A Bridal Shower Tablescape

April Showers Bring May … Brides:  Part I

April Showers may bring May flowers, but not at StoneGable. April Showers brought a bride-to -be to our home for a surprise bridal shower. It might have been a showery day but inside it was all sunshine and best wishes for our blushing bride!
My daughter is the matron of honor ( how can one so young be called a matron?) and I had the honor of helping to plan, execute and host this blissful event.
We wanted the shower to have a “whimsical“, “vintage” and “organic” feel. Lots of natural elements. A sort of Anthropology meets StoneGable. 
The theme for the party was “lovebirds“. 
Using things around the house was a must to keep us within budget. So we gathered birdhouses, nests, twigs, sticks, moss and any other organic thing we could find. The colors were soft and cool. Spring greens, soft blues and delicate aquas. Whites and hues of brown give interest. And every now and then a pop of yellow, just for fun.
The bridal shower tablescapes will be posted in two installments. This week will feature the luncheon table. Next week the dessert table.
The dining room table was set with a savory luncheon. We used the table in the kitchen for desserts and a table in the foyer for drinks. I really like to station the food and drink at a party to get people moving around and using different parts of my home.
The chandelier is decorated with branches of curly willow to give a tree like effect. A little bird nest is tucked in the branches.
A tall birdhouse with a newly painted roof, anchors one end of the table. At it’s base, paper plates and napkins are displayed inside a long birch basket along with a sweet nest and some filler.  A clear creamer  filled with whimsical daisies and little white bird salt and pepper shakers are a cheery welcome to the table.
Untensils are gathered up in whitewashed terracota pots with saucers. Moss is placed in the saucers for an earthy touch.
Near the opposite end of the table a little worn birdhouse is placed on a burlap runner near the finger sandwiches.
A wire cloche filled with small eggs and twiggy balls, a rustic nest and larger twig balls make an interesting grouping of natural elements next to the birdhouse.
One of the brides favorite flowers are daisies. They are incorporated into the theme in different shaped vases.
In the center of the table a profusion of daisies fill a large ruffled edge vase. Aqua glass pebbles at the bottom of the vase continue the color scheme.
More daisies!
Little eggs are used to tell our guests about each dish.
The tablescape is the supporting actor for the main star… the food. Finger sandwiches, a thing of the refined past, are making a big comeback!  And they were certainly a hit at the shower.
We served four different varieties grouped together on tiered pedestals.

Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Toasted Pecans on Wheat
Triple decker Egg Salad with Cream Cheese and Zucchini Relish on White
Pimento Cheese Spread on White Topped With Chives
Turkey and Cheddar with Poppyseed Mayo on RyeTopped With a Granny Smith Apple Sliver and Balsamic Reduction

Across the table are my very favorite tea sandwiches sitting on a wreath made from eggs.
Ham on Mini Orange Poppyseed Muffins With A Honey Mustard Butter Beehive

Other dishes included:

Salmon Mousse With Assorted Crackers (I used to dress the salmon with cucumbers to look like gills, carrots for fins etc, but no one ever ate it!)

Artichoke Parmesan Dip With Homemade Herbs de Provence Pita Chips


Caprese Picks

Bleu Cheese and Bacon Potato Salad

Arugula Salad With Pine Nut And Shaved Parmesan In A Lemon Vinaigrette

There is something so wonderful about a bridal shower! It is a girl thing! We come together as a community of women, young and old, to offer our prayers and well wishes and share in a bride’s great joy! It is a time of laughter and love and holding eachother dear!
It is my hope that this table inspires you to use what you have in creative ways to bless and bring beauty to those who come through your door!
Next weeks Tablescape will be the Bridal Shower Dessert Table… and here is just a little peek

I am participating in Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. Susan our wonderful host has a colorful and fun tablescape this week. And there are so many other fabulous tablescapes to visit too!

I am participating in To Have and To Hold, Wedding Blog Party at Angelic Accents. What fun! If you love all things wedding you need to check this out! Thank you to our lovely hostess, Stephanie!
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    I knew it would be fabulous and I couldn’t wait to see how you did it! I’m really glad you didn’t post this while I was gone. I would guess that your guests simply went crazy over the decorations and the food. This is my kind of party and I just may use a few of these ideas when I actually get around to having friends in again! Love, love, love it all!

  2. says

    Yvonne, This is so beautiful!! The food looks delicious, the table is amazing and your home is gorgeous! I carried daisies as my bridal bouquet and we will be celebrating our 30th (!!!) anniversary this July! You are certainly a wonderful hostess. I wish the bride the best of luck and happiness! Linda

  3. says

    absolutely fabulously incredible- i can see a lot of thought and time were put into this gathering- what a wonderful time you all must have had- very well done.

  4. says

    Bonjour dear Yvonne,
    Oh my, what a beautiful bridal shower and what a lucky bride to be! Your table is gorgeous, all the little details are incredible. There was alot of love that went into this.
    I just did a post on the 6th photo tag – hope you don’t mind I used my 16th becuase I did the 6th a few weeks ago.
    Anxiously awaiting Part 2!

  5. says

    Oh Yvonne….this tops the (cup)cake!! What a fantastic collection of ideas & inspiration, Honey! You really do the *natural* look so well, with all your unique chippy accessories. The little bird houses add such height & whimsy to the table & I ♥ ♥ ♥ the idea of placing the napkins & plates on edge in the long birch basket, instead of just stacking them. Brilliant!

    I can’t wait to send your link to my DD so she can see your wonderful talents. Thank you SO much for sharing all your great ideas with us.


  6. says

    Oh Yvonne… this couldn’t have come at a better time! My daughter’s shower is in two weeks! {less actually 11 days}
    Everything here is SPECTACULAR!
    I LOVE it ALL.
    Those Pier 1 little bird salt/pepper shakers are so popular and so sweet on so many tablescapes!

    I love your menu…
    it all coordinates so beautifully!

    Our theme for Rachael is “Love is Blooming.” I’d love to know how you made those cupcake daisies! did you pipe that all on yourself?
    any ideas would be so appreciated!

  7. says

    I have been waiting for you to post this and it does not disappoint! Everything is so beautiful. I have to say that your daughter came to the right person for help with this. Of course, I imagine that she is just as talented as her mom! What a lucky bride to be! Everything sounds delicious!

  8. says

    I have been looking forward to seeing your party food. It is nothing short of fabulous, but then, I knew it would be. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to make pictures and posts. A really bright spot in my very ordinary day!


  9. says

    Yvonne, I know when I stop by the Stone Gable that these will be an abundance of beautiful inspiration. Your table is simply stunning. Love the varied heights with the bird houses, the eggs and nests, and those little eggs used as a way to label the food trays. And the food is amazing. Did you and your daughter make all of this? Love finger sandwiches. I may have to get your recipes for these. I’ll be eager to see the dessert table. Those daisy cupcakes are pretty special!

  10. says

    THis is absolutely one of THE cutest & most detailed Spring settings that I have seen. All the food looked delicious. The egg labels were such a great idea. You had my attention with the branches in the chandelier. Wish I could have seen it in person.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  11. says

    Yvonne, You’ve outdone yourself (and the rest of us) again. Every aspect of this table from the cloth to the twig laden chandelier is exquisite!

  12. says

    Oh, I have so much to say! First off- it is STUNNING as always I love how you brought the bride’s desire’s and loves into the theme of the party- very gracious. I use finger sandwiches frequently because people DO love them. I don’t know why they ever went out of style. And I had to laugh- my Timmy loves to put olives on for eyes on salmon mousse- then he polishes off the rest of the can! I use very thin radish slices for the gills :) Yvonne, I so love your posts
    xoxo Pattie

  13. says

    Wow, the bride, and her friends, are so blessed to have experienced your beautiful table and hospitality. Thanks for putting all the pictures together to take us into the party.


  14. says

    I love it all! And since we’re doing a wedding the end of May, it’s given me some wonderful ideas. You are so talented. Thank You.

  15. says

    Oh my Yvonne, this is breathtaking. Every single element of the table is perfect. I also love your fabulous swan on the sideboard. Now who in the world would think about the branches and the nest in the chandelier. So pretty and so creative. All the food is presented so beautifully. Wow, I am totally impressed. Hugs, Marty

  16. says

    This is the most beautiful shower scape I ever seen! I am in love and in awe….I am copycating this!!! I really need to know how you made that beehive…and well some tutorials would be great! I love it all…my mind is going 100 mph as how to addapt this same feel with a ladies summer luncheon. I love, love, love, how you put the plastic wear into the planter pots. I love it. Better yet, can you just plan to come to my home either in July or Aug. and help me host my garden party. It it all so wonderful. Please do us tutorial on the beehive at least..purty pease! Have I whined ennough. Be Blessed . Cindy

  17. says

    This is absolutely amazing. How did you decide on all of these marvelous savories? I can’t wait to view the sweet table!
    BTW, I made your cream of asparagus soup today and it is wonderful!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. says

    Yvonne, your tables and food displays always amaze me. You should be a party planner. You have such a great eye for putting everything together. Those sandwiches sound marvelous and it all is too pretty to eat.

  19. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    Your bridal shower is equisite!!!
    It is not only a feast for the eyes but it looks like a feast for your guests. Your menu is so stunningly presented and I am hoping for, like one of the other commentors mentioned, a tutorial. Your attention to detail makes it perfection. Your bride must have been so touched.
    I can’t wait for the dessert table…are you saving the best for last? Not possible after all of this.
    Thanks for sharing…I have been inspired.

  20. says

    Oh my goodness, Yvonne, you really outdid yourself AGAIN! I adore the twig laden chandelier! Every detail is so wonderfully thought out and executed!!!! My daughters shower is coming up in July. I would LOVE to pick your brian for ideas. as it is going to be here at my house! XO, Pinky Can’t wait to see the rest!!!!!

  21. says

    Yvonne, you are such an inspiration!! This is SO SWEET!! What a blessed bride-to-be, this is one day she will truly treasure. So much special attention to every detail!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  22. Katydid says

    Yvonne, I “fell” into your blogspot a couple of days ago and I am charmed, delighted and so excited to have found you. I can’t wait for more, more, more. Your food sounds so different and appealing. Thank you so much for sharing your creative talents.

  23. says

    So beautiful and yummy looking. I love the idea of different stations for food and drink. I will have to try that the next time I have a party. I love the birdhouses, nests, and eggs. Carla

  24. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for stopping by for tea. I would be very pleased to have you join me for tea next week. All you have to do is post a favourite teacup, tea pot, or a piece of china used in a tea. It can be as simple as a tea for one, or as elaborate as you wish; it’s up to you. Even your bridal shower party you shared in this post would be perfect. If you would like to share a scripture verse, that would be wonderful although not necessary. You can use either of my Tea Time Tuesday buttons at the top of my sidebar and then link back to me. Once I know you have posted then I will add your link to my post. I have started posting my Tea Time on Monday evenings as most of the participants prefer it that way. This gives everyone lots of time to prepare and visit too.
    Hope this has been helpful! I don’t have access to your email so I decided to post this as a comment. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email. Wishing you a beautiful week and I look forward to hearing from you.


  25. says

    Everything looks delicious! You are making me hungry! I can’t wait to see the dessert table…I bet it was fantastic! Off to find something to eat:) Lisa

  26. says


    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. New friends are always welcome! :)

    As for your bridal shower post, I am in awe!!! You are one talented lady! One of the best parts about this whole blogging thing is all the wonderful people out there who share their awesome gifts!

  27. says

    Yvonne, I can just hear the girls ooooing and awwwwing over how pretty everything looks…I agree with everyone who said it all looks too pretty to eat! I’m so glad you took the pictures to share with the rest of us! It’s such an inspiration, chock full of great ideas we can all incorporate! Awesome!

  28. says

    Yvonne, I am completely awestruck! You are correct in the Anthropologie meets StoneGable and what a happy meeting! The tablescape is so naturally beautiful that it seems to have just appeared from the outside (although I know the work that had to have gone into creating it). The food–oh, the food. Delicious! I cannot say enough about all the small details but will focus on the eggs explaining the dishes. What an “eggscellent” idea. Forgive me, I just couldn’t help myself! Kudos!


  29. Anonymous says

    Yvonne. . .
    Not only is the table a wonderous sight to behold, but the detail and care that went into designing each dish to set it off! You are absolutely marvelous! ! !
    I was especially touched by the wording of celebrating womanhood! God continue to bless you in your endeavors!

  30. says

    Yvonne, that is just gorgeous. So nice, I love the daisys and the food looks delicious. And the bird and nest theme is so perfect for a bridal shower.
    Greetings, Johanna

  31. says

    In a word….AMAZING. I’ll have to remember this post and come back for all your wonderful ideas. I love anything with nests, eggs, birds etc… You did it so beautifully. Can’t wait to see the desserts.

  32. says

    Oh. My. Goodness!!! Everything looks beautiful, and the food is positively scrumptious. What a lucky bride, to have you work your magic. You must provide us with some of the recipes, the food all looks so good.

  33. says

    I love it all ~ especially those cupcakes but I guess I will have to come back next week to see them again :o) I love all the little touches ~ I have used terracotta pots for utensils too in the past ~ they are perfect!

  34. says

    What a feast for the eyes this bridal shower table is! Thank you so much for posting all the detailed photos and yummy descriptions of the wonderful goodies! I know your guests were thrilled to be part of such a gorgeous event. Simply stunning — I can’t wait to see the dessert table!

  35. says

    Wow! Everything looked so beautfiful and fresh and young! The food looks AWESOME and I loved using the eggs for labeling the food. Gorgeous! That’s what I have come to expect of your fantastic blog! Nothing less than perfect.

  36. says

    Incredible!!!!!! OMGosh….this is so fabulous. I love the colors and the decor elements are perfect! So many pretty little details…it’s a feast for the eyes…not to mention the delicious looking food. This looks like something that I would see in a magazine! Incredible job!

  37. says

    Dang, what a gorgeous table! You should cater because that food looked delicious too. And your dishes (the blue/white compotes/pedestal stands/cake plates) are gorgeous!

  38. says

    Goodness gracious lady! You simply must be a Party Planner! This is gorgeous. Bless the Bride’s heart…she must have LOVED it! You created a perfect setting that surely was enjoyed by everyone who attended. I adore the chandelier treatment.

  39. says

    Oh to be a guest and witness all this beauty in person. Simply wonderful, Yvonne. I was also very much interested in the food you served. Love the little finger sandwiches along with everything else!


  40. says

    I don’t think there are any adjectives left for me to use Yvonne. I’m sure the squeals from everyone who entered your home for this shower were heard around the neighborhood. This was one lucky bride to be for sure. I hope you post the recipes for the beautiful display of dishes you served.

  41. says

    What a very lucky bride to have you as a friend! Stunning savory table…can’t wait to see the dessert table! I love the compote you have the potato salad in.

  42. says

    Oh Yvonne this is unbelievable!!! Every detail is paid attention to, the food, the colors, textures, it is all beyond words. Please when can I come visit you!!! I must attend one of your soirees :) This is such a visual delight.
    Have a marvelous weekend

  43. says

    Oh such a wonderful bridal shower table! I love everything about it…the serving pieces,,,the birds nests..the huge birdhouse and the food looks delicious! I think my favorites are the cupcake daises!! How beautiful everything is..you really out did yourself..which I think is hard to do because your tablescapes are always so beautiful!!!

    Miss Bloomers

  44. says

    The girls and I love the beehive spread! Can’t wait to give it a try with muffins. Your tables and menus are an inspiration to me and an encouragement in my own homemaking.
    Have a fun weekend! Praying for you’ll!
    Linda @ bushel and a pickle

  45. Anonymous says

    Yes, Yvonne, all of these visitors are right. It was special and beautiful and my dear daughter and I were so blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a treasure of a friend.


  46. says

    Me and my Mom are freaking out over this incredible spread. You didn’t eliminate any tiny detail. We want to be there right now. You are our idol…please invite your bestest blogging buddies over for a lunch soon. :)
    Karin and Joan
    The Style Sisters and Eat Lotsa Chocolate

  47. says

    I do not even know where to begin…swooning over it all. How sweet are the nests in the chandelier? Just simply gorgeous. I would love to put some of these on my wedding blog (with proper credit) -the theme and the design is beautiful.

  48. says

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! You outdid yourself. Your garnishes, food,and decorations are all so nice. I know the food was delicious. I certainly think you did bless and bring joy to all those that attended. You blessed me with your creativity and great photographs. You have a knack for graphic blog design details too.

  49. Anonymous says

    I have NEVER posted a comment before but I just had to tell you how beautiful everything looks. Would you please share ALL of your recipes from this party? Thank you for sharing………

  50. says

    Looks fantastically yummy!

    I especially love the bird houses, the twigs wreath decorating the salad bowl, the cutlery in the flower pots with moss (which I shall steal no doubt!)..plus all this wonderful finger food!! And that blue cheese potato salad!!

    Fantastic! I’m heading to the kitchen now…you’ve made me hungry! :)


  51. says

    This is so beautiful and you are so very talented….I love your blog and I am so glad I found it through Stephanie’s Blog Party :)
    Big Hugs,

  52. Anonymous says

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