The front door at StoneGable got a little face lift. 
It used to look like this…
Now it looks like this…
A new coat of paint, new door handle, new lock and new Autumn decor gives StoneGable a fresher look!
The door color is “almost black“. The photography makes it look bluer that it really is.  I would have loved to add a silver, chrome or brushed nickle door handle and lock, but I could not part with my brass welcome medallion from Charleston. 
I have a love of wreaths and an even greater obsession with making them.  I wanted a light colored wreath for the door~ and whipped this one up. It was so easy. Next week look for the tutorial.
I wonder how this wreath will look snow covered? We are expecting up to 6 inches of snow tomorrow!

I am joining Seasonal Sunday at The Tablescapers

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    I heard about the snow, Yvonne! I can’t believe that! If it happens I think that will be the earliest yet I’ve heard of in the east. Love the door black. Last year, to get ready to put our house on the market, I painted our white front door black. What a big {and better} difference it made!

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    The new door color looks great. It will be the perfect background for many future wreaths. The latest one is very nice and I hope it doesn’t get covered with snow. It’s too early, we’re not ready!——-Shannon

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    Elegant entry! Hmmm, I may have to add this to my Pinterest board by that same name! I hope they are wrong about the snow…..in October? Just not right!!! :( xo

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    Shut Up! Snow already???? Goodness! We are just now starting to get cooler temps! Love the door color and I ADORE that wreath! I will be looking for the tutorial! I think it will be beautiful covered in snow…

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda

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    such a beautiful door . . and I do wonder what it will look like if you get your forecast snowfall . . oh, how I do love snow! Almost, but not quite as much, as autumn!

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    Your front door looks great and the wreath is adorable. Can’t wait for the tutorial…looks like raffia…. Maybe I should run out and get some.

    Snow? This morning is was in the mid 50s and today is mid 60s and this is the coolest we have gotten so far.

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    LOVE the new BLACK! We haven’t gotten ours painted yet:( The wreath is GREAT, can’t wait to see how you did it. Have a great weekend. We are going to a WEDDING tomorrow:) FUN! XO, Pinky. PS, stay warm. I am hoping the hotel will be warm for the wedding!!!!

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    Both are..beautiful!

    I have a fan transom atop my door w/ starfish.. shells.. A Christmas village at Christmas..next yr? Pumpkins..great idea!

    You are always so full of wonderful ideas.

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    Your wreath is a great color for your “new” door. I’m looking forward to seeing that tutorial. I can’t believe you are having snow tomorrow…PLEASE don’t send it up the coast to me!!!!

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    I can’t wait for that tutorial Yvonne because that wreath is gorgeous! Love the new color on your door. Oh My…six inches of snow! We’re expecting snow showers here.

    Enjoy your weekend,

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    I love, love, love your blog. Your recipes make me want to run to the kitchen. I’ll definitely be following along each day to see what you feature. Your tablescapes are the most lovely I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you do! Peggy ( don’t have a blog; I just lurk).

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    Snow! Oh no! The door looks great! I love the wreath. The love of making them is something we share. With my new tightly fitting storm door, I can no longer hang a wreath on my front door, even with my over the door hooks. I guess the energy savings is worth it, but I miss it!

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    Yvonne, I really love the new door, and especially the medallion, which is such a great finish; Love the wreath to set each other off! Good luck with the snow (already!) and wishing you a lovely weekend~

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    I love the new door color and the beautiful wreath. I look forward to seeing the how to next week. I hear we may get some snow here on Sunday but it won’t last long. Enjoy the weekend.

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    I love the new door color and your beautiful wreath, which I hope doesn’t get too snow covered! And your welcome plaque is yet another thing we have in common. I had that same plaque in my last house, it hung above our office door. I actually left it for the new owners, along with my pineapple door knocker since brass and saltwater do not mix!

    Kat :)

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    I think the brass against black is pretty! Besides one day it will be vogue again and you and I will be at the cutting edge! LOL I love the tiny pumpkins in the transom above the door.
    By the way, when will we see the big kitchen reveal? I’m dying to see it all!

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    Now even our entrances look alike…I put the little pumpkins up top, like you showed me last year & now you’ve got my black door color!! BEAUTIFUL! We’ve got great taste! LOL

    The wreath is scrumptiously full & fluffy & I am very interested in how you made it.

    I just read in the paper that shiny brass & gold in coming back into vogue, so leave that door alone. I have a brass kickplate on mine as well as hardware.

    I’m not sure how Ohio is missing out on that snow for a change but I’ll gladly let you guys deal with it this time. Good luck…put some soup on, light a fire & snuggle down under a quilt.


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    That’s a great color your chose for the door! The wreath is awesome! I’m curious to see how you made it and will look forward to your tutorial! That Charleston brass piece is so classic! I wouldn’t want to part with that either! I’ve heard brass is coming back, so hang in there! I never gave up on it!

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    First of all Rosie, I don’t know why I’m not following your blog. Everything is gorgeous!

    I love that front door and you’re right, it does look black. And I love a black front door! The makeover is sharp, crisp, and elegant. The wreath is awesome too!


    *Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment : )

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    Hi Yvonne!
    Love your new door and that plaque is so rich and striking!
    I’m with you…. it is a keeper.

    Your wreath is so pretty|!
    I hope you don’t get the snow.
    How bizarre is that? I am in shock seeing all the blogging pics this evening.


    Stay warm.

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    Okay, I’m hoping & praying that you are just late with your Sunday bible quote & photos & its NOT because you are without power!!

    The TV news is saying over 2 million people are without power from that snow storm. I’m praying that you guys aren’t some of them!

    Warm hugs,

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