Paula Deen Tall Chest Tobacco Finish
Some peoples dreams are filled with replayed stories of their day… unrequited love… epic battles between good and evil… being chased… being naked in public.. or falling.
My reoccurring dreams are about HOUSES… usually. But lately my dreams, awake and asleep, are all about…

… the PAULA DEEN SWEET TEA TALL CHEST in tobacco (faint sound of harps playing in the background)!
Paula Deen Home 932150 Sweet Tea 8 Drawer Tall Chest In Tobacco PDH1112
This dresser is PERFECT for a bedroom I am decorating! But the price isn’t ( for me, that is… I am sure it is worth EVERY hard earned penny it is sold for!). 
I am completely gutting and redecorating several bedrooms: from the flooring to the paint to the lighting to the window treatments to the furniture to the details… and I am working on a budget for each one… a very modest budget (ugh!)!
I saw this dresser months ago and every other dresser pales in comparison! I have literally looked at a hundred other dressers and they all fall so short! I honestly daydream about the PAULA DEEN SWEET TEA TALL CHEST in tobacco (sound of harps getting louder… do I hear angels?)! It haunts me… taunts me….y’all!!!!
 My budget for a dresser in this room is about $800.00. And I want a nice one, of course. I figured that I could get a good dresser on a great sale if I just looked long enough and was patient.
The PAULA DEEN SWEET TEA TALL DRESSER in tobacco (angel’s chorus now singing their hearts out and a blinding halo appears around the dresser) is the PERFECT dresser! It retails for … well, who really knows, every place I look it is different. I have seen it as high as $2,200.00 to as low as $1,575.00. And one of my favorite furniture stores has it for $2,300.00~ hey, I am a good customer (said with a snarky tone)! Maybe not so much now!!!! Tom, help me out here!
On sale I can find it as low as $1,000.00 BUT shipping brings it to about 1,300.00! That’s $500.00 over my dresser budget.
Too bad this is the last piece to buy for the bedroom, I could have cut back on something else… like the rug!
HELP…I need a devious scheme… or a high finance miracle… a visitation from Paula… or a shrink! 
…and could someone PLEASE ask those angels not to sing so loudly!!!!
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    I’m cracking up because I do this all the time. I literally obsess about something that I think I can’t live without. Right now it’s demijohns. :o) I find that the best way to cure the obsession is to just go ahead and buy what I want if it’s humanly possible. Can’t you get a thrift dresser for one of the other rooms? My mom always called that robbing Peter to pay Paul. Good luck with this dear!

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    I have always been one to “think outside the box” as well as “turn the box upside down”…long story! However when I look at this gorgeous dresser; I see two smaller dressers married together. Perhaps there’s a solution to Flea Market or Antique finds that would allow a similar design? Be on the lookout! A solution is sure to turn up soon. In the meanwhile, my advice is ~ don’t settle for something less. If you’re like me…you won’t ever be pleased with the results! Much success hunting, dear friend!

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    That is an amazing dresser. I have not seen many of her items before. If it is a privately owned store there may be more wiggle room on the price, especially if you show them that you could buy it for $1,000.00. Many will price match or ask for better. It might get you some of the way there, or it might get you a funny look and a finger towards the door. I’ve been amazed at what I get when I ask for it from many stores.

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    Gorgeous! I have the Lady’s Chest or sometimes it is called Media Chest. I love it! We bought it at Dillards and it was around $900. I have seen her furniture on sale a time or two. Hope you find it…you’ve chosen a beautiful piece!

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    I say when you want something that badly, get it. Yes, you may have to cut back on something somewhere else, but if you know that is the one you shouldn’t settle. It will me a nice investment. Of course get it as low as possible.

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    Angels and harps? Love it!! What a fun post to read this morning. Love the chest. It really is a pretty piece. Wish you well on your search.

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    Yvonne, I know when I’m in love and have to have it, I give it a little time and you know in the end
    I really did not need it. Take your time and do your research and I know you will find another piece just like this one at a reduced price. You will be happy that you did.

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    I’m a crack furniture addict and I admit it so I can identify with your nights of tossing and turning over this piece Yvonne. I’ve seen some of the pieces off the PD line and I love them too. Tell one of the other bedrooms that you’re sorry but she’ll just have to wait a bit so that this beautiful piece can take center stage and provide you with a angel’s singing Hallelujah, or you could start selling blood :).

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    If you really, really love this piece (as I can tell you do), I would swop my budgets around, maybe deduct a little from each room. I would say get it, as you will always love the piece and you will have a “warm and fuzzy” feeling everytime you look at the dresser.

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    Yvonne, listen to those angels and just get this one. You’ll appreciate it and the price difference will be forgotten shortly. It’s a beautiful piece. đŸ˜‰

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    LOL — oh, friend, I have an obsession with chests of drawers so you don’t want my help, lol. I say cut the budget in another room and get the one that you REALLY want — nothing else will ever be able to compare.


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    I too get obsessed when the perfect absolutely-right-dead-on-must-have piece is priced too high. I lie awake at night thinking about home improvements and furniture and making things right around here and can seldom sleep, so be glad you are at least DREAMING and not lying about in an insane manner such as moi.

    As for that dresser – write to the Paula Deen company and let her know you are giving her/them free advertising with this item. Tell them it would behoove them to meet your budget price for said advertising – explain your followers base – and God knows you have about a trillion lurkers. Go for it, what have you to lose or gain with said note to them?

    Companies in this market are paying very close attention to the power of Blogland, you know it – I say ASK and let them be foolish to say NO.

    You will have your dresser. And let’s face it, it is PERFECT. (And anything with the word tea in it gets my heart anyway.)

    Can’t wait to hear how it all happens for you, Yvonne. ♥

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    I have actually gone into my favorite furniture store and asked them to price match for me and then they give me a cash discount. Maybe if you cut back on the next room? I do know what you mean about a budget.. I love that dresser too! try looking on craigslist and also in antique stores. that style should be/may be easily available..
    good luck..
    xo marlis

  14. Anonymous says

    Wow, such a regal piece of furniture. I guess you won’t find this exact piece, but have you searched Overstock.com? They have a few options that are beautiful, but not exactly what you are looking for.


  15. Anonymous says

    Are you a member of Joss and Main? I have a feeling that’s a yes! I get daily emails and have seen Paula’s furniture on there from time to time. I’m all for Michelle’s suggestion that you contact Paula’s company … Paula would LOVE this blog and you as well!


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    I have dreams about decorating and houses too! What a gorgeous dresser! It looks similar to my bedroom collection (Antique roadshow)
    I agree with the others, If you want it that badly…get it! You’re not going to stop dreaming about it until you do LOL :)
    Good luck!

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    It is a beautiful dresser. Sometimes I see Paula Deen furniture on either the Joss & Main or One Kings Lane sites (can’t remember which one) at really great prices.

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    Wonder when the annual sales are or where discounted floor samples are? Road trip! I do like this piece. Right now I ‘m dreaming of an attic I can walk in, too much suff, and painting without ceasing until the mudroom cabinets door are red!

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    Hi Yvonne. The family of the father of one of my grands is in the furniture business (I live near High Point, NC). Let me show him what you’re looking for and I’ll see if he has a way to possibly get a better price. Looks like this GORGEOUS piece is made by Universal Furniture. He has gotten some really good deals from them for me before. I’ll get back to you!

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    Hi, I live in NC. Just saw a commercial for Rug & Home and they had Paula Dean on sale. Check it out. There are outlets in Concord (near Charlotte) and I believe in Asheville and there is one in SC, too. Good luck.

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    Honey, those angels are singing for a reason!!!!!!!!! The chorus is:” get it, get it soon, get it on SALE”:):):) I know the room will be fabulous whatever you do. But knowing you, you won’t be happy with something else:):) XOXO

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    I agree with everyone else — buy the dresser and cut back somewhere else! My go-to furniture place is Furnitureland South in N. Carolina. Their prices are fabulous and often if you spend a certain amount you get free shipping. They also have amazing customer service. I have also had friends take their prices and get a price-match locally. I searched “Paula Deen” on their website and found it for $1074. Here’s the link: http://www.furniturelandsouth.com/products/detail.aspx?imgid=10517. Can’t wait to see your dresser in a future post! đŸ˜‰

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