StoneGable American Farmhouse Living 2018-04-23T22:00:28Z WordPress StoneGable <![CDATA[THE SCOOP #323]]> 2018-04-23T14:41:28Z 2018-04-23T22:00:28Z     Finger’s crossed! I think Spring has finally sprung here at StoneGable. This is the first spring week that the possibility of snow (yes, snow) is not in the forecast. Today is a very special day for me. Bobby and have been married 35 years. And what a ride! Happy Anniversary to the sweetest more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[ON THE MENU WEEK OF APRIL 23RD]]> 2018-04-22T23:50:49Z 2018-04-23T10:00:58Z My grocery list is filling up with more and more fresh fruits and lots of veggies, especially salad greens! May is almost here and that means so many more fresh and locally sourced produce in the grocery aisles! I’m even getting asparagus and lettuces and spinach from our garden. Here’s what’s ON THE MENU this week… more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[WHAT’S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE?]]> 2018-04-22T15:22:24Z 2018-04-22T10:00:19Z If you ask me what my favorite song is I would say Amazing Grace. It was not until I was 33 years old that I knew for the first time how amazing grace really was. I have always loved this song and can sing all the modern verses but I often sang it without any more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[HOW TO CHOOSE PERFECT PILLOWS]]> 2018-04-21T12:37:58Z 2018-04-21T10:00:55Z Let’s talk PILLOWS… again!! One of my favorite topics!!! Let’s talk about how to choose pillows and patterns and colors. Should we buy two like pillows if they are solid, and one if it’s patterned? Do size and shape have anything to do with our buying decisions? It’s all about choosing the perfect pillows!  My more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[7 RULES FOR CHOOSING PERFECT CURTAINS]]> 2018-04-20T00:22:20Z 2018-04-20T10:00:33Z     Recently, my master bedroom got BEAUTIFUL new curtains. And I realized there is a whole lot that goes into choosing curtains for a room. Curtains, although they mostly play a supportive role in the beauty and comfort of our homes, have a role to play. There are so so many options for adorning more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[6 TIPS FOR DECORATING WITH NEUTRALS]]> 2018-04-19T02:05:35Z 2018-04-19T10:00:52Z Whites and neutral decor is such a classic. In the past several years decorating with neutrals seems to have resurrected itself and this classic has become a white-hot trend… pun intended! When we think neutrals we should not just think “white”. Neutrals run from black to browns to taupes and beige and gray and bone more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[HOW TO STYLE A CHAIR]]> 2018-04-18T00:46:48Z 2018-04-18T10:00:10Z Okay, now that you have a chair you love how are you going to style it? Style it? Yes, let’s style it! There’s more to putting a chair in a room than just plunking it down and calling it a day. You want to make sure that it works with the rest of the room more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[THE SCOOP #322]]> 2018-04-16T14:21:27Z 2018-04-16T22:00:10Z Welcome back to THE SCOOP! This past weekend Bobby and I got our raised bed vegetable and herb garden ready for planting. We even got some of our cold tolerant veggies planted like lettuces, collard greens, onion sets and more. But yesterday and today old man winter returned with vengeance.  Thank goodness we left the tomatoes more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[ON THE MENU APRIL 16TH]]> 2018-04-16T02:08:34Z 2018-04-16T10:00:08Z I stopped at Trader Joe’s this afternoon and that was no simple thing. You see we do not have a Trader Joe’s anywhere close to where I live. I had to drive over an hour to get there. But so worth it. I got a bunch of pink tulips for $4.99, lots of produce and some other more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[HOW ALL PEOPLE KNOW GOD]]> 2018-04-15T15:23:01Z 2018-04-15T10:00:33Z   Have you ever wondered why we believe in a God, or should I say “THE GOD”? And did you know that every culture, country, tribe, race, and peoples ALL believe in a god? Why is that? How does God, THE GOD, manifest Himself to each individual and woo us to Him? These are all more »

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