A is for Apple~ A Primer

APPLE PRIMER- lots of apple information and recipes for all things apple. A must read if you like apples! stonegableblog.com
 September is APPLE month. On a recent trip to my local produce farm and orchard I was amazed by all the fragrant, delicious and beautiful apples. If you like apples then you are in for a real treat! Today I’m demystifying the delicious uses of 15 of our most beloved apple varieties! AND giving you lots of great storage tips and recipes. Lots of pretty apple pictures too!

So often many of us reach for the same apples to eat or cook with. But there are wonderful varieties perfect for eating, baking, sauteing, saucing or to make cider.

In order to expand my apple horizons I bought one of each variety at the orchard and did a little research and taste test. StoneGable smelled wonderful!!!!!

Hope you enjoy this primer I put together!

StoneGable Apple Primer
Let’s celebrate the delicious and versatile apple!
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A IS FOR APPLE... a primer full of apple facts about the 15 most used apples and tons of other fun facts and recipes!-stonegableblog.com


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    Yvonne, having lived in apple country, we learned that all apples have a “personality” of their own. When we could get them, my kids loved Macouns for eating. They only harvest well every other year and have a very short season, so a real treat! They’re a cross between Macs and Jersey Blacks
    xoxo Pattie

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    Yvonne…I am a apple freak and your tutorial is just wonderful! I am always amazed at the different apples availalbe in different parts of the county. We have lived in CA, WA and MN before moving to NE and each state has it’s own apple. You showcased one of my favorites first – – the Honeycrisp (developed by UofMinnesota) my other favorite is the Gravenstein but you hardly see that one outside of the Pacific NW – oh, what a fabulous apple that one is!


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    Of all the beautiful apples in the world…Fuji is our favorite for most anything.
    I love the way you did this post…your talents just never seem to stop..:)

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    Yvonne, Apples are the most amazing fruit, with so many varieties! I love Fuji, and my Mom loves Macoun. One of my kids has very serious allergies to pitted fruits and apples (similar to the more common peanut allergy), so I am always looking for good ways to cook the apples, which makes them safe for her. And I can’t wait to try the killer fajita recipe, although I will have to look for red pepper jelly. That is first on the list for our meals during school break! Linda

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    Gala is my current favorite though I may branch out! Thanks for this primer on apples! there are so many new varieties! Enjoy the cooler weather and signs of fall up where you are!

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    What a great and informative post! I know the basic varieties, but struggle with some of the less known ones. My sister and her husband own a picture book perfect apple orchard in Iowa. This is their busy time of year.
    I’m in the Great Lakes Region and live near several cider mills. My husband and I enjoy walking a beautiful nature trail on the weekends. We usually stopping for a cool drink at one that has a scenic water wheel.

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    Yvonne, thanks so much for taking the time to explain each apple variety. I love gala for snacking. I am not a big fruit eater, but am trying to change that. That toffee dip sounds great, but not good when I am trying to slim down. Oh, well.

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    This post will be referred to for years to come. You have answered every question that I have ever had about apples and Jonagold, really? Had no idea. I’m off to tweet about this great post.

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    Thanks Yvonne for your delightful primer! I help 2 scouts, with their merit badges, on Tuesdays after school. We have a 3 trees full of apples. One boy told me he likes apples and dip. Tuesday I’m going to share your delicious dip for their after-school snack!

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    Yvonne, I am so thrilled that you stopped by my blog for Pink Saturday! My post was not yet up, but it is now and I hope that you will stop back by to see what I contributed to Beverly’s P.S. since I’m so new at this group.

    You have the most incredible post today on apples. I am seriously going to FEATURE you next week (I like to select really good posts to show off and promote him/her blog). Just gorgeous and so informative! Apples are just the best aren’t they? I’m in a cake baking blog group and posted the September cake of choice which was Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze….you’ll love this if you love apples. Its a few posts earlier this week.

    I am now following you and I know that I am going to enjoy your blog! Roz

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    My! What a lot of apples there are. Thanks for the primer, I have not even heard of some of those. Golden Delicious and Gala are our favorites for eating. Your dip sounds yummy. I have been making a fruit dip with whipped cream for years but now we have a family member who doesn’t eat whipped cream. Hope to try it soon.

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    oh lookie at all those beautiful apples.. We’ll go up to virginia this coming week and get our bushel. Then the apple festival is in oct up at Pilot Mountain.
    apples are my favorite for their look, their taste and because its just FALL.

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    LOVE all the apple pics!! :)
    I’m just stopping by to invite you to come check out the blog party/giveaway that is going on right now on my blog! There are eight giveaways, so there are a ton of chances to win some cool stuff; it ends next Wednesday. Hope to see you there! 😀
    Happy Saturday,

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    SBonjour Yvonne,
    So many luscious apples, I didn’t know there were quite so many. And great tip about not washing the apples before storing, I always learn something when I come by.
    Have a marvelous weekend,

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    I never knew there were so many differnt kinds of apples!!! I keep Gals on hand all the time a I eat one EVERY day! I am going to try to find some of these to expand my apple horizons!!! Thanks for the tutorial! Have a great Sunday! XO, Pinky

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    Dearest Yvonne,

    For me the Liberty looks like being my favorite as I like tart apples most! Great blog and highly educational too.

    Sunny greetings from Georgia,


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    An apple a day, I always say! We eat many of these varieties, but my new favorite is the honey crisp.
    Yvonne, this is a great post full of excellent information. This would make an excellent addition to a cookbook! Reminds me of a poster I used to use in my classroom when we did a study unit on apples.
    Hope your weekend is full of fun. ~ Sarah

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    Oh sweet friend..your apple images are the BEST!!! I am soooo wanting to make a trip to the apple barn tomorrow…thanks for the reminder..which one to pick…maybe them all.

    Hugs for a great weekend and thank you for your sweet comments you left me about my daughter. xoxxoo

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    We picked a few of most of those varieties last Sunday. Mutzu are my favorites, very much like a Granny Smith.
    My post is apples too. That and my newest little acorn cakelet pan from WSonoma Outlet! :) Never pay full price!

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    Such a delightful & informative post, Yvonne! I had not heard several of those quotes…loved the “pair on the ground” one! LOL

    Its always such a treat to visit with you.

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    Wowie, I should now be an expert on apples with all your information! I need you to enlighten me on the recipe for the apple dip- I’m unclear as to what toffee candy is. Maybe I’m a little nuts, but the only toffee candy I’m familiar with is a Heath Bar. LOL
    Can you use this, or what do YOU use? I say, chocolate could go with anything! *grin*
    Thanks for visiting today- I appreciate your sweet comments.
    ~ Sue

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    Yvonne, thank you so kindly for posting this valuable information post on my fresh friday and seasonal saturday link up. I featured your post as one of the most inspirational from last week. I will refer to this list very often! I hope that you visit again, if not this weekend, but sometime again in the future! Blessings, Roz

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    Wow, thanks for this Apple Primer. I always forget which is which and bring home apples I don’t like. I like a firm, juicy pretty tart apple. No mushy, sweet apples for me!

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    What a great post! Honey Crisps are a particular favorite of mine. I’m sorry their season is so short.

    I have a similar apple dip recipe, but mine doesn’t include the toffee bits – love, love, love toffee, so that recipe is a keeper for sure!


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    Sweet Pea this is sheer brilliance!
    I’ve been meandering around your blog-home, pumpkin spice coffee in hand and pinning many of your posts to my Pinterest boards…I hope you get some traffic from my pins! I love your blog!
    (gotta thank Pinky for introducing me to you!!!)
    All Things Heart and Home

  26. MEW says

    You missed some of the New York State apples we sell at the farmstand I work at. So, for Part II, please consider:
    Paula Red
    Granny Smith


    • says

      Thanks so much Mary Ellen! I know New York State has some wonderful Apples… My favorite is Granny Smith! These apples came from my area and are one’s that are easy to find in most places in the US.

  27. Marianne says

    Thank you very for posting this primer. I love apples, but never quite sure which ones are good for eating and which ones are good for baking. This information will be so helpful this fall when I bake my apple pies.
    Thank you for giving the apple the credit it deserves!!

  28. Pamela says

    Just read this post , it totally cool. When I was a kid while living with my grandparents ,my grandpa Sunday drive after church we ended up in PA. . At an apple orchard that was the first and last time I had such great tasting apple cider.. We lived in OH and would frequently go to PA as my grandpa grew up in Jacbos Creek.,PA☺️🌻
    Thanks for sharing about the apples.
    Be blessed.

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