A new beauty has come to live at StoneGable… and she brought along her twin!
This is one of the two new dining room head chairs that has finally arrived to make their home with us…

This is also a glimpse at my new dining room floors! Bobby is still finishing the molding so all the furniture is pushed to one side of the room… so for today… only a little peek.
But I could not wait to show you the new chairs! They are a soft oatmeal linen, the same color as the new living room sofa ( the sofa is flax) that comes the day before Thanksgiving!
These chairs have big wide seats and a tall modern winged back!
And nailheads… lots and lots of pewter nailheads!
The legs are so interesting. They are undercoated with a color very close to the chair fabric…. and  water stained with darker hues… and a little touches of gold.  It gives them a marbled affect.
Next week, I hope to show you the new dining room chandy!
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  1. says

    Isn’t the chair stunning? It looks so comfy, too, like you could sit for hours at the table, just enjoying your guests! I can’t wait to see the whole thing put together.

  2. Anonymous says

    Beautiful chairs and they look very comfortable.

    The floor look beautiful also.

    Can’t wait for the big reveal of the chairs, chandy and


  3. says

    So exquisite, dear friend!!! I adore the wing back…yet armless design!!! Curves are gorgeous and they look extremely comfortable!!! The hue is elegantly set~off with the pewter nailheads!!! Lovely, indeed! Thanks for sharing your new chairs with us!

  4. says

    I have only been online and on pinterest for a couple of months, but, I find your website fabulous. I am a little confused re: the stack of plates you put on the table for one place setting. I think it looks great, but, I am not sure what the purpose is with so many dishes. Since I usually try to set a great table even if it is my grownup kids coming over, I think they would not know what to do with all those plates. Do you take some off when you sit down to eat? Do you serve food in courses and use all the plates? Do you just eat on the top of all those plates for 1 or 2 courses? Please advise……anyone…… I’d really like to know. I am sure there is not rule, but, what works the best? If you could email me, I’d appreciate it. Last time I asked this same question, on this website, I couldn’t find my entry later…. Thanks, Terry………………..sassybassy7@comcast.net

  5. says

    I love that chair…so elegant and comfortable looking. I would spray them with Scotch Guard to help keep them clean. This is exciting…if anyone deserves a beautiful dining room…its YOU.

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