This year I am keeping Christmas decorating simple and natural.
Using fresh greens, pinecones and black and white ribbon… my breakfast room is gussied up for the holidays!
Here is a little peek…

The table has a simple arrangement of greens, pinecones, a bird’s nest along with two long burning candles.
To see how I made this arrangement click, HERE.

A garland of incense cedar hangs in the chandelier. It smells like Christmas!

A spray of regular and variegated boxwood tied up in a pair of black and white ribbon hangs on each chair back. This year I am foregoing the tradition red and green and going with a little more sophisticated look. Black and white works so well with greens!
Fresh boxwood wreaths hang on a pair of symmetrically placed shutter. Here is one of the two.
I hung the wreaths on a black and white checked ribbon.
A basket of greens hangs on the window of our porch door. Sorry the quality of the photos are not the best… I should know better than to take pictures in afternoon light!
My chicken lamp gets into the Christmas spirit too! This little bench sits behind the table and is often not visible in many of my breakfast room photos!
We use the bench when the table is extended. It gets lots of use!
I placed a grapevine charger under the lamp to look like a nest and added fresh greens.
It looks like my little hen is brooding!
Again, excuse the quality… but I wanted you to get a look at an area that is hardly ever photographed.
Beside the lamp is a bowl of pinecones and boxwood.
My breakfast room really reflects they direction I am going with my Christmas decor this year. I’ve opted to use what I have and add some pretty greens! 
I have lots more to show you!!!


  1. says

    Love the look Yvonne, the B@W ribbon is a great change from the “norm”. Boxwood is always my favorite for the holidays and yours looks full and lush. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shyanna says

    Yvonne.. Is there anything you cannot do?? Everything is always SOOO beautiful. I love, love, love the hen lamp. Could you give me any info on it?

  3. says

    I love it! It is funny, I finally switched back to red and green this year…also using pinecones, berries and a few snowmen and reindeer. I don’t have an ornament on the tree or in a vase or bowl and it was so much easier! It seems I have spent the past years using every color except traditional Christmas colors…so this all feels new again to me. The black and white is very elegant, really lovely.

  4. says

    This is so beautiful! I guess this is the year for all of us to cut back on over indulgence when it comes to decorating for Christmas! I’m determined to do it…and I’ve managed this far! I’m tired of spending mega bucks on greenery when truthfully, my yard has everything we would ever need! I can do it… i know I can! especially if I keep referring back to this blog post! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  5. says

    LOVE your breakfast room all decorated for Christmas! It is so yummy looking! My favorite is the vintage shutter with the wreath on it! I keep not being able to take pictures of my breakfast room because of too much bright light, which make everything turn to silhouettes. Very fusterating!

  6. says

    I so love the natural elements and you have such a way with arranging everything! Your ribbon is perfect too!
    I visit you often, our friend Pinky led me here :) Haven’t always got time to comment but I adore your gorgeous blog home~
    All Things Heart and Home

  7. says

    Making a note….”must bring in more of the natural’s from my yard”.

    I got tired of clipping outside and really need to *fill* up my stuff like you do. You make me work so hard.


  8. says

    I wish I had wonderful evergreens to pluck from my yard!…your natural greens are so amazing in your home…I am so in love with your boxwood wreath against the shutter…fantastic!!…So many gorgeous items of beautiful greenery Yvonne!!

  9. says

    Oh Yvonne I love it all! The wreaths on the shutters and the sprays on the chairs are just perfect. I also noticed your dough bowl. My kids got me one for Christmas and it arrived a few days ago. Oh my gosh it’s gigantic! It’s like a small boat. I’m not sure what to do. At the moment it’s sitting on my dining room floor. Should I just go for it and see what it looks like on my table? Is there such a thing as too big? I could use your advice. :o)

  10. says

    Very nice Yvonne! I love the touches you have given your home this season. I love the black and white ribbon. I saw that used in a kitchen some years back and couldn’t find that checked ribbon anywhere! I finally found some and grabbed it up but I haven’t used it yet! I think I’m savoring it!! Love your bench arrangement too!

  11. says

    So pretty Yvonne! I love all of the natural elements and how you have incorporated them into your decor. Very festive but not overdone at all!

  12. says

    Lovely and elegant and I’ll bet it smells divine. I especially like your little brooding Hen and the chair back decorations. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to real winter greenery where I live now. It was an effort to find an actual live tree to serve as our Christmas tree this year.

  13. says

    I adore this warm, natural look to your Christmas decor!!!
    I understand the photos…”Mr. Ed” rolls his eyes when I tell him…”Stay OUT of the dining room until after I finish photographing”! Poor guy, he’s only wanting BREAKFAST. . .but after 9AM it’s much too sunny on the West Side to get good photos!!!

  14. Darlene says

    Yvonne, I absolutely LOVE your blog! I just love the way you arrange and rearrange! Can you share where you found the chicken lamp?? Here’s hoping you continue to recover!

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