Cheery Pear Tablescape

Cheery Pear Tablescape:

Today’s Tablescape was inspired by a very much overlooked part of the season- Pears!  So much attention is paid to those beautiful pumpkins, goards and squash that we often forget pears are at the height of their season too.  Sweet, perfummy and delicious. Pears are stars in their own right, so they became the inspiration of this bright and cheery table.
I found these great pear bowls (Sorry, I can’t remember where) and tucked them away, knowing that I would use them this fall.  I decided to pair them up with a rich yellow, black and white.
A plain white tablecloth is the perfect background to allow all the bright colors to stand out.  The black and white placemat is really a sturdy cotton napkin folded over from the top and ironed flat.  I like these heavy napkins just for that purpose.  They double very well as a placemat and no one will know the difference.
The handpainted pear bowl is not only pretty, the shape is interesting.
Checked salad/dessert plates.  I bought these not long ago and I am on the look-out for more.  I think they could be used in so many ways. (HomeGoods)
These square yellow plates are true workhorses!  I love, no I’m obsessed with, yellow. The only dishes I use more are my Mikasa Italian Countryside. (Wegman’s)
Mikasa Italian Countryside:

The mugs match the square plates.  This will give my guests a large cup of coffee or tea while we tarry over dessert.
The gobblets are a bubble glass.  They were waiting for me on a sale rack and I couldn’t pass them up.
They will be very versatile and will go with almost anything. (Reading China and Glass)
The creamer and sugar bowl match the square plates and mugs.
Folded napkins are like a lost art, yet so easy.  They fell out of vogue a couple years ago, but I am trying to bring them back into the good graces of hospitality and entertaining.  They add panache and an unspoken message that you took time to fuss over your guests. The heavy cotton texture and rich “raincoat yellow” color pair brightly with the matching square plate.
This cheveron folded envelope is so fun and so easy.  I will post a how-to fold a cheveron napkin tutorial tomorrow.
The centerpiece grouping is a cacophony of pears. A 2 tiered plate rack holds faux and real pears. Mixing them up gives them interest.
A large pear not only adds a tall element, but also a “big” surprise!
Green porcelain pears are elevated on wrought iron pedestals.
White pillar candles tied with taffeta gingham bows sit on wought iron pedetals, too.  I could not find the exact yellow candle I wanted, so I usesd white and tied black and white bows around them.  The candles burn down into the base of the candle, but just the same, I am very careful when I burn them.
Yellow candles in black candlesticks, gives a punch of color.
I added this little stone bird just because!
Now that the table is set all I need are the guests, for a perfect “pearing” of food and good friends!
The Menu:
Pear Waldorf Salad
Chicken Parisian (Chicken breasts stuffed with herb cheese and ham in puffed pastry)
Rice pilaf
Honey glazed carrots
Pear and Cranberry tarte tatin

Thank you Susan for hosting today’s Tablescape Thursday. Go over and see all the beautiful, fun and scary tables.


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    What a great combination of colors and patterns. I’m not sure I would have thought to use the checked plates with the patterned “placemats” and the yellow…but, I love the way it turned out. All of your details are so perfect. This is going on my short list of favorites this week.


  2. says

    I love the contrast of the black and white “Place-mats” with the white of the tablecloth. The dishes are pretty and it is nice to see yellow and black together. Can’t believe all the pear paraphernalia you have!! Love the napkin fold!!

  3. says

    What an AWESOME looking table, Yvonne!!! Outstanding combinations of colors & accessories.
    The first thing I noticed was the bow on the candle…cute! Second, I adore those checkered plates & will be on the look out for some at my HG. The napkin fold is wonderful, too.

    I have the most delicious recipe for a salad topped with pears. I must post it so that you can serve it in those bowls next time. Remind me to do that, okay?

    Totally Terrific Tablescape!!!

    ♥ Rettabug

  4. says

    I love everything you put together here, Yvonne. I love your pear bowls and the colors of everything and the combination of all the plates. I also like your centerpiece. Gorgeous tablescape!..Christine

  5. says

    Thank you for stopping by to visit me because it brought me right over to your blog. First of all, the menu sounds delicious, and your table setting is just my style. Love black and white checks, but paired with pears and “rain coat” yellow it is even more inviting. I’m on a mission to find me some of those black and white plates from Home Goods? Your table has given me inspiration for a future table of my own using the various wooden and ceramic pears that sit about on the mantel and built-in cases in our living room.
    I’ve also been peeking into some of your previous posts. Wonderful blog here. I’m adding myself as a follower. I’ll be back!

  6. says

    You have outdone yourself here! I love everything and am so glad you will be posting napkin folding directions. You have a real flair for this and I am learning many things from you!
    Best wishes, NM.

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    This is just absolutely gorgeous. I love all the beautiful pears. You are so right, your table and mine would create so many beautiful tables all mixed and matched. I LOVE those checked plates. They are just wonderful. You have coordinated so many pretty dishes and accessories. Just a lovely and inviting table. Hugs, Marty

  8. says

    Yvonne-This is just beautiful and different! Love those pear bowl (you are guilty of hiding things from yourself too I see :) I love the bows on the candles and the placemats. Can’t wait for the napkin tutorial–that is not my strong suit. How about the salad and tart recipes too?

  9. says

    This is beautiful. I love the mix of yellow gold and black. I have the black checked plates in dinner plate size but never would have thought of mixing it with gold. The pear plates are lovely. I love the center piece, the mix of the real and faux. Just a beautiful table. Love the addition of wrought iron. Lovely.

  10. says

    What a fantastic tablescape! Love the pears with the yellow, black and white. Your “placemats” nearly jump off the page, the print is wonderful! Even the little touch of the bird adds so much to your finished look! Thanks for sharing…
    Dee Dee

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    Love, love, love the bows on the candles. I just picked up this week red and white check salad plates at my Home Goods store here in Texas. I can’t wait to use them. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  12. says

    That is a very pretty table! I love the pop of the checks. I have the dinner plates..did a scape with them last them!
    Your pear plates are lovely.
    Really a wonderful table!

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    That is a gorgeous tablescape! The pear bowls are so pretty, and I love that giant pear. How clever to use the napkins as place mats. They look great. Love the color combination of your tablescape, and the gingham bows are stunning and the perfect accent for your table. laurie

  14. says

    So true, the pear is an often overlooked fall fruit and you sure did it justice with your ‘scape! I LOVE the colours, the dishes, the accessories and especially, the napkin fold! Can’t wait to learn how to do that! Maybe if all of us bloggers get into napkin folding it won’t be a lost art!
    I also love using napkins as placemats and you’d never know yours were anything but the way you have them folded and ironed so nicely!


  15. says

    I really love how you put together so many different colors in your tablescape.

    I also use black and white checkered salad plates in a lot of tablescapes. They are truly wonderful.

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it when people take the time to do so.


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