It all started because Bobby thought I needed a recliner to put my feet up. I was not going to have an ugly, bulky recliner in my family room. But, I went to look at them under duress! 
Recliners have come a l-o-n-g way baby! Yes, this is a recliner! Wow, Lazy Boy sure has a lot of great and very chic recliners!
I fell in love with this wonderful houndstooth fabric! It’s bold and classic… yet very modern!
So I paired a stylish recliner model together with an updated houndstooth to make this ultra comfy and dapper chair!
And I have YOU to thank for it…

Thanks to all the HUNDREDS of StoneGable readers that weighed in on fabric choices ( click HERE to see original post) for this chair via comments and e-mail and facebook. The camel and cream color won by quite a large margin… and although I adored the black and white fabric your sensible comments certainly swayed me… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new chair…
YOU ROCK… and so does my new chair (not literally)!
So loving this pattern in my family room!
(Sorry the image quality is poor… I just can’t seem to get the light right in this room.)
This chair is sooooo comfortable! It’s become the favorite of everyone in our house!
Now that the floors have been installed and the chair has found a home I’m going to start decorating for summer. I’m thinking of splashes of red, white and indigo blue!!!

PS. I FINALLY got my Pin It button to work! Thanks to all for letting me know there was a problem!

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    You did good. It looks fantastic. My husband introduced me to the many styles of Lazy Boy recliners, too. No one has ever guessed that mine are recliners.

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    Looks beautiful..and so comfortable –
    I have one recliner in our house and I am always wiggling my way into the chair first.
    Its really my husbands but he is so sweet to let me sit in it… its so comfortable…

  3. says

    I am like you and thought recliners were bulky. Your choice of colour and style is fantastic.
    It looks as though it was always meant to be there.
    Hugs Kay

  4. says

    I adore how the hues in the chair accent the stone in your fireplace!
    Oh~h~h, red and indigo blue with khaki??? Classic, indeed!!!
    Enjoy your new chair, dear friend!!!

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    Lazy Boy has done a great job with updating those old recliners. Your new one looks amazing. Question: where’s the tv? I’m looking everywhere for it, thinking it must be there as this is your family room. But then again, you’re so busy creating beautiful things you probably don’t have time to watch tv.

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    Love the recliner! I am so happy you chose that color as it blends in with your other furnishings but still stands out. I don’t think the black and white one would have done as well. My husband bought me a recliner recently and I always sit in it. Love to put my feet up without the bulk of an ottoman.

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    Last summer we redecorated our great room with a sectional and my husband also suggested a recliner for me. He dragged me kicking and screaming to Lazy Boy and was I surprised at their stylish recliners. So happy with the choice we made. I love the fabric you chose. It would have worked well in our room, too.

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    Yvonne, This room is coming together so nicely…love the colors…I remember you getting a new sofa for this room, but I don’t think I have ever seen a full frontal picture…Is it from Pottery Barn? AND…is it more of a cream or white? I’m ready to buy and anxious to hear your response…

  9. Anonymous says

    Idea for you: If you still can, make sure to order some extra fabric, then you can have it made into arm covers for the recliner. They fit on tightly, matching exactly with the pattern, and can be tucked into cracks or fastened with a T-pin so that they aren’t even perceived as being there at all. This way, you protect the arms of the chair which will be the first thing to wear out from use, thus saving you to have to redo the entire chair later on, because you can remove the arm covers and have them cleaned separately. Love the new floor in the room and very glad you love the chair!

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    i, too, couldn’t stand the thought of recliners, although with a man in the house they are pretty much a necessity (and we sure don’t want to get rid of “the man”!)…last winter my husband’s old one bit the dust so he insisted on getting the best out there and we spent hours in Lazy Boy with our salesman who was very knowledgeable on all his products…we ended up with a soft buttery leather one with nailheads that i’ve pretty much taken over!

    your room is gorgeous and the chair is too!

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    Houndstooth isn’t my favorite thing (because when I was a kid, my Sunday coat was houndstooth pattern and I hated it because it was itchy, scratchy wool) BUT, I love your family room. I can imagine putting myself inside the photo and feeling so content to sit in that chair and read. Please don’t make me get up and leave.

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    It looks great and comfy Yvonne. Didn’t you ask your readers to vote on the fabric? I hope you don’t have to share your chair too much!

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    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Love your choice, Yvonne!
    The chair/pattern/color looks wonderful in your family room.
    So happy you decided to take us along on the journey :0)
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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    That is the best looking recliner I have seen. I am not a fan either, but yours is very good looking. Love the houndstooth!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

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    Ya did good…love how it looks in the room. Shame that style didn’t come as a wall-away as it would of saved you from having to keep pulling it out. I agree about getting some fabric to make arm covers. Once upon a time arm covers used to come with the chairs, now they are sold separately.

  16. Anonymous says

    I love the choice you made Yvonne. It looks wonderful. Even though I am a big fan of b&w I think this was the best choice for your room. I can’t wait to see what you do with the summer color scheme. I have been toying with introducing indigo in my home. I already have reds and yellows and want to bring in blue.

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    I love the new chair, it looks perfect! I will have to go look at La-Z-Boy, as we are currently trying to compromise on a recliner. Yours does not even look like one! I am getting in the mood for summer, can’t wait to see what you do, as I am sure it will be gorgeous! Have a blessed day.

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    It’s gorgeous, Yvonne, and looks so perfect and comfy in your family room. I’m amazed that recliners look NOTHING like the recliners of yore, and they don’t take up a lot of space either. I just bought new club chairs and really thought about getting hubby the recliner model…no visual difference whatsoever! But I didn’t, I would be in it all the time ! Ha!

    Good for you!


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    Terrific look and comfort too! :-)
    The first sofa I bought when I was single and had my own place was black and white houndstooth.

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    I LOVE the chair!!! and I am really impressed with how much it “matches” the leather chairs in shape/size! Awesome pick! I am happy you went with the less bold of the colors though I would have been happy with either this color really does seem to be more “you” since you love to switch things up as often as you do! I am sure if you tossed a spring-green throw on it it would look green and if you give it a red throw or pillow come the holidays (eeeekk) it will look like it is a different piece all over again! I am happy you find it so comfortable. I pray that you can rest with your feet up and be excited about it! Health comes first and it just so happened that beauty was able to enter the mix! I am happy Bobby tricked you/kidnapped you to pick a chair! We would be decorated messes without you two!

  21. Anonymous says

    I don’t think you needed your reader’s opinions at all. You went with your own first idea of what would work and the one you loved and that is all that matters. Many of us thought the pattern was too large and competed with the curtains but opinions are just opinions and not written in stone. I think good design gets down to what makes a person comfortable and happy so what does it matter what anyone else thinks! Hope you sit in your comfy new chair, relax and come up with many other good post for us to enjoy.

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    Love your choice! This color will go great when you change your accessories with the season’ s or like me, my mood. I can see Christmas colors already…Thanks for sharing with us. Now tell us about that table with the pineapple like base.
    Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations

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    Love your choice! This color will go great when you change your accessories with the season’ s or like me, my mood. I can see Christmas colors already…Thanks for sharing with us. Now tell us about that table with the pineapple like base.
    Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations

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    I’ve been putting off looking for a chair for my sewing room thinking I would have trouble finding something I would like. Your choice gave me the incentive to go shopping! Thanks for sharing!

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