This is a “before” picture.  I just had to share this big chalkboard I brought home from a barn sale in November. It has waited patiently through Thanksgiving and Christmas for me to pay attention to it and find it a home….

Originally, I wanted to hang it in my dinning room I am slowly working on… but the wainscoting and the crown molding did not leave enough room on the wall to hang it… this chalkboard is quite big!
I settled on a bare wall technically in my family room… right next to the kitchen. 
My family room, breakfast room and kitchen share one big long space. I don’t have a whole lot of wall space in that area. 
It is totally the wrong color… I think I’ll paint it a pure white and do a little bit of antiquing.
But, it has great detail.
For now I stuck a little rattan bench under the chalkboard and fluffed a couple of white pillows on it.
The little square baskets under the bench are great for tucking away dog toys and leashes to keep things tidy!
I’m hoping to have the chalkboard repainted later this week… so look for an update soon!
In the meantime… I’ll be finding fun quotes to write on it!
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  1. says

    I like the idea of you painting it; however, there is also something about its found color…the fact that its not a perfect match, but is so beautiful, that makes it just kind of fit…. as is. I adore it.

  2. says

    What a fabulous find!!!
    I think you’ve found the perfect spot for the chalkboard!
    So~o~o this is what you’ve been painting,dear friend???
    My first thought when you shared it’s locations was a message center. . .
    Family Night! Bunnco Babes Here!…but I agree that quotes are a much better choice!
    Lovely! Thanks for sharing this detail piece with us!!!

  3. says

    Was it already in the dresser mirror frame when you got it? That’s a beauty! We have several slate boards because my husband often works in schools where they are throwing them away! I cannot bear to discard an old chalk board. I love the dresser frame. That’s a clever idea!

  4. says

    Love this find! The size is fabulous and can be hard to come by. I actually like the current color,but I know it would be lovely in white also. Looking forward to see what you decide! Jane

  5. Anonymous says

    Awesome chalk board Yvonne.

    I love writing little things on my chalkboard in the kitchen.

    I wrote this quote a few months ago and love it so much I haven’t changed it..

    We’ be friends til we’re old and senile.
    Then we’ll be new friends!


  6. says

    This is gorgeous, Yvonne! I love the detail, too. I see what you mean about the color being just not right for the wall, but it is a gorgeous color nonetheless. Have fun with the quotes!


  7. says

    Love this,the color is great,but can’t wait to see what you do…always fantastic stuff here at Stonegable…thanks Yvonne…and looking forward to see words of inspiration,menu’s,sweet little reminders,love letters,etc….lol.
    ~Jo @LoblollyLane

  8. says

    Your new chalkboard is a GREAT piece! I need to go shopping with you. :) It’s be fun looking for quotes to write on it. Love your bench, too.

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