StoneGable American Farmhouse Living 2018-06-24T10:00:56Z WordPress StoneGable <![CDATA[10 BEST JULY 4TH RECIPES]]> 2018-06-22T23:12:07Z 2018-06-24T10:00:56Z   FORTH OF JULY MEANS CELEBRATING WITH LOTS OF GREAT FOOD!  Yummy! If you still need some summer food ideas for your picnics, barbecues and gatherings I’ve got 10 best July 4th recipes that are all winners! Here at StoneGable, these are our favorites and we enjoy them over and over during the summer! Many more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[WHAT IS YOUR HEARTSONG?]]> 2018-06-22T22:56:33Z 2018-06-24T10:00:26Z     Almost every morning… just before daybreak… I am awakened to the sound of a Mockingbird singing his little heart out near my bedroom windows. He sits on the top branches of our weeping cherry tree and shouts out his song. It’s not even that pretty! No obvious melody… just strings of squawks and more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[HOW TO KEEP CUT HYDRANGEAS FROM WILTING]]> 2018-06-22T21:19:37Z 2018-06-23T10:00:37Z   Hydrangeas are the quintessential romantic summer bloom!!! Their big, moppy heads and little clusters of flowerets are iconic!!!  A big bouquet of them cut and arranged on a table is pure bliss! Yes, hydrangeas are one of the best loved flowers around! But like many things, these dramatic beauties can be a little bit more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[SUPER EASY NO-SEW CURTAIN DIY AND $150.00 GIVEAWAY]]> 2018-06-22T18:29:44Z 2018-06-22T10:00:49Z If you can cut with a pair of scissors and iron, you can make a set of gorgeous custom curtains! Here’s a super easy no-sew curtain diy. I made new curtains for my family room using a gorgeous, almost luminous soft white linen from InstaLinen. I’ll hold your hand and walk you through this so so more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[WHAT IS TRANSITIONAL STYLE]]> 2018-06-21T11:23:53Z 2018-06-21T10:00:32Z There are many design styles. Modern, traditional, farmhouse or French Country just to name a few. But I would say that my home is decorated with transitional style decor.  I thought I’d talk a bit about what transitional decor is and what it means to have a transitional home style.  Today on Decorating Tips and more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[WHAT IS YOUR HOME SAYING ABOUT YOU?]]> 2018-06-20T12:56:59Z 2018-06-20T10:00:57Z Your home says a whole lot about you! Just look around! Really, stop and look around! The “health” of your home can be an indicator of how you are doing too! I’m not talking about how pristine everything looks or how well appointed your home decor is. It’s more basic than that. It’s about how more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[THE SCOOP #331]]> 2018-06-18T16:31:55Z 2018-06-18T22:00:52Z     Hey friends! Welcome back to THE SCOOP! While the temperature soars here at StoneGable I’ve been very busy inside working on freshening up several of my room. My master bedroom is almost done… just waiting for a rug and an armoire. And my family room is getting quite a facelift! I’ll show them more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[ON THE MENU WEEK OF JUNE 18TH]]> 2018-06-18T01:07:32Z 2018-06-18T10:00:41Z Oh yum! I have a great line up of dinner recipes on the menu this week. I have a solid love/hate relationship with cooking! I love to plan menus and I love to cook and I certainly LOVE to eat but I really hate to clean up after myself and dinner! So years ago Bobby and I more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[OMG… STOP SAYING THAT!]]> 2018-06-15T21:18:34Z 2018-06-17T10:00:54Z   You would probably not ever want to go shopping with me.  I am not a “let’s go shopping together” kind of girl! I really don’t like to shop! I shop at a handful of stores, but that’s it!  If a store has the words pottery or crate or Home or vintage in it… well, more »

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StoneGable <![CDATA[THE BEST DECOR TIP YOU WILL EVER GET]]> 2018-06-16T00:15:44Z 2018-06-16T10:00:36Z   I’ve been working on our Master Bedroom and Sitting Room for over 6 months! Believe me, this will be a long process just like all the reno’s go on all the other rooms at StoneGable. There will be lots of diy’s and long weekend projects and life in between decorating. Because Bobby and I more »

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