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StoneGable Wedding Wreaths
Earlier this summer I was asked to make wreaths for a wedding. The precious bride  and groom had an outdoor wedding at a local farm turned wedding site. Vows were exchanged in a field by a stream and the couple’s reception was in a pavilion and beautifully restored barn.  The mood was country, elegant, simple, fresh and whimsical! It was everything those words evoke!!!!
My job was to create 2 wreaths for the big white barn doors. They were thrown open to welcome guest to dance on the polished refinished floors and sip microbrewery beer and local wines from mason jars! It was so magical!!!
The lovely bride chose a mustard yellow and a creamy white for her colors. They were GORGEOUS! So unusual, and spot on fabulous! The ribbon used to hang the wreaths were also used in the bridesmaid’s dresses.
 Making  wreaths is a labor of love and a creative outlet. Honestly, beautiful wreaths can be a pricey venture. But they add so much beauty and fill up large spaces with a big decorating punch! They are an investment worth making.
Well created wreath last for years! And when they are ready to be retired, they should be pulled apart and their pieces  used over and over.
StoneGable’s Country Wedding Wreaths
2 large grapevine wreaths
assorted florals
sticks and twigs
florist wire
hot glue
ribbon for hanger
Assemble all your material.  Don’t underestimate the volume of florals you will use. Better to buy more than you need and return what is not used, than being short and having to make do. Remember this is an investment piece.
A StoneGable tip: Get out the Dustbuster. Wreath making is dirty work! Keep your work area tidy and clean. Use the Dustbuster OFTEN. Nothing is so frustrating as having your area look like a bomb went off in it after you are done a project. It also stiffles creativity.  Make clean-up easy. Clean up as you go!
Use 2 grapevine wreaths wired together for the base of the wreath. I learned this designer tip by visiting a designer shop I love and observing that their $300.00 + wreaths used a doubled wreath as a base. So easy and such a big difference!!
The bride wanted a brambly wreath with a twiggy effect. And she also wanted florals to compliment her flowers and colors. I  wanted to add a feeling of elegance. I love the surprise of something refined incorporated into something rustic.
Florals were designed  in a half moon shape (with lots of twigs wildly sticking out) on the wreaths.
Starting at the top of the “moon” lots of twiggy elements were secured to the wreath with hot glue. Be very liberal with the glue!
Flowers were grouped in small clusters and added to the wreath. Working from the top down. 
Flowers were added in like fashion to the bottom of the wreath. At the ending point of the arrangement more twiggy elements were secured to the wreath in a downward direction. The last small cluster of flowers were also added  in a downward facing direction for interest.
More floral… added to empty spots and the inside rim of the wreath. Pay attention to the inside rim. It should look as though flowers from the wreath are spilling into it. Giving attention to this detail makes the overall design of the wreath look so lush!
More flowers… added to give balance to the overall design. Lots of sticks and twigs and brambled elements were added here and there to give the wild and unkempt look the bride requested.
A mustard yellow ribbon was secured to the back of the wreath and tied in a ribbon to hang the it.
The second wreath was made the same as the first wreath. Making them mirror images was not an easy feat. It takes time and a willingness to rip out and redo.  But the total effect of the wreaths was so worth the time. (Not EVERY element will be EXACTLY the same, but unless examined closely no one would tell.)
 After the wedding the bride took a wreath to use in her home as well as her mother. It means so much to me that they would have a wreath as a reminder of that perfect day!
No two wreaths are ever exactly the same because they are handmade works of art. No two people making wreaths will make them the same. Each artist’s personal style should shine through the design. I hope this has inspired you to try your had at making an investment wreath.
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I am participating in a Spring Wreath Party at Inspired by Charm!


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    Your wreath making lesson was so timely. Thank you! I think there is nothing better than a beautiful wreath on the front door to finish off a home and say, “Welcome!” I have a hard time finding pretty florals to use. Any suggestions on where to shop?

  2. says

    Great tip about using the two wreaths together. I love the contrast of the casual bright flowers with the calla lilies. The bride was a lucky girl to have you do this for her. I smiled about the dustbuster. My most “unfavorite” thing about floral arrangements (real or faux) is the mess! I’d love to see a picture of the bridesmaids’ dresses! We went to a “country” reception once– complete with black eyed pea dip, catfish, fried chicken, and even an armadillo groom’s cake like the one in Steel Magnolias! :)

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    Gorgeous wreaths and a great tutorial. I’m going to suggest to my friend Joan at Applejack Lane that we have a wreath making afternoon, with a laptop near by and you for guidance, maybe we’ll create wreaths worth sharing – MAYBE :-)

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    Yvonne, these are just beautiful! I’m sure both the bride and her mother are enjoying these lovely wreaths in their homes! It’s been years since I made one… I might just put that enthusiasm I have for fall to good use:@)

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    I see my friend Valerie at Snap Peas has already commented on your workshop! These would work well for fall as well, Yvonne. They are just beautiful. I greatly admired the winter wreath you made earlier this year.

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    Your wreath is simply beautiful! You have inspired me to pull my hydrangea wreath apart and redo it. It’s made with silk flowers from Michaels but I’ve never been entirely happy with my design but I see promise if I follow your instructions.
    Thanks Yvonne

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    Thank you again Yvonne for making these for our special day. I appreciate them even more now that I have seen the step by step. They are both being used and enjoyed every day!

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    Your wreaths are gorgeous, Yvonne.
    I love creating wreaths, and yes , you have to be willing to redo and redo.
    I so agree about the reuse. I have grapevine wreaths that are in their 20’s now, LOL. Even some that I gathered the vines for myself!
    I am sure the bride was very pleased!

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    Hmmm….I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a wreath for Fall. But, you know, I may just go back to the way I used to operate routinely and make my own. Your tip to wire two wreaths together is great. So simple and yet so much impact!!!

    Your wreaths turned out so well. The wedding must have been exceedingly lovely with those surroundings and choices.

    Becky K.

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    Ah Yvonne~ ~ ~You did a lovely job of making these wreaths memorable. They are so beautiful! The wedding sounds like such fun. Maybe you can share a few pictures with us of the tables and inside of the barn.
    I would love to see if it’s OK with the bride.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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    Now you know, working with florals is my favorite creative thing to do. I’ve had to do matching doors before and it is difficult to get that mirror image right…harder than it looks! These turned out beautifully. Your tutorial was explained very well.

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    Hi Yvonne,
    What a beautiful blog you have! Thank you so much for visiting me earlier and leaving such a warm comment:)
    Your wreaths are soooo gorgeous and I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding was. Your tutorial is so wonderful too. I agree with you about using wreaths over and over again..they can last a very long time~

    Hugs and Blessings,

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    I’m sure the wreathed doors were a wedding highlight. It all sounds wonderful. When I make my next wreath I’ll come back here for your tips. (I hope you’re planning to make this blog into a book, BTW).

    I love the colors of the wreath.

    Glad the faux veal turned out well! Did you figure out any tips for pounding the meat? :-)

  14. says

    Another beautiful project by my dear Auntie Yvonne. :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment–Nathan and I are doing wonderfully.

    I’m glad you thought the taquitos looked good–you’ll have to let me know how you like them!

  15. says

    OK darling girl, I have no idea how you found my blog but I AM SO GLAD YOU DID! I love your blog! I love the recipe’s the tutorials, the tablescapes, well…just everything! Its lovely and it makes me want to play more in Blogland and dry flowers and make Granola and, and, and!
    I’ll be stopping by again to see what’s up!

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    Your sunny yellow wreaths are to die for!!! I love all the elements and flowers you chose and that gingham ribbon is so beautiful. Gingham just makes me smile.

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing such wonderful posts!

    P.S. I’m going to make those WS little pies this weekend! Can’t wait to try them!

    Miss Bloomers

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    AS a floral designer I ahve to say BRAVOP to you! GREAT job! I have another tip: do you ever use an easel when making wreaths? I have several (because I had to do MANY wreaths at one time for a client). When making mirror image wreaths, I set up 2 easels side by side so that I can make the wreaths ALMOST match perfectly. When I place something in one wreath, I then place the same element in the other one on the other side.
    The bride and her Mother must have been thrilled with these. They are truly beautiful! XO, Pinky

  18. says

    What a wonderful keepsake! We got married in Hawaii and I had my mom sneak my bouquet back so I could preserve and save it…then decided not to bother and threw it out! I think she still thinks I have it saved somewhere :)

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    Hi Yvonne, these are just lovely, and you’ve inspired me to make my own wreaths for the front of our home. I’ve been looking at several wreaths in Home Goods etc, they just don’t have the elegance I’m looking for. Where’s the best place to find great looking florals? And when you put the two grapevine wreaths together, do you buy two the same size and place them one on top of the other with glue or wire? Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful idea with us! Ciao, bella!

  21. says

    Absolutely gorgeous, Yvonne. You are a master with flowers and a glue gun. And I love your tutorial. I would be thrilled to have something so beautiful on my front door. You’ve inspired me. Thanks.

  22. says

    Yvonne, these are stunning. I love the colors and the wild twiggy look. Great tip on using two for the base. I can see how that adds a whole new dimension. You are so talented. I always appreciate what you share and learn something new with each visit. ~ Sarah

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    Hi Yvonne!
    These wreaths are beautiful! What a wonderful touch for such a pretty wedding setting!
    I have a question…didn’t you have a brownie strawberry shortcake on your sidebar? I am trying to find the recipe. I had it bookmarked but my computer was stolen this past weekend…so…alas, all my bookmarks are gone! If you could let me know if you have this or not I’d appreciate it!
    Thanks so much!
    Have a beautiful day~

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    Yvonne! These wreaths are absolutely stunning… How special anyone would feel walking through such lovely doors!
    You have such a creative spirit and loving heart ~ Many Blessings*

  25. says

    That is absolutely lovely. My mother used to work for a Christmas tree farm making wreaths, and I was always so envious of that creative gene that seemed to skip over me! You have such a way with colors and florals!

  26. says

    if i could “do-over” our wedding i would LOVE to have it in a barn. don’t get me wrong, i loved our very simple wedding, but would love a barn style one as well.

    gorgeous wreaths. how incredibly lucky the bride & groom were to have you on their design team. i am sure they must of been thrilled to no end!

  27. says

    Hi Yvonne…

    Your wreaths turned out sooo beautiful, my friend! I loved the photo of the pair on the white barn doors…simply spectacular!!! Your friends wedding sounded like it was really beautiful and so much fun! Those are the best kind! Hehe! Thank you for sharing the wreath making tutorial! I just loved all of your flower choices! Thank you, Yvonne!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

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