I knew EXACTLY  what I wanted to put in the corner of a guest room we call “The Gable Room”.

A chair… one that I could makeover… but not just any chair…
I had been casually looking for THE CHAIR  locally when I was out and about.  But when I got serious about finding it I headed to Lucketts! That great General Store/Antique Mecca in Leesburg Va. 

And sure enough… there it was… sitting in an upstairs room just waiting for me! I knew the minute I saw it that it was

Love at first sight!

Well, it may not look like that much now.  But it has a beautiful rounded back, a wide seat, curvy arms and great legs!

I have plans for… 
I’ll make sure I share THE CHAIR with you when it is all prettied up!

Here is just a peek at the Gable Room’s comfy bed… this is one of two guest rooms you could stay in if you came to visit StoneGable.

An antique bed I found in Strasburg Pa at a great antique shop, fills one corner of this cozy room.

You can just see an original piece of art I picked up in Middleburg, Va that was the inspiration for the Gable Room. I’ll show you more later… I am giving this room a facelift. My boys installed new hardwood floors to match the rest of the house… so this room is getting freshened up!

An original chalk drawing done by  local artist, Alice McKeachern, is moving from the living room to the Gable Room.

This beautiful piece of art was inspired by my daughter Jacqueline, who was a ballerina for 13 years.

The colors in the rendering will work perfectly in the Gable Room.

I’ll share the whole room when it is finally done! 
I hope you enjoyed a little peek!

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  1. says

    Yvonne I adore your chair! It is amazing and will be even more so when you have worked your magic!

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  2. says

    I am LOVING that soft peachy color in the linens and the painting will look gorgeous in there! The bed looks so pretty and the chair will be fabulous after you apply your wonderful TOUCH! I would LOVE to stay in this room sometime! XO, Pinky PS, Our dinner went very well, took me an hour this morning to get all the glasses, dishes etc, put away and the rooms straightened up again. Now, next week is Easter! OY!!!!

  3. says

    OK, now I know you’re in Yvonne-heaven…finding this wonderful old sort of “Regency” – “Bentwood” chair for your guest room. Love how the curves replicate the bed frame & the ballerina’s shoulders, those little details make me so happy. I know this will all be perfection when you’re done. Happy days, my friend….

  4. says

    Hi Yvonne…

    Oooh…I love your new chair, my friend! It really does have beautiful lines and I love the chair back! Can’t wait to see you spin your magic on it! And…I can’t wait to see your guest room!

    Have a wonderfully sweet weekend, my friend!

  5. Anonymous says

    The chair is beautiful! And as a mom of an aspiring ballerina – I love the picture. I have been looking for a picture for her room. Can’t wait to see you work your magic!


  6. says

    Love the chair – but to be honest I love it exactly as it is right now, haha. It matches the iron bed, too.

    Beautiful chalk art – she is awesome.

    Can’t wait for the big reveal, and even more excited about visint StoneGable and staying in one of the rooms. I shall be packing my bads shortly, thanks! (haha)

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. says

    I, totally, agree this is THE CHAIR!!! Seeing the bed in your Gable Room…the two were meant for each other! You have intriqued us with your upcoming plans for a remodel. Does it perhaps hold some soft blue hues???

  8. Dawn E. Brown says

    Yvonne, looks beautiful. Where in Strasburg is the antiques store? We vacation in Strasburg for 10 days every July and I would love a good antique store. Thank you for your blog, I truly enjoy your postings.Dawn E. Brown

    • says

      Strasburg Antiques is along route 741 right before the Strasburg Railroad as you are going out of the town. Also on rt 896 before route 30 there are several great antiques shops. One of my favorite… The Barn.
      Happy shopping!

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks so much Yvonne, I will be sure to check them out.You are a blessing to so many of us through your blog, so very glad you came back… Dawn E. Brown

  9. says

    The chair is magnificent…just the perfect chair for a corner…Love Strasburg, Pa and the entire area for that matter…Took many trips to the wonderful counties of Lancaster and Bucks..cannot get enough of them..We always stayed at the Strassburg Inn many years ago and loved waking up to the clopping of the horses…Need to visit Lucketts as it seems as if you find many wonderful things there!!…Cannot wait to see what you do with the room…

    I feel like when you find something perfect, it was waiting for you to give it a good home…just meant to be!

  10. Anonymous says

    Yvonne Dear, I enjoyed so much your Blog on THE CHAIR. I know you will be replacing that white furry seat…..And, though I live only a few miles away, I’ll bring my overnite bag with me one eve. and stay in the newly decorated Gable Room. I won’t know your house if I don’t get home soon…….May 1st. Love you, Mother

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