Let’s Dish~ White Dishes!

White dishes are like a little black dress! They go with everything and are appropriate for every occasion.
While taking my dishes out of my cupboards for the the kitchen facelift I thought of all the wonders of white dishes…

Here are some of my dishes from the kitchen cabinets. White… I just can’t get enough of white dishes!
The real everyday workhorses of my kitchen are my beloved Mikasa Italian Countryside. Over the years I have collected 24 place settings (not all shown). For most big gatherings I use them. I am so happy I made the investment! I will never get tired of them.

I prefer eating on a white plate. It is a beautiful canvas canvas for food.  This is why I just love plates with interesting edges. They attractively frame what is served on the plate. Plates with wonderful edging also add a great deal of interest to a place setting.

When setting a table, stacking white plates is a joy! I have collected white plates (excluding Italian Countryside) for about 2 years.
They do not have to be expensive, and mine aren’t. Finding great buys is a hard and fast rule with me.  As I am out and about shopping I keep a list of the plates I have and the current amount of each. Initially, I try to purchase at least 4 plates of a kind, adding more as I find them.  It has taken me 18 months to collect 18 place settings of my cherished leaf and berry dishes.

Remembering to buy white plates in a large variety of sizes is also very important. The different sizes allows the pretty edges to be displayed when stacking them.

Displaying white dishes can be so dreamy~ look for an upcoming post using my white dishes and silver!
Last summer I displayed white dishes in my dining room cupboard. Click HERE to see the post.   
Besides dishes I am now collecting white soup tureens… This graceful swan is a soup tureen and the white ironstone tureen holds my K cup coffees!

Egg cups…

Interesting bowls, especially footed or on a pedestal…

Cups and saucers…

Seasonal and other fun pieces…

And cake stands…

When it comes to white dishes, there is always room for more in my dish cupboards… I hope!

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  1. says

    Ooooo…I love your collection!! I fell in love with white dishes while Nathan and I were engaged (I watched a lot of Food Network back then, and loved the way the food looked presented on white dishes). I have started a small collection since then, and I just love how versatile they are!

  2. says

    A pleasure to visit today Yvonne and see all your beautiful white dishes. As you say, they are so easy to accessorize with (including colorful food)! I wondered if you had them all out while your kitchen is being worked on. :-) Hope it’s going well.

  3. says

    Just seeing all those yummy white dishes on your table makes me smile. I agree, white dishes are the best, especially ones with embossed details. You have a beautiful collection, and like you, I try to add to white pieces when I find ones that call out to me. ~ Sarah

  4. says

    I’ve really just discovered the beauty to white dishes this past year, Yvonne! Yours are so lovely and all the different details really make them stand out from being “just white dishes”. I have finally ordered two sets of white dishes for myself recently. I am very eager to get them and use them. I must check your post that you link to and see them in your cabinet. I do love the way all the white pieces look on a hutch – so fresh and classic.

  5. says

    You have an amazing collection of white! I only bought a set 5 yrs ago, and I have added here and there. I bought 24 of my kitchen Fiance fruits by Dansk. I don’t know why! I like white, but I get tired of it. I like to change to colors for interest.
    Do you mix your white and off white? I always think the different shades of white look a bit off when together. Probably no one notices! :)

  6. says

    Hi Yvonne! Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful collection of white dishes. You’ve stacked and arranged them so beautifully! Love your swan tureen. I have three white tureens and one baby tureens and I thought I’d arrived! :)
    Can’t wait to have you join my party and can’t wait to see what you show us.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  7. says

    Oh Yvonne, all of your sets are such beautiful patterns. I love them all. The bunny and the swan are stunning. Total drool power. I love the way you have them stacked and displayed on the table, like a gorgeous vignette, not just somewhere to put them while the kitchen is being redone. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  8. says

    There is nothing prettier IMO than white dishes. They are so versatile too. I agree about the edges too. You have quite the beautiful collection! I so wish that I was your neighbor! Of course, I might just move in!

  9. says

    What a beautiful collection of white dishes. I have recently started a collection of white serving pieces but I can see I’ll need to expand to dishes. Thanks for sharing.

  10. says

    I’m in LOVE!! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven just looking at the beautiful stacks of white dishes! To me all white dishes are so beautiful and I love to see food plated on white dishes. Your display is fabulous and I love every single piece of your dishes, but my heart belongs to bowls, pitchers and platters of all kinds.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection with us.

  11. says

    I adore all of your white plates! I had an Aunt who was like a Mother to me and when she died I asked to buy her white dishes. I never got them but may try again. I always loved them and they always remind me of her. I lkove the pedestal and footed bowls also. I hope the kitchen work is going well!!!!!! It is so exciting! E-mail me and klet me know your scedule. MISS you! XO, Pinky

  12. says


    What a neat post. I love to see stacks and stacks of dishes. You did such a great job of displaying your work horses. I tend to collect 12 of everything. But your large numbers make me think….

    – The Tablescaper

  13. says

    When my husband and I were first married, we bought a starter set of white porcelain. It has been fun through the last 47 years to add interesting pieces for place settings and serving pieces. I have added such things such as blue willow to the mix.
    Your things are really lovely.

  14. says

    Pure…gorgeous…absolutely elegant. I collect tureens, too; and I store all kinds of things in them! Great minds think alike. Thank you for sharing your collection and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  15. says

    Yvonne your collection is wonderful. I am drooling. I have starte searching for some pieces over the last couple of months with very little luck. thank you for the advice on collecting. I hope to one day to increase my collections. Just gorgeous

  16. says

    Hi Yvonne!

    I love white dishes as well! Aren’t they great (that white rabbit is adorable too!) Shortly after I started tablescaping, I fell in love with Johnson Bros-after seeing your white dishes, I have a few more favs!

    Love, ~Nana~

  17. says


    Beautiful post and photography! I so enjoy reading your blog. You have an amazing collection of dishes and a beautiful home to display it all in!

    Thanks for sharing! Mrs. S

  18. says

    I love white dishes….they never go out of style, they are elegant and crisp and always inviting. And they do really showcase what is placed upon them. You have a beautiful collection!!! I may be a tad bit jealous…or a lot! Lol!!

  19. says

    Your collection is just wonderful, Yvonne! I have two sets of white dishes and I thought that was too much! lol. I agree that they make the perfect backdrop for food…restaurants have known that forever!


  20. says

    Dobrý den!
    Dnes jsem našla Váš blog a musím napsat,že Vaše bydlení je velká nádhera.
    Ráda budu nahlížet, protože blog je velmi krásný…plný inspirace. Bílé nádobí miluji a fotografie jsou tak skvělé.
    Posílám spoustu jarních a slunečných pozdravů z Čech.

  21. says

    I love the presentation Yvonne. You know how I feel about white dishes. Mikasa French Countryside is our everyday work horse. Even though I said I would not start another collection Italian Countryside keeps calling my name!

    Beautiful post.

  22. says

    As a novice tablescaper, I have only just come to appreciate the beauty and value of white dishes. Now I can’t get enough!

    Your collection is so beautiful. The way that you style your lovely items and then share them with us just makes me swoon. I look forward to your every post as I am constantly learning more about my new hobby! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with us!

  23. says

    Gorgeous collection! Eye candy, each and every photo. I think you’ve convinced me that I need more white dishes, lol! Goodwill and thrift stores are great for picking up little candy dishes and vases, too!
    Thanks so much for posting, now I think I’ll have to look at those pictures again!

  24. says

    While I love china patterns…I can never decide on one because “what if it doesn’t match” but white alway matches and it looks so elegant. Thanks for this post.

  25. says

    waaay back in ’74 when i married, i chose white johnson brothers ironstone as my dishes. i’ve never regretted the decision. it’s timeless. i’ve added other white ironstone and mixed it with colors. so versatile.
    your collection is gorgeous…love all the different textures.

  26. says

    What a lovely display all of the whites made. This was really fun. We have a lot of the same ones. I adore my white plates. Yes, there is always room for more!

    This display looks like it could be in an upscale store. Love the touches of whimsy and the touches of color.

  27. says

    Fantastic post, Yvonne! I love all the clean, crisp white dishes! I agree with you: food just presents better on white dishes! Your collection is fabulous, and I love the display with the swan in the back. Maginificent!!! I look forward to seeing your tablescape with white and silver!

  28. says

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post. You have such a beautiful collection of whites. I always enjoy your posts. I am so inlove with the swan soup tureen. I purchased a beautiful one off ebay a while back. It arrived broken. I wanted to cry. I will just enjoy looking at yours. Hopefully you can post a more in depth view sometime.
    Thanks again for sharing the beauty. Ginger

  29. says

    I just love your leaf and berry plate collection. I would give my right arm for them. Might I ask who makes them? I love following your blogs, they are all so wonderfully done! Marie

  30. says

    Your lovely white dishes have me green with envy! HA! I’ve been on the hunt lately for some oval serving platters. In time, with patience. The Spring weather will soon allow for garage sales and estate sales in our area. Certainly there’s a treasure trove out there! Thank you for allowing us a look at all your lovley dishes.

  31. says

    Oh Ivonne!…your photos are great with all that luxious WHITE! I love it honey! Such lovely white dishes and accessories are gorgeous, I love looking at each piece in your pics! Thanks for showing.

  32. says

    Oh my, I absolutely love your collection and wish I had a cupboard that was full and looked just like yours. :) Just recently, I’ve decided that I’m starting a set of white dishes, not sure which pattern yet, and go from there. I, too, have been looking at Mikasa’s patterns. ~All of the countryside patterns and the antique white which is really white.

    Is there a way you could list the patterns you have as so many are beautiful, and I don’t know what the ornate ones are.

    Recently heard the French use white dishes because it’s classic, and food is the focus on white china.

    Thank you, Sally~

  33. Tara Keen says

    I love your cups and saucers that look like lettuce leaves. I’ve seen them on your blog many times and think they’re amazing and couldn’t believe it when I stumbled upon a set of 5 saucers at the local Goodwill. Got them all for $10. If anyone else was as curious as me they are labeled Coalport – Made in England Bone China, Est 1750 Countryware on the back. They will get mixed in with my other whites. Felt like I won the lottery. Thanks for the inspiration. I wouldn’t have looked at them twice if I hadn’t seen them on your blog.

  34. says

    Just wanted to let you know: the letters in your post that I am assuming are a different color are invisible! Makes it hard to read the post. I noticed this in another post one time too. XXO

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