Folding a Chevron Napkin


I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday! A visual delight!

Nothing says elegance and care like sitting down at a table to find a beautifully folded napkin.

In recent years this has become a dying art. No longer popular, these tangible acts of hospitality have been replaced with a more casual, less staged look.  I like both ways of placing a napkin on a table, but I love the creativity of folding a napkin.

In yesterday’s blog, Cheery Pear Tablescape (10-28-08), I chose a yellow chevron folded napkin to tuck silverware inside (go check it out).

As promised, here is my tutorial of how to fold a chevron envelope napkin:

*Grab a paper napkin. If it is not a square, cut it into a square. This is your practice napkin. Please ignore directions to iron your practice napkin.  DO NOT IRON IT! Now go on, get one… I’ll wait…
*The secret to folding a well done napkin is to choose the right size and fabric for each fold style. For the chevron, I used a 19 inch square napkin of heavy cotton.

*Ironing the napkin will insure crisp folds and a smooth surface. Iron after each step. If you do not own an iron you can still fold this napkin, the results will be nice, just not as crisp.

* fold the napkin in half

* fold in half again

*position with open point at the top

*fold down the first layer almost to the bottom- CENTER POINT

* fold the next layer on top of the first, let the hem or a small border show of the first layer- CENTER

*continuing folding the next-to-last layer down, leaving a border of the layer before it showing- CENTER POINT

*turn napkin over, folded side down and at the bottom
* fold in the left point of the napkin towards the center about 1/3 of the way- DO NOT PRESS YET

* fold in the right point of the napkin toward the center, slightly overlapping the other side about 1/3 of the way – DO NOT PRESS YET

* turn over and make sure the top point is CENTERED. If not adjust the folded sides. Press

* tuck silverware, nametag, decoration, etc. in envelope pocket.

Yea! YOU DID IT! Now, go make a pretty table!


  1. says

    i too am a “foldie” and always looking for new designs…with my hand towels as well. beautiful, beautiful table. thank you for the instructions. yay!

  2. says

    Great tutorial! Your tablescape is so pretty. The colors are warm, inviting and luscious. Thanks for linking up to Crock Pot Wednesday this week. I really appreciate it.

  3. says

    What a great tutorial for folding the napkin. I love the pretty chevron look and it just makes such a beautiful presentation on the table. Your tablescape was just gorgeous. Thanks also for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. I really appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

  4. says

    Great tutorial! Nice step-by-step instructions and beautifully photographed. I’ve been watching how-to napkin folding vids on youtube, but I haven’t really used the ideas in any of the table posts I’ve done. You’ve inspired me to incorporate one of the techniques next time. Thank you!

    Hope your weekend goes well.

  5. says

    Beautiful mosaic of your gorgoeus table and I just love the napkin folding tutorial. Great job, Yvonne…as usual, a real treat to visit you my friend :)


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