Diamond Napkin Fold

Don’t let the attractive fold of this napkin fool you. It is not just a pretty face, but a hard worker too. It does double duty as a napkin for your mouth and lap AND  a pouch for your utensils.
Wouldn’t these napkins be great at a picnic using a fun bandanna? Or, dressed up in crisp white damask for a fancy dinner? A place card could be tucked in the folds or a flower would look so pretty peeking out of the pocket. There are so many creative ways to use this napkin fold!
StoneGable Diamond Napkin Fold
1. Lay napkin face down.
2. Fold napkin in half horizontally, oriented with the opening facing you.
Fold napkins in quarters, and orient the napkin opening away from you.
3. Fold the top layer almost all the way forward and press.
4. Press the next layer on top of the first layer, letting the edge of the first layer peek out from underneath.
5. Repeat with the 3rd layer.
6 and 7. Turn the napkin over, face down, and fold the corners over one another. Make sure it is symmetrical from the front. Secure one corner between the folds of the other corner.
Now get creative… pick out a fun napkin, fold it and tuck some great flatware in it… even if you just do it for yourself…. I did! What a sweet little treat!


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    Hi Yvonne, I too love this pretty napkin fold. Thanks for sharing us just how to achieve it too.

    I do have a question for you. My daughters think I am difficult to buy for. Just recently I decided I was going to tell them I would love a book on napkin folding for my birthday. Do you have the title of one you might recommend?
    Thanks! Lovely post as always.


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    I must be brain dead from taxes or something. I couldn’t figure out how to do this til I pulled out a napkin and followed your tutorial. Following your tutorial was so easy. Thanks for the steps!

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    What a lovely way to display dining utensils! Today is a busy “work day” at home. . .but believe me when it’s Tea Time, it will be napkin folding Practice Time, as well! You give the greatest instructions! We will all feel accomplished and confident when we’ve completed our new fold! Thank you, once again, for all your inspiration.

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    Now that I’m retired it’s about time I learned a few more domestic things and I couldn’t have come to a better place than Stone Gables. I visited Corgis In My Garden and saw your blog mentioned there. I have a lot to learn so I will be back.–Inger

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    I’ve always been fascinated with napkin folding…I need to get out more I know! 😉 I just love it when a table is beautifully set and the napkin is like a piece of art, folding in some interesting way! Thanks for the instructions!

    Kat :)

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    That is wonderful Yvonne. It looks as pretty on the back as it does on the front. That is so neat you had that Kitten Sewing kit. I just thought it was precious.

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    Hi Yvonne!
    What a wonderful idea…I’m not going to wait until the next time we have company…I’m going to do this for hubby and I next time he’s got a weekend off and I make a big breakfast. I have red bandanna’s that will work perfectly and if it’s close to Valentines day I may just stick some sort of heart in the pouch along with the utensils! Thanks for sharing this with us :) Hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :)

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    Oh thank you Yvonne! I’ve always wanted to know how to do that one! We almost always use cloth napkins, something that I’ve noticed few people do these days. But it’s really the “green” way to go and it’s always prettier and softer. I’d much rather toss my napkins in the wash than in the trash!

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    Wonderful tutorial, Yvonne! Thank you… I’ll have to revisit your other napkin tutorials… I get stuck on a few old “stand-bys” and need some variety :o)
    I’m also looking forward to your chicken ala king recipe! I haven’t had that in a long time just thinking about it is making my mouth water 😀
    *blessings always*

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    This looks so much prettier done with a bright red napkin! I have seen it done in white….but this really has a punch! Beautiful!
    Have a beautiful weekend, Yvonne!
    ;-D Kathleen

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