Here at StoneGable I am still trying to put the finishing touches on my Kitchen Face Lift. Thankfully, my to-do list is getting smaller and smaller!
With the arrival of my rush seat double bench I was able to check one more thing off the list!
The bench is from Ballard Design. I had looked and looked for an antique bench but my search came up empty. I am still looking! If I ever find one I LOVE this bench will go into a bedroom. But, I am very pleased with the color, style and quality of this handsome Ballard bench.

Because it will be called into seating service when we have a crowd in the kitchen, I didn’t want to clutter it with decor. A simple stack of much loved books and a french inspired hen lamp find a home at one side of the bench.

I added a faux frilly plant to give the area life and a little texture. I have a rascally cat Hobbes, so a real plant in that easy to reach spot is OUT of the question!

A tall basket sits next to the bench. When it is not Hobbes’ hiding place, I use it to store cookbooks.
(I just happened to see Hobbes in the basket and got this picture! Doesn’t it look like he is saying, OOOps, busted!)
The red oriental breakfast room carpet was replaced with a black edged sisal area rug. The look is much lighter and brighter. It plays well with the new colors and decor of the whole kitchen space.
The new style of our kitchen and breakfast room suites our farmhouse inspired home. The overall look I hope to achieve is an updated farmhouse that is welcoming, warm and clean!
The next thing on my to-do list… hemming the linen curtains. Hopefully, this weekend.
So many of you, dear readers, have been asking about the Kitchen Reveal. Soon! I am just very methodical about the decorating process! Thanks for being patient.
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  1. Anonymous says

    Yvonne: The bench is perfect there…bless your heart (as we say in the South)thanks for the idea with the large basket for your recipe books, it’s the simple things in life I don’t think of!! Yes the antique bench is waiting for you somewhere, and it will look great next to the architectural touch of the old door. Don’t you love Ballard’s…great stuff!! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for your total reveal! Blessings…Marti

  2. says

    Yvonne, I am dying to see the kitchen reveal. I just love your style, and the warmth of your home. The bench is perfect for that cozy little spot. I too have a Rooster lamp, with red toile. I’ve looked around my home and seem to find Roosters in more than a few places, they’re welcoming, as is your updated Farmhouse style. The rug is fantastic too, sisal has always been one of my favorites, it will always fit in, like your favorite Jeans. Well done, but you really are teasing us with all these little glimpses đŸ˜‰

  3. says

    May I ask where you purchased your sisal rug and if you like it? I am considering one for my home and am concerned about wrinkling/buckling especially at the sewn taped edges.I want something that will lay flat.

  4. says

    For Jerri,
    I purchased my rug through Ballard Designs.We also bought the suggested rug pad. It is very and even though it is very light any dirt seems to come up easily.
    Hope this answers your questions.

  5. says

    Its PERFECT for that corner & I know it will come in handy, with all the entertaining you do, Yvonne!

    I ♥♥♥ your little hen lamp with the black toile shade! I have yards of that fabric, just waiting for me to decide exactly what & where I want to put it.

    Please pat the kitty, Hobbes, for me? I miss having a cat but DD’s DH is allergic. :-(


  6. says

    I love your bench from Ballard. It looks so nice with your rooster lamp. Your blog is wonderful and now I sitting down reading it and now am a follower. Please feel free to view my blog also, I would love for you to follow it.


  7. says

    A special little corner for someone to just sit back and take it all in! Real food for the soul you have created here, Yvonne.
    I love it all.

  8. says


    you take all the time you need in decorating your new kitchen. it is yours to enjoy. through the remodeling & decorating. but i will say i can’t wait to see it. i can only imagine how beautiful it will be!

    your bench & that adorable lamp is wonderful. finding just the right piece takes time.

    i hope you have a lovely week! as always i’m leaving your blog fully inspired with all your beautiful pictures & recipes.


  9. says

    I love the bench. It reminds me of the one my husband’s maternal grandparents had at the end of the their bed, which I believe was a Lillian Russell or Cumberland Valley, not sure which though. I think my mother-n-law may have it now, as she ended up with that bedroom suite. Thanks for sharing. I just love how you decorate.

  10. says

    What is there not to love about this little cozy corner? Nothing! I just love your style. The bench is perfect! Only thing missing is Hobbes taking a cat nap there. What is the wall color? I love it! It looks really close to the color in my kitchen right now. I can’t wait for the reveal! Great job!

  11. says

    I love the whole space you have created, Yvonne! The bench is perfect…I love Ballards and get a lot of decorating ideas from them. Great job, I hope the reveal comes soon!


  12. says

    Yvonne, the bench and its Frenchy vignette look perfect for the space and easy to remove when the bench is called into service. Is that a field of corn outside the window? Looking forward to seeing you new kitchen. ~ Sarah

  13. Anonymous says

    Love it, love it, love it!! Everything you do is magic to me and so inspiring. What is the color you’ve chosen for the walls? I’m looking for something similar and afraid to commit!!

  14. says

    It is a hazard to read this blog if a person is feeling a bit hungry. So many good-sounding and good-looking pictures of food. And I adore the chicken/toile lamp.

    I’m paying a long-overdue visit to thank you for your comments on my children’s readling list blog post. Just wanted you to know that I’m designing a King Arthur themed course for my 12 years old next fall.

  15. says

    I’ve been eyeing that bench myself.. Your spot is perfect for it. The accessories are lovely too. Charming as usual. Many blessings, marlis

  16. says

    things are looking so pretty! I do love the wall color and flooring/rugs….i do have to tell you the view out that window is my kind of view…i love to see crops flourishing!!!!

  17. says

    You forgot to tell me you got the bench! I LOVE it!!!! It is perfect there but I know you will find the perfect antique one too! I adore that lamp and the shade!!!!!! More perfection!!!!! Also love the rug. Can’t wait for the TOTAL reveal!!!!! XO, Pinky PS, have been SO busy today…..whew!!!!

  18. says

    Yvonne, Your new bench and vignette are absolutely perfect in front of the window. I can’t wait to see the rest of your kitchen. Yes, Hobbes looks a bit guilty at being caught in the basket… he’s so cute.
    Happy Tuesday,

  19. says

    Loving your new bench and it is perfect for that spot ~ the new carpet looks great too. Cannot wait to see your full reveal ~ I AM a patient girl! xo

  20. says

    Yvonne — everything is looking so nice. That is a lovely bench. I love Hobbes — we have an orange kitty too. I plan to join up on your Menu Plan Monday. This week my husband is out of town and I am (gasp!) totally not home cooking (AND my kids are not happy). I am enjoying the break. Have a great Fourth of July. Joni

  21. says

    Yvonne, I adore your Ballard Bench. Although I shop wholesale through the shop, I still enjoy shopping Ballard. Love the kitty sneaking a peek out of the basket. The lamp is just so perfect. Looking forward to the seeing more of your beautiful kitchen.
    hugs ~lynne~

  22. says

    I’m so glad I haven’t missed the big reveal while I’ve been off dealing with real life. Don’t let me miss it! I’m trying to slowly get back into blogging…I just have to get all the brain cells focused enough to do so!

    I love the bench. Your lamp looks perfect sitting there and even though I’m a “dog person” your cat picture made me smile!

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