Lilac Tea And Sandwiches

The Princess Lilacs are in full bloom at StoneGable. And the sky is booming! It has been raining on and off for days.  I originally wanted to set a small table near the lilac bush, but the raindrops chased me onto the front porch.
The inspiration for this simple table are the lilac and white vintage sandwich plates. Purchased years ago, these delicate dishes return to my table every spring when the lilacs bloom.

The purple floral pattern is so innocent and pretty.

Greeting each guest is a teacup full of lilacs!  The aroma of the lilacs is as beautiful as the flowers!

The round sandwich plate rest on a green straw mat. Lilac and green is such a lovely springtime combination.

Edit, edit, edit! I spent most of the time on this table editing! Until I was left with just the basics! Anything else seemed too much. And that is saying a whole lot. I am the queen of embellishment!
I tried 4 different napkins until I settled on a simple white cotton napkin with a battenburg lace corner. It was folded in the most classic and simple way!
The only flatware needed is a dessert fork and spoon. Vintage silverplate was perfect for this table~ after trying 3 other patterns and colors.
A purple ribbed champagne flute (Target) is ready for a champagne cocktail. The vintage sherbet glasses are such a  luscious shade of plum. I got these glasses for a song~ and they still make me swoon! They will hold fresh berries and cream.

A crisp white pitcher with wonderful detail holds a fresh cut bouquet of lilacs. The smell is intoxicating!
Again, simple and pretty.

As the skies open up and rain is falling all around, the table is dry and inviting! Who is my guest for a little lunch you ask?   … why YOU!  I’ve been waiting for YOU!
The Menu
Champagne Cocktail
Fresh Berries And Cream
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Heirloom Tomato Salad
Shortbread Cookies
I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch.


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    Your table makes me long to plant another lilac bush. Mine has been gone a couple of years now. I believe it’s going on the list of things to plant “soon”. Your table is so inviting and rich. No way did you get the champagne flute at Target! It is “gorgeous”. As always I’m going away very inspired. hugs ~lynne~

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    Just beautiful Yvonne… I adore your beautiful pitcher and purple stemware! You are so very talented in all that you do!

    My lilacs have already faded for the year, so it was really nice to enjoy yours! Thanks!
    Hugs, Sherri:)

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    Just beautiful, Yvonne! {I feel like I start off every comment to you with that sentence}! I don’t have any lilacs but I love their scent and they make for a wonderful theme on your table. Those sherbert glasses are really gorgeous.

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    Pretty as a picture Yvonne. I adore that white pitcher. Check out my post from Easter…I need your fresh lilacs and you need my lilac tablecloth! I’m setting up for a salad supper tomorrow night using my lilac tablecloth. Planned on fresh lilacs and they are already gone in my area! :(

    Beautiful post as always!

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    The setting is just beautiful Yvonne! Love the purple stemware and the menu sounds great! Oh how I’d love an heirloom tomato right about now, my little (water logged) plants are just starting to bud… Stay dry:@)

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    I am hoping and PRAYING that NEXT year the new lilac that we bought this spring will BLOOM and I will have some of these gorgeous, intoxicating flowers! I, too, will set a lilac table!!!!! And, YOU are invited!!!! I adore the sandwich plates! Beautifully delicate and feminine! Another perfect setting, GF! You continue to amaze me. XO, Pinky

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    Incredible Yvonne. So soft and feminine – we all wish we could luncheon with you!
    Hopa all is well my friend. Once your kitchen is finished and you can take a deep breath I can’t wait to catch up!
    Lovely evening to you,

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    Thanks for the invitation I would love to come for tea:-) The dishes are so delicate and I wish I could smell those lilacs! They are a such a reminder of my childhood home. Love the white pitcher. Beautiful as always, I so enjoy your blog. It is refreshing to my soul!

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    Everything is absolutely gorgeous Yvonne! Lilac’s are one of my all-time favorites and are just finishing up blooming here in the NW. Your entire tablescape is just beautiful and I am loving seeing the progress on your amazing kitchen transformation too! :-)

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    I love the simpleness of your table, Yvonne. It is beautiful, as always. My lilac is not blooming yet. I expect it to in the next week or so. We have had so much rain, now we need some sunshine for the blossoms to open up.

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    Yummy table – you have such a way with accessorizing! I’m loving your green placemats and jewel toned sherbet glasses mixed with the ribbed stemware and delicate china. Just BEAUTIFUL!

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    I have never smelled lilac, but you posted a pretty enough picture that I sure imagined it! Thanks for the invite, what a special treat would be to lunch at your house!

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    Yet again, all I can say is Wow!! Perfection! Is the flute really from Target? I love the plum-colored sherberts…wondering how the kitchen is going; we are back from France and I’m just now catching up. wishing you a lovely week~

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    Wait till you see the centerpiece I used this week…you’re going to laugh!

    Very pretty purple stemware & gorgeous plates & flatware, too.

    I just love seeing all your pretty things & how lovingly you arrange them.


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    Yvonne —
    I haven’t had any luck with lilacs here in Ga. Too hot! But I sure do miss them. My mom had them in several colors and the pale, dark and white together were soooo pretty. Your table is perfection. The pitcher, the dishes….oh, my!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

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    Lilacs were what were featured at my wedding as my anniversary is May 17th! I adore them and always as a young girl would cut huge bundles and bring them into my bedroom. I am doing my lilac table soon as purple is my favorite but have been waiting for nice weather too.

    Those sherbet dishes are wonderful and would go with my deep eggplant goblets. So pretty.

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    I just love purple and green together and that piture is just adorable!

    Hope you have a Plum Perfect evening!
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

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    What a perfect table! I love your lilacs and purple/lavender colors. Such lovely glassware and as my grandma always called them “party plates.” They do call for a party; especially on your front porch! You always have such fun things to see and read! Thank you!

    From Virginia

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    Hi Yvonne! Oh, my Lord! This tablescape is beyond beautiful! Gorgeous!
    You’re just too good and your pictures are beautiful too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

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    Yvonne, I spent last week in Indiana where lilacs were blooming profusely everywhere I looked — and I kept thinking of a previous lilacs tablescape you did. I also decided to plant lilac bushes along our outer fence line. To see lilacs here tonight is a special treat!

    You edited out just the right amount — and chose the perfect napkins. I also have that sweet little pitcher. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Everything’s beautiful — again. Thanks for sharing!

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    How lovely! The lilacs with the violet plates is beautiful. Your photography is superb. I only got to bring one bouquet of lilacs in. The huge rains we have been having ruined the rest of them!

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    Yvonne so gorgeous and delicate. I love your color palette and mix, oh and the florals.

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

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    Hi Yvonne…

    My friend, you have done it again! I can honestly say that I just fall “head over heels” in love with each and every tablescape that you create! And…your lilac tea is simply gorgeous! Ohhh…those luncheon plates are sooo beautiful…sooo exquisite! They really are perfect with the lilacs!!! I just love how you used the pretty teacup for lilacs too! Each place setting has it’s own personal bouquet! Yes..the scent of lilacs is heavenly and I’m sure that it was wonderful setting this pretty tea table! Love, love, LOVE that pretty white pitcher with the little polka dots! Well dear lady, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful lilacs and table with us today…it is always a treat to come to your place!!!

    It sounds like we have been having the same type of weather. I wanted so badly to go and cut my lilacs today and it has been raining non-stop! But…I know that the sun will shine again…and I will go and make a beautiful bouquet! Take care, dear friend!

    Warmest wishes,

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    Very pretty Yvonne and so so delicate. Our lilacs are blooming here too, I went out last night and cut a big bunch for the house. The smell was intoxicating. Thanks for sharing your table today.

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    Hello from Frog Hollow Farm! This is a beautiful and elegant table setting Yvonne, I think I see your continued theme of simple, crisp lines. The napkins are just perfect – taking anything away from those beautiful lilacs by overloading that table would be a sin. You were right to show them off with those pretty plates. It’s been rainy and damp here as well – but everything looks so wonderfully green outside! Ciao, bella! xxoo

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    Your vintage sandwich plates are so DEAR and I’m envious of your lilacs…that we CAN’T grow here! I so love your styling with the shedding blossoms from your centerpiece onto your tablecloth!

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    Oh, you ladies with your gorgeous lilacs are making me swoon! I wish they grew here! Your table is just exquisite, with the delicate floral pattern, Battenburg lace-trimmed napkins, and those amazing lilacs! Thanks for a lovely treat!

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    Greetings from a fellow lilac lover! And the gorgeous lilacs are showcased by the lovely china with the tiny lilac colored blossoms. What a wonderful, pretty tablescape. I can smell the aroma across the miles :)

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    Hi Yvonne… your lilacs are incredible… I was able to find a specialty lilac for Arizona and I have had it in a pot for 2 years and this spring it bloomed… just one tiny sprig… but I was so happy!
    I love purple/lilac/lavender and your dishes are so beautiful.
    Off Subject; I posted photos of the baby shower

    The dessert shooters and I made some Gazpacho shooters were the hit of the party.(Well, people kinda liked the bow ties and bubble gun cigars too) I forgot to get photos of the little spoons I got but everyone loved those too! Thanks so much for all your inspiration!
    Love and Light

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    I am pouting a bit. It seems so unfair that a lover of flowers such as myself is living in the desert. Sigh.

    Oh but the beautiful irises, poppies and peonies that I saw in France…swoon.

  31. Anonymous says

    Oh my am still visiting tablescapes on Monday and delighted to find yours!! I can smell those heavenly lilacs, love the white pitcher and am totally smitten with the plum glass! A jewel colour!! Your eye for detail is simply immaculate and what a feast for the senses this post! Gorgeous.


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