What better way to decorate for fall than to bring it’s natural splendor indoors…
Here at StoneGable,  I am filling bowls and lining shelves with fabulous fall offerings…

The antique tool caddy sits on my kitchen island filled with various pumpkins and corn and berries!
I have “my sources” for inexpensive pumpkins… and each year I make the rounds choosing pumpkins for all the nooks and crannies at StoneGable.
This year, our Pyracantha bush is dripping with berries. I could not resist bringing some inside too!
Bringing all the beautiful fall elements together in a chippy box makes a big splash of seasonal splendor in my kitchen!


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    What beautiful arrangements you share with us; you spoil us♥
    I so wish that white pumpkins could be found in the UK, oh! and those sweet, small ones with the yellow stripe are just darling. As for multi coloured corn, I’m slowly turning pea green!
    I live my life vicariously these days through the wonderful Autumn and Fall blogs I follow from my friends Across the Pond . . with gratitude I send you Autumn Blessings

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    Hi Yvonne, I love your antique tool caddy. Yes, it does make a stunning arrangement for fall loveliness! Your kitchen is gorgeous and one of many reasons I’m sure your recipes come out looking so beautiful!!!!
    Happy weekend……

    The French Hutch

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    I love your kitchen and all of your naturals.
    I have a question, if you don’t mind. How do you treat your soapstone? Yours has much more of a shine than mine. I got mine from Vermont soapstone and I oil it as recommended, but it does not shine like yours.

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    I love using the real thing when I can but with the droughts we’ve had here in the Midwest, pumpkins and gourds are slim pickin’s and those you can get are pretty pricey. :( I have never heard of your berry bush but I’ll have to check it out….lovely, lovely colors!
    p.s. I’m still on the search for a wooden tool caddy like yours 😉

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    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, omg!!!

    LOVE how this all looks!
    Just stunning Yvonne!
    I pinned some to share with the
    WORLD but of course gave you credit.

    Please come by on Monday and link these
    up with Favorites on the First — this
    month’s theme is FALL DECOR!

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    Good morning Yvonne, lovely lovely kitchen and fall decor. We just remodeled our kitchen and I actually showed my husband pictures of your kitchen for some inspiration. He’s good if he sees something…so I wanted him to get a general idea of the look I was leaning towards. It turned out wonderful and I’m so happy to have a new looking kitchen. Hope your weekend is very blessed!

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    Yvonne, this is just STUNNING.

    I love the box, the goodies inside it, and the kitchen.

    Hope your fall is equally as wonderful.

    It’s still warm here, but thre is a slight change. And the raintrees are in bloom. I have absconded with Mr. Magpie’s Ipod to blog. He need
    s it back in a few. I can’t see the type it’s so small, so please forgive the typos.



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    Hi Yvonne, Thank you for your encouraging comments. I too, enjoy being around thankful people, cause don’t think I have ever seen a depressed, thankful person! lol,
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog, and for your sweet comments,
    Blessings, Nellie

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    Oh dear Ivonne, you sure are talented! I’m greatly inspired by this caddy, it’s gorgeous and I love your arrangement in it for fall. I have a pretty tray and don’t know what to do for my kitchen, but now, I’m getting ideas, I’m just not to creative latelly, had a hard two weeks. Alyson at The Polo House has her Favorite of the Month linky party on Monday..so be sure to go there, as everyone will love to see this!
    Enjoy the weekend.

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    Yvonne, That looks so beautiful. Thanks for your sweet comments about my Pumpkin Pie, I would like to join your party on Sunday night, but i’ve never done one and don’t know how… ( i’m a newish blogger 6 months)… If I can figure it out , I will do it.
    Have a good day. Ciao for now…

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    What a beautiful splash of Fall colour in the kitchen. Today I am working on bringing ‘nature’ in.. still pretty warm here in North Central Florida, the weather is still clinging to the last of summer.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Cheers, Gee

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    Your beautiful white cabinets and island are the perfect background for all that pretty fall color. The pyracantha berries are lovely in that white pitcher. Isn’t it fun to decorate for fall? I love the colors of fall that I would not usually like that much but they are so gorgeous at this season. Have a great weekend. ———— Shannon ( formerly from Cozy Home Scenes)

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    Yvonne, What a gorgeous array of fall colors you’ve gathered together. I agree… the most beautiful arrangements are those created organically. There’s no other that can represent fall better than mother nature herself.

    Sweet wishes,

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    Beautiful. I have a bush dripping with berris too and plan to take some to the new house tomorrow!!! It is starting to look like “US”, and that is SO exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT til Monday when the movers come. XOXO I miss you so.

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    Absolute splendor!!! I love it! Pumpkins here are a little pricier this year. Not sure if that’s because of the summer drought or what. They all look good…they just have a higher price tag than usual. That hasn’t stopped me from tossing a few around here and there, though! :-) Maybe I need to try to grow some next year on my own!

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    Beautiful Fall display for your kitchen island. Love the little berries that you were able to add. It all looks so natural and beautiful.
    I also wanted to say “Thank you” for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment on my painted pumpkins, I couldn’t email you to say “Thanks” because it shows noreply. Anyway, I appreciated your visit. Have a wonderful week.

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    I love your taste too Yvonne. Everything you touch is always stunning, so well designed and put together. The orange berries just make the arrangement pop, mother natures gives us such stunning colors for fall.

  18. Marilyn Clark says

    I could not find a tool box like yours, but what I do have is a very large driftwood bowl made from small pieces of driftwood attached together with tiny nails. I live on the TN River and we have pieces wash up ( although I must confess I bought this one at a shop called AWE ). For summer I have sea shells and sea glass balls in it. At Christmas I had large ornaments. Now I will fill it with your wonderful arrangement. Love your great eye for design. L0ve your blog so much!!!!

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