The weather was in the triple digits, the humidity was just as high and our air conditioner broke. The flies were awful and everything was melting, sweating, falling over and overall not cooperating, including my camera. I came so very close to giving up and never blogging again… I was so frustrated.
As you can see, I eventually thought a little more clearly… so here it is, the 4th Of July post that almost did me in. I figure that for all that trouble it is worth another look!
A picnic to celebrate the 4th of July is a great family tradition! Packing up easy to make goodies and festive decorations- off we go to a nearby park or quiet spot by a stream and enjoy food and homemade fun.
I am not going too far with this picnic~ StoneGable’s backyard~ so I was not concerned with packing perishables on ice. I do love to pack picnic yummies in mason jars. So easy to seal and transport, they are also attractive to serve from!
Pull out a tablecloth (HomeGoods) and use it as a picnic blanket. Pick a shady spot with a scenic view and set an inviting table!
Each place is set with a patriotic mix of dishes.
The Americana bowls and matching dishes are perfect for a 4th of July table (AC Moore)! They are a little too “cute” for me, so I toned down the cutsie appeal by stacking them with a blue and white floral transferware plate (HomeGoods), a solid red dish (K-Mart) and a large white dinner plate with a detailed rim (HomeGoods).
I prefer NOT to use paper products if I can help it.
To give the place setting a little extra pizzazz I tucked a pick of stars between the plates! Sorta looks like fireworks!
These beautiful and well made star napkins (Wm-Sonoma) are paired with napkins that match the tablecloth (HomeGoods). The napkin rings (Wm-Sonoma, on sale!) were a plain white wicker. I cut apart one of the star picks and hot glued 3 stars to each napkin ring. TaDa! New napkin rings!
Big ball jar mugs of homemade lemonade are garnished with lemons and mint! Lids can be screwed on to make them easy to transport and to keep spills off of the picnic area too!
A tray on a picnic blanket is a very good idea! Using it to keep the centerpiece and salsa from spilling and becoming a disaster,  this white wicker tray (Pier I) is draped with a stars and stripes tea towel (Wm-Sonoma).
Flowers from my garden are gathered up and put into a large ball jar tied with a navy blue grosgrain ribbon.
The menu features… Flank Steak Sandwiches on baguettes. They are filled with delicious grilled flank steak, gruyere cheese, roasted red peppers, fresh garden butter crunch lettuce and a pesto mayonnise.
Homemade pasta salad …
A jar of garden fresh salsa and homemade baked tortilla crisps in a fun paper cone…
A big bowl of fresh cherries…
And dessert!
What a fun dessert~ pie in a jar. These little individual desserts are something special! So very easy to make and delicious, the  mixed fruit pies travels well too.  For a recipe and ho-to’s  for these WOW factor summer desserts, click HERE.
Keep flatware together in a napkin lined ball jar. So pretty, and the utensils don’t roll around or out of the jar!
When you are finished eating, back in the jar they go!
Don’t forget to show your patriotic colors with Old Glory!
When everyone is full of food and good old-time fun pack up your picnic and head for the fireworks!
Have a happy, safe 4th of July! Don’t forget to honor our brave military with a prayer!
God Bless America!


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    AAAAMAAAZING!! Such a beautiful picnic. You have outdone yourself with this tablescape. Nicely done. I love the little jars with the cobbler in them and your use of the ball jars for serving food in them! Brilliant!


  2. says

    WOW!!! As usual! I love all the details and the inspiring and creative ideas to make serving an outdoor meal look fabulous and fun.

    The ball jar glasses are too cute; I have now decided I need to have some like that! Great idea with the napkin rings, too!

  3. says

    This picnic is absolutely fabulous!! Your photography is wonderful and captures every detail. You are so creative and I love all of your tablescapes!! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!

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    Stunning! Your picnic tablescape is so beautiful and thoughtfully themed. The menu looks delicious and your photos make me want to reach through the screen to taste the meal. And those little jar pies~adorable. Wonderful!

    We celebrate Canada Day today (July 1st) and I wish you and your readers a very Happy July 4th!

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    WOW, what a stunning picnic lunch! You are so creative, Yvonne…every week I know I am in for a treat when I visit you for TT.
    Have a great weekend.

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    STOP THE INSANITY! Yvonne, your style and creativity are brilliant.
    You never cease to amaze me with your simple ideas, pulled together into something spectacular!

    The way you tied your baguettes is over the top! And yet, your style is so approachable and never stuffy.

    Happy 4th, wonderful lady! You bring so much beauty to the world.

  7. says

    What a beautiful blog… as usual. My day always starts checking for your new post! They are all so beautiful.. Happy 4th July.

  8. says

    No idea how you do ALL that you do!!! So crafty of you to gussy up some plain napkin rings and to make your own floral centerpiece-you are such an inspiration!! Enjoy your weekend – I copied your flank sammies-yummy. Hoping when we finish more of the work on our property I can blog about all the changes…..

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    I am in the hospital awaiting the birth of my 6th grandchild but my son brought his computer, so while we wait for our little girl to enter the stage of life, I am able to check out all the lovely tablescapes. As always, yours is so delightful. The Ball jars are so beautiful and homey. I think my favorite thing is wrapping the steak sandwiches like that. They look like presents, which of course all we do in cooking and tablescaping for our family and friends are gifts from us. Have a wonderful 4th of July

  10. says

    Yvonne, I always love looking at your tablescapes, long before I started a blog and could join in. I so know what you mean about “toning down the cute” and you did it perfectly. I love the jar concept, so efficient and yet so appealing too. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. Happy 4th!

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    This is just gorgeous! I love all the ease of using jars with lids for transporting. And the jars are perfect for the theme. Your photographs are outstanding…I always enjoy visiting! Thanks so very much for sharing, this was a true treat and loaded with inspiration!
    Ms. Sharlotte’s…Southern Reflections

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    Beautiful, patriotic, and simply wonderful! Great thought – the tray on the blanket…I never even thought about it! I love using the jars for everything at my house…they look so great with pasta salad and other goodies! I make cakes in a jar, but your pies – oh my! Heaven! You’ll have to link those to tickled pink tomorrow! Pretty please!

    Happy 4th!

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    Oh my goodness! This is just fabulous!!! Love the dishes, the flags, the linens, the canning jars with the pasta, the flatware, the chips in the cones…just fabulous–and better than a spread in any magazine!

  14. says

    Just a quick note to say hello – I didn’t have time to read through your post this time, but you know how I adore your wonderful tablescapes, stunning photos, and attention to detail!

    I have just one thing to say, “Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue, da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da-da….

    Happy 4th Yvonne!

  15. says

    Just wonderful, Yvonne! This one’s filled to overflowing with festive, patiotic eye candy! You’ve also shared a wealth of advice on creating an outdoor feast in style — one that exudes charm and casual elegance! As always, your photographs are stunning!

    Warmest regards,

  16. says

    OMG Yvonne, you have done it once again. You can even make a picnic the most beautiful setting I have seen. What a wonderful setup you created. Love the napkins, tablecloth, dishes, flower arrangement, food, heck all of it!!!

    Happy Fourth!!!

  17. says

    I so need to take lessons from you. This is just incredible! I agree with you about the paper and plastic ware. I found a set of melanine plates that are so cute. Just waiting for my table and chairs to be delivered. Are you sure that you can’t move closer to me?!

  18. says

    Everything is just so darling and festive. I absolutely love it! Can I please, please, please come? Oh, if only I could. I often look at your tablescapes and delicious food and think that a day with you at StoneGable would be such a respite to my soul! But I guess gazing at your pictures and licking my lips will have to do. Your flowers are just gorgeous. I don’t know that I could ever put together such a beautiful bouquet from the flowers in my yard, but you have inspired me to try!

    Blessings to you Yvonne and have a great 4th of July! I’m looking forward to the recipe and instructions for the pie in a jar. I saw one recently somewhere else and am curious if it’s the same one. Marvelous idea!

  19. says

    2nd time I’ve seen those canning jar glasses –they must be making a come back, as most things do. Such a beautiful picnic–great colors (of course!_) and I like the sandwich wraps.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!


  20. says

    You can even make a picnic spread on the lawn into an amazing over the top table setting. Love seeing all this gorgeous and fun red, white, and blue. I agree it is more fun to mix in patterns and solids rather than all stars and stripes.
    Love the idea of the food in the jars and the sandwiches wrapped with the colorful paper and tied with twine. I’m bookmarking this one! ~ sarah

  21. says

    Bonjour Yvonne,
    You can turn a picnic into an elegant affiar. The detials are marvelous; the bell jars, the cone wrappers, the baquette wrappers, the stars. I’ll return for this recipe in a jar.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 4th of July!
    P.S. I sent an email – the choice is yours my friend!!

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    YUM..YUM…Everything looks so wonderful..the whole picnic is just awesome! If that doesn’t make someone want to go on a picnic, I don’t know what would! Thanks for sharing it 😀

  23. says

    Can’t wait for the recipe! I notice you do a lot with double napkins. I especially like this effect. You are a trend setter and a domestic diva!

  24. says

    I love all of the little touches Yvonne. Those sandwiches all bundled up in twine with an herb sprig and the mint tucked into the lemonade are icing on the picnic. What an inviting setting. Enjoy your weekend.


  25. says

    I really like all of your picnic ideas, especially transporting yummy eats in the Ball jars, just brilliant. You choreographed such a beautiful, patriotic picnic for the 4th of July. Happy Independence Day!

    All the Best,


  26. says

    Oh Yvonne, ONLY you could make an outdoor picnic look so beautiful!!!! I repeat myself but have to say you NEVER disappoint us! I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of FUN! I POSTED on TT this week so if you get a chance, please stop over. I did a 4th table too!!! XO, Pinky

  27. says

    Have you ever though about a “book” on tablescaping. I have just about every book ever printed on setting a beautiful and your’s are every bit as good if not better than. I’m serious. Your tables are incredible. Jackie

  28. says

    Yvonne…I am such a HUGE fan! It is such a treat to visit every week! I get so many wonderful ideas and I am a big picnic girl, so this is just perfect! I love any excuse to ‘eat out!’ My favorites…the food in the jars…I have three little children, so this is a super idea! Can’t wait to make your recipes! http://www.threepixielane.blogspot.com

  29. says

    Yvonne — The only problem with your tablescapes is that you usually include food and I am sitting here thinking that I would like one of those steak sammies wrapped up so special and the little pies that I so want to make for my family. What a treat it is to visit Stone Gable and to see what you are up to! Joni

  30. says

    Everything on this table is perfect. Beautiful. Great picnic ideas. The food looks so delish.
    Can’t wait for that recipe.
    Happy 4th.

  31. says

    What a wonderful tablesetting, Yvonne! Everything is perfect!
    I like the idea of putting a napkin in the jar for the silverware.

    The pasta salad is loaded with so many goodies!

    I’m really looking forward to the mini-pie recipe…
    my spoon is ready!
    Happy Birthday, America!
    Thank you, Yvonne, for honoring this special day ~ Maria

  32. says

    OMG! This is spectacular! I would love this picnic! Not only does your serving pieces look beautiful, your food looks amazingly delicious! Lots of wonderful ideas here! Thank you so much! Happy 4th!

  33. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    I came to your blog this morning to just look at some pretty stuff (I can always count on you for that) and to stop thinking about some troublesome things for a few minutes.
    I’m so glad I did!

    This post is absolutely stunning, and so much fun! You always amaze me with your creativity and how lovely you make everything you touch!!

    I am so glad I found your blog and just want to thank you for all the time and care you put into sharing with us out here in blogland. It is always such a treat!

    Have a delightful holiday weekend and Fourth of July celebration!

  34. says

    Oh such fun!!!!! I love your picnic and I’m now checking for the pie in a jar recipe. My s-i-l is telling me that her family has made a cake in a jar where you lid it, while it’s still hot, and then it makes a seal.

    Hope to see you at “Summer Sundays”.

    – The Tablescaper

  35. says

    Kat told me to come and see your picnic. OMG Yvonne, do you ever know how to put it all together, photograph your food and flowers and dishes to perfection. You are the Tablescaper Extraordinaire!
    I always say your tablescapes belong in a magazine!
    Or perhaps a book? You should write a book on table settings. Have a great 4th! xoxo Delores

  36. says

    Oh I just love it all! Making me want some pasta salad! It is all just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us! I love to read and look at your wonderful posts. Be blessed. Cindy

  37. Cindy says

    Get out! This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. I came here through Centsational Girl’s party and I’m cruising through the list quickly (sorry everybody, not reading) just looking at the pictures for ideas and at your blog I’m thinking “these are from a magazine!” I found a lot of great stuff to try to make so far but now I just want to be you!

  38. says

    Hi Yvonne, love your tablescape. I would love to make your pasta salad but I can’t seem to find it. I look for it where the blog say’s it is but can’t find it. Could you help me out? Tracy

  39. says

    This is just spectacular, Yvonne!
    Simply wonderful with festive, patiotic items & ideas. Great advice on creating a movable outdoor feast in style. Your photographs are stunning,as always!

    I’m going to check out the little *mini-pies* next…too cute!

    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  40. says

    OMG Yvonne! Your table is the cutest and the prettiest and the food is the most delicious and most attractive. Can I join your picnic? Happy 4th!..Christine

  41. says

    This is such a glorious picnic. It makes you want to hope into the screen and become a part of the picnic!

    Thanks so much for becoming a part of “Summer Sundays”. Please link back to “Summer Sundays”.

    Happy Fourth of July!

    – The Tablescaper

  42. says

    Amen to all of the above! Just got back from vaca and hopped on your blog(I missed it and you,too!) and was blown away by your patriotic picnic! And I thought your best gift was teaching!!! Now I don’t know…!

  43. says

    That is just beautiful, Yvonne! It looks so festive!!
    I am with you on the paper goods, and even if one resorts to some pretty paper plates, plastic cutlery is awful!
    I love your little pies too! Just adorable!

  44. says

    Oh Yvonne
    I am enjoying reading your these older posts. I love all your use of color and the inspiring and delicious looking recipes. Thanks for giving me some new things to try for dinner!
    Blessings, Rhondi

  45. says

    Congratulations, Pam G!

    Yvonne, everything looks delicious and your presentation is perfect.

    Be sure to stop by this week to enter my giveaway.

    Have a great holiday weekend! La

  46. says

    I’m happy for Pam G! Congrats to her & Kudos to you, Yvonne, for a FABULOUS FOURTH blog post!! Outstanding!!



  47. says

    Congratulations to Pam G!
    Yvonne, totally enjoyed viewing this post and picnic setting again. It is so beautiful. Thanks for braving those temps to capture this loveliness for us and for sharing it again. Love it!

  48. says

    Yvonne, I have often re-visited this post over the last year.. It is one of my favorites (and boy do I have a LOT of FAVORITE STONEGABLE tables!!!). It is still just a s fresh and creative as it was in the first blog! Glad you recovered from those high temps and have kept us treated to GORGEOUS tables… HAPPY Independence Day

  49. says

    Love the stars.. what fun. They certainly make everything special. Food looks amazing. I’ve had days like that too where I just want to “scream”.. I’m delighted that you didn’t give up and that you bring us so many lovely things each week. Happy Fourth, Many blessings, Marlis

  50. says

    I remember this but had no idea how awful the day was. I’m guessing you downed some of that lemonade when your photo shoot was finished. I love the little fruit canning jar dessert pies…I have never forgotten them! Happy Fourth!

  51. says

    Hi Yvonne!
    Congrats to Pam! She’ll just love her Mikasa dishes!
    Your patriotic tablescape is amazing and just DAZZLING!

    I love every part of it…
    I’m taking note of all the times I’ve seen mason jars used as glasses. Even here in TX I’ve seen them in some of the restaurants!
    So fun!

    I MUST try those mini pies in the jam jars. So adorable!
    Thank you, Yvonne, for all the work you do putting this blog together ~ what a gift!
    *Happy week to you*

  52. says

    Yvonne, thank heavens for all of us that you did not give up blogging! It was bad enough when you took a break earlier this year! I remember the 4th last year–it was brutally hot. I was doing my first post ever, and wondering how all the tablescapers managed to sound so cool and together when describing the outdoor settings. Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog. I’m going to try to expand my repertoire into more areas. Don’t know if I can join your party, though, as I don’t think my “cooking” really qualifies as menu planning! I will definitely visit all your links! Enjoy this beautiful weather! Linda

  53. says

    Happy 4th, Yvonne! I’m always in awe of your talents every single time I stop by. You use a glue gun (and a camera) like no one else! You’re a true original, and that’s a truly wonderful thing!

  54. says

    Yvonne, I always love stopping by to visit StoneGable. What a feast for the eyes and this post is crammed full of wonderful ideas. I love everything about it. The little desserts, the napkins, canning jars and oh the food and dishes….I can go on forever. Happy 4th!!

  55. says

    Thanks for stopping by The 2 Seasons. Your table is amazing. We are going to take a picnic to an outdoor holiday concert on Sunday evening. I am definitely going to steal, errrr, I mean borrow a few of your ideas.

  56. says

    Your presentation is just stunning. Love those dishes and those sandwiches sound so yummy and I am going to give those individual desserts a try.

  57. says

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love your table scape and wish I could do things like that, and then I remember I am too lazy for that. Maybe one day I will get motivated to try a table scape, but when I have my husband has cleared it all off of the table to eat, he doesn’t want anything to get broken … Now … your food looked fabulous too and I know I can do that so I will have to try. I love the use of the ball jars and have started doing more of that lately especially when we need to take something somewhere. I am glad you did not give up blogging, but I understand those triple digit temps. I think today is 102 (DFW).

  58. says

    I remember when you posted this table last year. I have to say that it has been an inspiration for every picnic that I have planned since. It is just as pretty a year later. It definitely is on my to 10 list of my favorite Yvonne tablescapes! Congrats to Pam G! Waaaah! I wish it was me though!

  59. says

    What a beautiful,festive picnic! I love all the eye candy. You put together beautiful, amazing tables. I can tell, you spend alot of time putting them together with such detail! I absolutely love the bell jars with the pie. Thank you for sharing.Happy Fourth!
    Blessings My Friend,

  60. Anonymous says

    Just LOVE all your posts. Such a warm and inviting blog, you are truly talented. I’ve fallen in love with the red, white and blue bowls you have here (I think from AC Moore), and was wondering if you have any more details on them. If only I were as talented as you, I might come up with wonderful tablescapes, too. However, I could never come even close, but would love to base my Independence Day collection around these bowls. I check many antique stores and other places where I might find them, but also try finding things on the internet. I hope it isn’t impolite to ask about the bowls. If so, then never mind, but if it is okay, I would be sooo tickled to have some more information for my treasure hunt. Keep up the wonderful work. Your pages are absolutely wonderful. God bless!


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