Bridal Veil Tablescape

It is a perfect early afternoon on the porch. A small table is set for lunch. A mother and her precious daughter sit and share a couple of priceless hours together. It is a very exciting and happy time. The daughter has just had the first fitting of her bridal gown…

The young woman is chatty with wedding talk. The mother smiles and treasures every moment in her heart. They talk and giggle and discuss every detail of today’s fitting. It is the first time the bride-to-be put on her own wedding gown!

  A sweet time, an intimate tete-a-tete over desssert. The mother is trying to soak in every moment of this day… but every now and then… just for an instant… her mind wanders back to memories of the little girl she can still see in the face of the young woman across the little table. The mother’s eyes get misty with love for her child.

 “The only thing left to find is the bridal veil”, these words bring the mother’s thoughts back to the present. The young lady is right… and finding it might be easier than she thinks! The mother has an idea…

Bridal Veil… a double entendre for today’s post.
The billowy, yet delicate, flowers cascading from the garden below is Bridal Veil. It envelopes the table like loving arms.
 Spiling over the white pitcher it gracefully moves with the lightest breath of a breeze just like a blusher on a  bridal veil!

A white damask tablecloth is overlaid with yards of vintage pearl-studded bridal veil tulle.

Heavily detailed  white and ivory ironstone dishes are stacked to mimic the lace and intricate design in a wedding gown.

The bowl, a crown design, is reminiscent of a tiara worn by a glowing bride!

The silver flatware adds a touch of formality to the table.

White damask napkins are rolled and held in place by a wedding band-like sterling silver napkin ring.   A tender branch of bridal veil is intertwined around the napkin ring.
My grandmother’s wedding goblets are honored guest at this table. The sun catches their slight iridescence and makes them blush like the cheeks of a bride!

White porcelain cup and saucers have a leaf design.

Bridal Veil spills out over the the pitcher that is elevated on a white pedestal. The demure  floral clusters make a beautiful and profuse statement on the table.

The young girl did find her perfect bridal veil. It was a pearl studded cathedral length veil worn by her Mother many years before. Updated and shortened, it became a part of the happiest day of the young girls life!  

This dreamy white table also holds fairytale wishes for a happily ever after life to all brides-to be!

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  1. says

    Yvonne, your story and descriptions are as beautiful as your tabletop. I so appreciate your being part of “By Invitation Only” from the beginning and now. We have an amazing group of women around the world who contribute so much to the people they touch. There is so much more to come. So, until September, my friend….

  2. says

    So touchingly written, beautifully portrayed. You most definitely have one of the most extraordinary blogs in our strange world of cyberspace.

    I do love your blog and your exquisite taste.

  3. says

    Stunning. I loved seeing this. Oh those blushing brides would be so privileged to sit with you on your beautiful porch! have a blessed week. xo marlis

  4. says

    Yvonne, a perfect post for June. You outdid yourself with this one, the story line and the beauty of the table! So, so pretty!

  5. says

    Such a beautiful post! Love the tablesetting and the narration, too! Oh to find some beautiful tulle with pearls for a tablecloth like that! Just dreamy. I’m hosting my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY on Friday and would love it if you would join us ~ you could just link this post up and everyone would drool over it as I am! :0) I’m also having a little bridal giveaway, too! Link will be up late Thurs. evening so please stop by!

    Big TX Hugs,

  6. says

    Th bridal veil spirea as a centerpiece for this table is brilliant. That shrub always takes me back to my beloved aunt’s house and makes my heart hurt but in the best way. Thank you for such beauty-much needed in this fragile life as Jan Karon well said.

  7. says

    Oh my, I loved seeing the spirea, Yvonne! We had that wonderful shrub when I was growing up in PA and OH. What a gorgeous post you shared with us. The darling bridal couple stole the show.

  8. says

    Yvonne~ I’m so happy to see this post again! I feel myself tearing up and have the urge to throw birdseed at the happy couple! I adore spirea and your table is stunning the pearl studded tulle and the layers of white dishes! Beautiful Bride!

  9. says

    All of the creativity in your beautiful post is so inspiring! I am a big fan of creating your own content when you can and am looking forward to discovering more of your blog. :)

  10. says

    Absolutely beautiful! I thought that when I retired as a wedding professional that I would never want to see anything wedding-related again. I was wrong! I’m surprised that I did a complete 180 on that subject after all those years, but I did! There’s nothing that seems to literally and figuratively top off the day like a billowing bridal veil!!! Gorgeous!

  11. says

    Dreamily beautiful….and it brings back such wonderful memories! What an equisite bride …
    Apologies for the late commenting. Your table is as always perfection Yvonne!



  12. Rita Spittler says

    I can not get enough of your posts and pictures, Yvonne. I know I’m behind but I just have to say, “WOW!” If you were a bed and breakfast I’d want to visit just to be in your environment.
    I know you posted the “5 questions asked to Stonegable” but the beautiful crown bowls aren’t there. Any chance you could post who they are made by and what their name is? Also, do you ever do video? It would be fun to have you do a video of you creating a tablescape and then how you use it. You say you wisk the dishes away. I’d like to see it in action. Honestly, I think the best way would be for me to visit…HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    You are gifted and an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share your talent.
    Abundant blessings to you. Hugs!

    • Alicia says

      I love Rita’s idea! A video would be wonderful. If you receive an invitation Rita, let me know. I’ll happily drive you.

  13. Alicia says

    Yvonne, there is so much to take in on this post … The photos, the imagery, the table setting details, etc. I have always admired the Spirea Bush. Until today, I never knew what is was called. I can’t wait to plant a few!

  14. Pamela says

    Your wedding post was just beautiful, and heartfelt. Your photos were just smiply stunning .
    Be blessed

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