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This Easter’s dinner was inspired by the Peach Luster Fire King  dishes I have been collecting for many years. They have become a part of our Easter tradition as much as our menu, Easter baskets and church.

I used a peach, terracotta and white palette for this table.
Using a plain simple white tablecloth focuses the attention to the other elements on the table.  Each place setting is a combination of white and peach plates. Leaf and berry chargers (HomeGoods) Italian Countryside (Mikasa) are the white anchor dishes. 
Peach Luster salad and bread plates bring  soft color and shine to the table. This Fire King was collected from antique shops, flea markets and garage sales. I just love their beautiful color and reflective quality. Very inexpensive, and quite easy to find these are great fun to hunt!
An Easter treat greets each guest. Instead of Easter baskets, little personalized terracotta pots in saucers are filled with a chocolates and other sweet goodies picked with them in mind. The chocolates are from a local chocolatier,Evan’s Candy, and are made using many antique molds.
White damask napkins are fanned at the head of each place setting  to give a  ruffled backdrop for the terracotta pots.
Water will be served in white bubble glassses (Reading China and Glass).
Water will be served in white bubble glassses (Reading China and Glass). 
Creamer and sugar bowls are placed on both ends of the table. Antique silver sugar spoons make a pretty statement.
Large plaster candle pillars have a shabby time-worn look (Petals and Beans, Strasburg Pa). They are topped with a variegated peach candle. Can you see the terracotta base through the chipped away whitewash paint?
The centerpiece is made up of three terracotta and white urns.   Glazed a silky white, the raised pattern remains terracotta. (JoAnn Fabrics).  I just happened upon them and knew they would be perfect to carry on the color scheme. I put the white pillars in between them. 
White ranunculus were planted in the urns for a different take on spring flowers. My first inclination was to plant white tulips (my favorite), but when I found these pretty flowers I thought they would be a little differnt and interesting.
I set this table before I went to Savannah and my guest list has grown! I am now having 14 for dinner and 24  for dessert. By adding another leaf in the table, making a few more “goodie pots” and some additional grocery shopping I’ll be ready for a wonderful day of family, friends and celebrating the fact that “He Is Risen”!

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!


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    Lovely, and so springy yet unconventional in the color scheme. My great grandmother had peach luster dishes and it takes me back to sitting at her kitchen table listening to her talk with my mother while they drank coffee in cups and saucers just like yours. The white flower looks like a rose. It’s all stunning. Happy Easter.

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    Stunning! I really like the nontraditional colour combo and you’ve pulled it through with every dish and accent! So much attention to detail. I ADORE the little goody pots which also act as placecards! I would be thrilled to eat Easter dinner at your house no matter what was on the menu! (I’d be happy with a chocolate bunny!) Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed!


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    The color palette is divine. I LOVE it big time. So sophisticated, classic and chic too. The individual details for each place setting are adorable.

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    WOW! You set the most gorgeous tables. This is one of my favs. I would love to read a post about where you store all of your different dishes. You seem to have tons of them. All beautiful, by the way!

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    Yvonne, I always find your tables charming, but this one has a certain beauty about it that truly makes my heart sing. The last time I was at my sister’s she gave me the two small dishes that were in our childhood home. I think they are Fire King. I like the ranunculus and the chippy candle sticks, all the layers of wonderful dishes, and that chocolate rooster is too cute.

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    Oh, How I love this setting! The colors are so charming! I adore the place card pots with the hen, rooster and rabbits! The dishes! The centerpieces! You done an outstanding Table setting! I am in love! lol I just love the peach luster cups! My grandfather use to drink his coffee out of these cups! I have one saucer and now you gave me the name, You have made me so happy,for I never knew the name of these lovely dishes, my grandparents had! Yes, I will take mine with Tea, since today I am hosting Tea Time Tuesday. I so enjoyed visiting your blog! You table is just simply lovely! I just adore the candle sticks! I love it all!

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    Oh my gosh, Yvonne! I JUST this week found a set of small peach lustre Fire King handled ramekins- my first pieces and I LOVE them!!! And I’m going to check our Joanns’s. I KNOW they didn’t have those gorgeous urns last time I was there. Just stunning- I love this table!
    xoxo Pattie

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    Yvonne, this table is to die for! I love the peach lustre. I was not acquainted with it, but now I will be on the look out for it. I love the terra cotta accents. It makes the table perfect. I may have to steal the idea for dinner treats. Stop by Applejack Lane if you have the chance, but I know you are very busy.

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    Yvonne…I am speechless…this table is WONDERFUL and probably my favorite of all your gorgeous tablescapes! Firstly, I love ranunculus…I am orginally from Southern CA and they grow there (Northern San Diego County) just like the tulip fields of Michigan and Skigit Valley Washington. They are so beautifully showcased on this table. I am also a huge fan of antique chocolate molds…your chocolates are the best….I LOVE the rooster & hen. And what a clever use of terra cotta pots. The peach lusterware is in all it’s glory on this table…I will never look at these at the antique stores again without seeing HOW beautiful they really are! I look forward to hearing all about your trip to Savannah…as I sit and work on tax returns, I am wishing I was with you :)

    Have a Blessed Resurrection Day!

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    Gorgeous table indeed!!! I just started collecting peach luster-like how it can be multi seasonal!! Like the elegant look you accomplished with just the simple color palette- will have to personalize the little terra cotta pots soon-just love your blog!!! where do you store all your beautiful items??? guessing you are very organized

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    Make that 15 cause I am coming too! Love the table and the details are spectacular. Just when I think that I have your style down and can copy it here, you throw me a curve ball! Love the personalization of the pots. So creative. Much better and more mature than baskets.

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    What a beautiful displaying table. I love the terra cotta pot with the chocolate bunny and chicks. EVen with the robin eggs wrapped around the bottom of the saucer. Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your tablescape. Nancy

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    Absolutely one of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen! I LOVE every element and the way you used the chocolates in the terra cotta pots, too. The colors really pop against the white background.

  14. linda @bushel and a pickle says

    This is beautiful! the way you combine the old and the new is so amazing! It is a gift of creativity from Him. As usual these days I am behind but this is truly motivating me to really plan for our celebration dinner on that very special day. I finally got out our Peter Rabbit dishes after I read this!

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    Hi Yvonne,
    First, I love all your gorgeous posts…. and second I adore this table. It is simple yet elegant and the colors are so yummy. The look and feel of this table just says beautiful.

    I also love your cute little bunny pot at each placesetting. It is such a cute idea that I may “NEED” to “BORROW”, would you mind?

    Thanks so such for sharing your creative talents, I do believe I have been inspired :)
    Enjoy your day.

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    This is a beautiful and elegant table! So lovely. I too would love to see your pantry where you store all your beautiful things…if you would care to share! Have a blessed Easter….He is Risen Indeed! Toni

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    Your table is so beautiful, love the terra cotta, love the fireking and the layering of the dishes so pretty and I love it when the new is mixed with the old, so much more interesting…..loved it all, have a great Easter

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    Oh my goodnes, Yvonne, this is absolutly STUNNING!!! I just love the peach and white color scheme, love the urns and the luster dishes are gorgeous too! The SPECIAL chocolates are wonderful and I adore the personalized terra cotta pots! I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your CROWD of family and friends! XO, Pinky P.S. I saw that you mentioned Strasburg, Pa. Do you live near there???? I DO!!!!!! Please let me know!!!!!

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    It is always a treat to visit here! That Peach Luster…Be Still My Heart! Love what you did with the individual “goodie” pots.
    Happy Easter :-)

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    Yvonne, this is just gorgeous. I love the color. YOur dishes are just gorgeous, so pretty with the terra cotta hue and using the little pots as placecards is such a wonderful idea. The cache pots and the candlesticks are fabulous. Such a lovely and inviting table. Hope you have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

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    You really have a gift for creating a beautiful and inviting table! I love the colors and would have never thought to put the peach against the crisp white. You have shown just how perfect the two are!

    From Virginia

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    Divine tablescape, Happy Easter to you and yours, … I’ve been a long time follower of your blog. I adore your photography and ideas. Great planning and beautiful color combinations, thank you for sharing! ~Katy

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    Yvonne, totally inspiring table! Love the use of texture in the plates etc. The little topiary candy pieces. Wonderfully different color combination.Love people who think outside the usual box.
    Savannah sounds wonderful, Happy Easter!

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    GORGEOUS! Just GORGEOUS!!! Your family must feel so special to sit down to a table like that!

    I usually host an Easter dinner at my house for friends since all our family is so far away. I would love to set a table like this, but at this season of my life, the best I can do is paper plates and little potted plant. But a girl can dream, right…Maybe someday! :)

    Happy Easter!

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    Thats one of the nicest tablescapes I have ever seen. I like all of the elements. The soft apricot luster dishes looks really sophisticated combined with the whites. I love the way you fold damast napkins as much as the combination with the clay colours. All that reminds me somehow to the Villas in Tuscany – airy and very distinguished.

    Wish you a happy Easter.

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    Yvonne, you have outdone yourself! This table is just stunning — a feast for the eyes! I love the peach lusterware, and mixing it with terracotta and white really highlights its beauty. The centerpiece is SO elegant — love those flowers you’ve used!

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    Oh my word, I have always admired these peach colored dishes but have never been able to figure out how to make them ‘work’. You did a beautiful job — it’s breathtaking. Thanks so much for posting.

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    Yvonne, I wanted to thank you for your warm welcome to Blogland. It’s been such fun and you are a major reason for that. Have a wonderful time with your precious son- he must be a very special young man. Have a joyous, blessed holiday
    {{Hugs}} xoxo Pattie

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    I love everything about this table! Your guests will so appreciate the attention to detail. The peach plates look very expensive, such unique candle stands, and pottery. Hard to believe the pottery was found at Joanne’s! Have a blessed Easter celebration… Joan

  30. says

    Yvonne… I love your setting here…
    You create an atmosphere where your guests truly must feel appreciated.
    Everyone here wants a clay pot goodie :)

    Fire King {made by Anchor Hocking I believe} was a GREAT brand… I love the translucence.

    Yvonne, have a Happy and Glorious Easter~
    Many Blessings always ~ Maria

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    This has to be one of the most lovely and original tablesettings I have ever seen. The terra cotta theme is brilliant to match up with the Fire King peach lusterware. I love those candleholders with the peach candles. I absolutely love everything you have done here! Hope your Easter was Divine!

  32. says

    I used a 9 x 9 x 3 baking dish. The batter was nearly to the top so I put a baking sheet underneath. (It didn’t run over.) As for the brown sugar…I just eyeballed it. Enough to cover the bottom of the pan. I know. Same for the pecan pieces. I also added dried cranberries (because they were lying around and looked good). You could also use an iron skillet. If you have any batter leftover, you could make a few cupcakes!

    I didn’t use this recipe, but it could be used as a rough guide. I did use a little more than 1/4 c brown sugar, but just a little. :-0

  33. says

    oh my sweet heavens!
    this is stunning!
    talk about a bunny wonderland!!!
    this is beautiful. i would be thrilled to sit at a table like this. your family has got to love coming to your house. your love for company is shown in this tablesetting.
    it is a vision!

    have a beautiful week!

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    Yvonne~ I’m speechless (which is an incredible feat, lol). This tablescape is “BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!” “Peach Luster is not only the perfect name for the dishes, it’s the perfect description for your Easter setting.

    Sweet wishes,

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