Coffee can take on the most delicious flavors … especially in the fall. There are so many wonderful seasonal coffees… pumpkin spice, hazelnut, vanilla spice, cinnamon, vanilla nutmeg… YUM!

When I have a crowd at StoneGable I like to put together a coffee bar so everyone can serve themselves, especially before breakfast…

This Pottery Barn Outlet galvanized tiered tray is such a versatile piece! Today it works as a Fall coffee bar on my kitchen island!
The Keurig coffee maker is on the opposite counter. A big white soup tureen holds lots of seasonal Kcups.
White coffee mugs hold rolled napkins in rich autumnal colors.

I love love love using oranges and blues together for fall… a little different… but I think they give fall a sophisticated look.

Sugar bowl and creamer and little burnt orange leaf plates are ready to be used by guests.

I would have shown some yummy pumpkin bread to go along with the coffee…. IF SOMEONE HAD NOT EATEN IT ALL! I’m so glad THE CULPRIT enjoyed it that much!

A bowl of tangerines is offered for fruit lovers.

The top tier holds a little cobalt blue vase of pyracantha… some cinnamon sticks to stir coffee… little blue and white spice jars with nutmeg and cocoa…and vintage spoons.
I tucked in a large egg cup filled with candy corn for a little fun treat! My boys go wild over candy corn.
White pumpkins work well in this coffee bar.

A barmbly candle ring under the pumpkins add a little “fluff”. Gotta have “fluff”!

A small gathering of pumpkins and pyracantha sit next to the coffee station.

I prepare everything the night before so when we wake up we can all have coffee and a little nosh to welcome the new day!



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    Your coffee bar is so festive and fun! What wonderful ideas for dressing it up! My daughter wants a coffee bar at her wedding in December, so these are some good ideas to get me started. I have a hot beverage station in my kitchen with hot tea and hot chocolate as well as coffee. It’s something for all of our palates. I might have to dress ours up a little before we have company next weekend!

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    Oh darling Ivonne, I’m such a fan of your three tier, it just makes me swoon everytime I see it!! Is it tin, or galvanized?? I am going to copy it from a tin shop I’ve seen around here, it it awesome and I love the way you arranged it for fall, wow!! So unique! I also love coffee and your fall bar is gorgeous, I have my machine just where I can see it, but no bar, perse. Loved this post. Big hugs sweetie.

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    Could you please put a hot chocolate K-cup in there for me???? I don’t drink coffee:) I know, weird. Your coffee station is beautiful. I am going to do this for Christmas when I have a house full. Thanks for the inspiration!!!! XOXO

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    Yvonne, forget the coffee, this gorgeous setting is enough for me! I need to check with PB Outlet to see if these tiered trays are still available. What a fun and versatile piece. The small spice cups in blue and white are now on my wish list. 😉
    Beautiful presentation as always………..Sarah

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    Yvonne, your coffee bar is beautiful! What a lovely way to keep things accessible for everyone. I love your idea of keeping the Kcups in a soup tureen. I may need to “borrow” that idea! I love it! You have the most creative hospitality ideas!

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    A truly great idea in the kitchen. Now I want one too. So glad you are doing well. I love the blue and orange and have been thinking of a thanksgivings table with those colors.. just to be different. You gave me some good ideas! xo marlis

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    Oh my gosh you amaze me. :o) This is so welcoming and lovely. I think I’m doing my Thanksgiving table in blues, golds and orange. I won’t have a crowd so it will be easier to spend time on the fun things! The linky party button looks pretty good doesn’t it? Looking forward to partying with you. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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    You certainly know how to do things up right, Yvonne. What a treat for visitors and family alike. I love the mix of orange and blue together, too. xo Diana

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    Hi there, Oh what a lovely arrangement of cups, creamer, tangerines etc. you have put together. I especially love the Pyracantha berries-they are so pretty; I did want to check a fact I grew up hearing-just in case…my mother always told me the berries are poisonous(we had a large bush in our yard). I don’t know whether she told me that to scare me or if it is true; I do know birds get very drunk on them and will fly into homes and windows. I do love your color combinations and would love to have coffee at your home.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. says

    I am so glad to see you posting. This must mean that you did not lose your power to Sandy and that all is well in your neighborhood.

    I have never been an orange fan but have just changed my mind. It looks glorious with your blue and white. Great inspiration, as always.

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    Love the coffee bar idea…and that must have been some Pumpkin Bread if there’s none left, dear friend!!! The blue and white combination with the orange is exquisite, indeed!!! Now, had that been here On Crooked Creek…the candy corn AND the pumpkin bread would have been AOL!!! Ha! Creative idea for making guests (and family) fill right at home @ StoneGable!!!

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    Beautiful arrangement, Yvonne! My goodness, you are such an accomplished homemaker! I also love the colours blue and orange used together. I find the mixture very uplifting!

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    It was this beautiful coffee bar in blue and white that first made we say I have to follow this blog…and it was and still is the beautiful images that keep me coming back again and again. Just a wonderful presentation and pretty way to drink coffee.

  14. says

    Pottery Barn should be paying you for advertising… oh my.
    I am sure many people — like me — will run tomorrow to PB and grab one of these too!
    Love the layering and the versatility of the piece. Have seen it there and loved it… but when YOU do what you DID…. drooling now.

    Love it!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  15. says

    I covet your coffee bar, and I’m featuring it on my blog tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind! These posts have been on my reading list forever, and I think the way you decorate it for the seasons is adorable!


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    I’ve got to tell you, I found your blog this morning and I’m STUCK! I keep going from one post to another fantastic post and I can’t leave! I’m loosing my entire day here because it’s so fantastic I can’t stop! Yes, I’ve signed up to follow, and somehow I’ve just got to tear myself away so I can get back to what I need to do. Well done! Thank you for sharing all this BEAUTY and creativity! God bless, Lynette

  17. D. Nordstrom says

    Hello: what a beautiful eye you have! You have completely won me over to pairing blues with oranges, etc. and I have seldom used blue in my tablescapes or decor. (I’m a professional chef so I favor white, as I know you do too for food) So thank you, thank you, it’s always grand to discover new ways to add color to our lives.

  18. L. Jones says

    I love that you have close up photos of all your beautiful projects. So many blogs have photos taken at such a distance that you can’t see the details. However, I would love to see some taken a few steps back to get the full effects in with the surroundings. Love your blog!

  19. Marilyn Clark says

    Love the PB three tier stand. I think I will order one as I can see it being used for lots of holidays! Loving your blog!

  20. Marilyn Clark says

    I purchased the three tier stand from PB….. Can’t wait to see how you will decorate it for Christmas. I just know you will! Lol! I think it is a wonderful piece to have and can see it being used on so many holidays. This fall display will take us through September, October, and November…. Then on to changing it out for Christmas!

  21. GwenCondit says

    I’m glad you posted these older ideas for I had not noticed all the galvanized back then at Pottery Barn. I was getting dark iron things on their deeply discounted clearance sections for we had no outlets in So Cal then!! I just purchased my tiered stand for my Bunco hordourves time but then I got confused. How do I incorporated this huge ( yes I paid full price with birthday money) expensive accessory? I’m now encouraged for fall. I want to put it away until then. Thank you again!

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