! You also created a beautiful centerpiece and can’t wait to check out that party! Thanks for visiting and your comments on my post. Hope you have a Happy Memorial Day!!!

  32. says

    Your table is breathtaking and wonderful. Every detail is exquisite. Your pictures need to be postcards. I say leave the flags in the centerpiece all summer. That’s what I do! Love everything. Lori L

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    I really love your table! Best patriotic table I’ve seen yet! Really like the cobalt vases with the shooting stars. Nice touch!

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    Yvonne, you are the definite table setting queen. And, you have made our country proud with your wonderful colors.

    Have a great holiday celebration.

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    What a beautiful and patriotic table! I love the use of the red white and blue checked tablecloth, it’s so ‘homey-Americana-Apple pie’ especially with a backdrop of beautiful farmlands.
    The mix of dishes are great as well;I love them all.

  36. says

    Even in Sweden, my followers really drools with all your never ending gorgeous treasures.

    It’s just bad you don’t visit Stockholm often. Hope to see you here.

    A nice way to honour Memorial Day.

    Happy TT, Lady.

  37. says

    I wish I loved by you so we could shop together! You are a girl after my own heart…! I adore this table and all of the layers of shapes and patterns!

    The hydrangea, flags, stars, and little individual floral arrangements are perfect…LOVE IT ALL!

    Happy Memorial Day to you!

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    Yvonne, love this patriotic table! I always find red, white, and blue fresh and exciting. Your layers of color and the details are terrific. Makes me want to pull out my red, white, and blue and get a special table set for the holiday.
    Hope your weekend is terrific! ~ Sarah

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    You have created such a tasteful patriotic tablescape. I love the tablecloth and the dishes and the centerpiece. I love visiting your blog…each time I know I gonna see something pretty and special and unique!!! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

  40. Anonymous says

    Yvonne- I stumbled upon your blog today after googling Memorial Day tablescapes. Wow…I am so happy I found your blog! Your recipes look amazing, and this table is stunning! I mean stunning! You are very talented!

    I am looking forward to exploring your blog, and I was wondering if you remember where you purchased the plaid red, white and blue tablecloth? I have red and white checked tablecloths, but I really love the one you used in your tablescape. Any help would be so appreciated!

    Kim in MD

  41. Anonymous says

    I forgot to say Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for sharing your love of great food and decorating talent with us!

    Kim in MD

  42. Anonymous says

    I just love your tablescape ideals! I was asked to host a ladies fellowship at our church this July and plan to use all your idea’s for each of the tables! It is just so picture perfect and so very American! Thank you for your gift in your patriotic talent!

    Diane in OH

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