Bethlehem Christmas Tablescape

Oh, Holy Night… this was the song playing in my head as I set this Bethlehem Christmas Table.
This one-of-a-kind dinnerware with watercolor scenes of the true Christmas story rimmed with God’s Word was the inspiration for tonight’s table. And what a most beautiful inspiration!
This will be my Christmas Eve table. Christmas Eve night is my most favorite time of the whole year. Dinner then Church! Silent Night manifested!

A gift from Pat at LIFE AT LYDIA’S HOUSE, Bethlehem Christmas dinnerware will be a constant reminder why we celebrate Christmas. Thank you so much Pat!
I wanted to keep the mood soft, the table uncluttered. I wanted to handle this table with a sense of reverence and awe.  Bringing out my best silver flatware and crystal gives the traditional appeal I am looking for. Traditional yet not stuffy. Simple yet elegant.

The weather even cooperated in setting the mood for this Bethlehem Christmas table. It has been cloudy and rainy all day. Allowing me to use only candle light and lit branches to bring a warm glow to the table.

A very loved vintage white damask tablecloth is the snowy background for this table.  Each place is set with a large leaf and berry charger, a silverleaf charger and a matching dinner and salad plate.
Each dinner plate in the set of 8 has a different Christmas scenes telling the story of the very first Christmas. Scripture explaining each picture encircles the watercolor works of art. The dessert plate matches the scene in each dinner plate.

Vintage damask napkins are folded to resemble bows. They are gathered up in a napkin ring made out of a floral pick. The pick is bent into a circle. Florist tape secures them where they meet. They make very festive napkin rings at a very reasonable price, especially because these were purchased on sale.

Soup bowls are doing double duty tonight. They will be filled with scrumptious Cranberry Bread Pudding with warm Creme Anglaise.

Serving hot tea in the matching tea pot and creamer and sugar bowl is a special treat! They show off the lovey band of soft blue with holly and berries that accent all the dinnerware.

The Holy Family sits in a bed of crystalline snow on a footed silver platter. Of course, it is placed with loving care in the center of the table.
These lovely figurines have been a part of Christmas at StoneGable for many, many years. They are one of my most cherished Christmas treasures!

They are flanked by urns holding sparkling lit branches with snowflakes. Glittery silver and pearl colored balls
fill the base of the urn.  Look for a tutorial next week for making these urns. Pretty easy!

Snowflakes in different sizes and shapes give interest to the table.

Little votive candles in mercury glass inspired holders give off a warm glow! Sparkly snow fills half of the votive and the candles are nestled down in the snow.

This table was a true joy to set.  It reminded me of the TRUE meaning of Christmas!

The Menu
Baby Spinach with Tangerines, Spiced Walnuts, Brie and Citrus Vinaigrette
Individual Beef Wellingtons with Duxelles
Mashed Potatoes
Glazed Baby Carrots

Cranberry Bread Pudding
Creme Anglaise

Vanilla Tea with Vanilla Sugar
(Vanilla Sugar how-to’s on an upcoming post)

If you are interested in this stunning dinnerware please visit LYDIA’S HOUSE. Many of these lovely pieces are on sale.


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    Oh, I love this tablescape, Yvonne! So fresh and beautiful! I just love the Bethlehem china, too.

    BTW, I’m posting a Peppermint Tablescape this Friday in honor of you. :) Your blog has taught me so much about setting a beautiful table, so I gave it a go! We’ll see how it turns out. :)

  2. says

    Yvonne — your dinnerware really is special and helps to retain the true meaning of Christmas. I have never seen a set of dishes like these and you have set it so beautiful as to not take away from their storytelling at all! Love the bauble filled urns and well, just everything! Joni

  3. says

    Your table is elegant and beautiful. I love the holy family figures. Love the silver and the snowflakes and the china. It’s a fabulous tablescape, Yvonne!
    Blessings, Beth

  4. says

    Absolutely, positively breathtaking. Every details was thought out to perfection. What beautiful dishes!!! This is just spectacular…thank you for all your hard work that went into this tablescape. Every picture was eye candy.

  5. says

    Oh, Yvonne… This is such a quietly elegant table. It is just so beautiful and peaceful. The silver and snow is the perfect accompaniment for the china.

  6. says

    Love the blue, white and silver! This is a great table with your cool and shiny centerpiece. I adore those white twig lights. I bought brown Twig lights at Bombergers when I last visited, but just recently found a store in my area that carries them! Your snowflakes add such a nice touch!

    You always have such a lovely presentation!

    From Virginia

  7. says

    Absolutely Stunning! I love those dishes and the lit branches are beautiful! Thank You so much for sharing! Have a blessed night! I am also a new follower!

  8. says

    So beautifuland serene! You’ve done a beautiful job of putting all of these elements together. the paltes are fabulous and are truly what this season is all about. Thank you for sharing.

  9. says

    Elegant, serene, peace filled…these words all came to mind while seeing this wonderful CHRISTMAS tablescape! It is so lovely, and the perfect table for you as a teacher of the Bible!!!! The dishes are just beautiful, I love the urns and of course the Hole Family is perfectly included!!!! You could not have done any better with this one. Oh, and I love the napkin rings as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again, I come to YOUR table first every week. Christmas blessings to you, Pinky

  10. says

    I absolutely love this tableware and would love a set. What a wonderful thing to use on Christmas Eve, my favorite too. You presented such a beautiful soft and reverent table and I love your nativity, it goes so well with the plates.

    Oh let us adore him! This really sets the mood.

  11. says

    Stunning is the word alright…I loved every bit of it! I was at a gathering for women of my church tonight..the Relief Society…we sat a beautifully decorated tables, had a lovely program, I sang, “The Birthday of A King”..we were talking about how the younger generation doesn’t even have china or crystal anymore and I told them all about you! Thanks for all the beauty you put forth, I know it’s a lot of work! 😀

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    Hi Yvonne,
    What a neat tablesetting, very pretty and very meaningful as well.
    Loved the urns they are beautiful too.
    That is neat that each plate has it’s own story. Truly enjoyed my visit as always, you are a very talented lady.
    blessings, Nellie

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    Hello Yvonne,
    from the first moment when you started this give away event I was sure you will make a tablescape with this china and bring it to its best. And you did! You made the perfect background in snowy white and softblue for this china. Great tablescape. But to be honest, if I would own such a china, I couldn’t use the salad plates for dinner. They are too beautiful and I would hang them on the wall.
    Greetings, Johanna

  14. says

    Hi Yvonne, this is such a beautiful and elegant table setting! You continue to amaze me – really, I’m in awe of your consistently wonderful menus and style! Christmas Eve is such a special night, your friends and family will just love having dinner at your beautiful table, and you honor the true meaning of the day in a lovely way that sparkles from every angle. Ciao, bella!

  15. says

    *big sigh* So, so very special! Magical & wonderful & beautifully done, Yvonne! How you come up with winners, week after week, just amazes me.

    I’ll be looking forward to your tut on how to make all those balls stay on top of the urn! I have a few similar containers that I would love to be able to create such a centerpiece with.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us each week.

  16. says

    AMAZING! Your tablescape is breathtaking! I just cant imagine anything more beautiful!!! The colors, the dinnerware. Nothing was left out! I agree with the other commenters, MAGICAL! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  17. says

    AMAZING! Your tablescape is breathtaking! I just cant imagine anything more beautiful!!! The colors, the dinnerware. Nothing was left out! I agree with the other commenters, MAGICAL! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  18. says


    This is such a beautiful and serene table. What an amazing set of dishes. Love the glowing branches. I only saw them with a plug, but it looks like you found battery operated ones!

    I’ve got a totally different tablescape this week, but am using the same berry chargers (I actully think they’re olives on branches, who knows?). They are so versatile.

    Glad you’re enjoying the season. I’d love to see you at Seasonal Sundays!

    – The Tablescaper

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    I love how beautiful the dishes look on your table. It’s quite lovely to read all the scriptures and to be reminded of the real reason for the season. Great centerpieces.. perfect match for the dishes. Stunning.

  20. says

    I haven’t been able to get this dishes out of my head since you did your giveaway post. I was anxious to see how you would display them. It is perfect. I had to laugh at the fact that once again we did something similar (well that is a stretch-mine is the inexpensive/natural version) with the white twigs with things hanging on them.

    There truly is something magical about this table…it is beautiful.

  21. says

    Oh Yvonne! I love you :) You make me want to be a better tablescaper :) That bread pudding sounds de-lish!! I made Bobby Flay’s pumpkin bread pudding for Thanksgiving and the vanilla bean creme anglaise was YUMMY!! Worth the effort I tell ya!!

  22. Anonymous says

    Just so pretty and soft color ways. I love your idea for napkin rings! i never would have thought of a linen white tablecloth and bow napkins. You are so creative and talented. Thank you for all your efforts to help us plan for Christmas tables. The urn with lighted branches and snowflakes I think I could try with some success! Emelia.

  23. says

    This Christmas table is stunning Yvonne! The dishes are so lovely and as you said, tell the tru Christmas story. The urns, the napkin rings…all your special touches will make a lovely evening for your family.
    Anxious to read the tutorial next week – I’m gathering supplies now…
    Good day to you,

  24. says

    I love snowflakes! We’ve had some real snowflakes coming down here the last few days and it’s so beautiful! Another beautiful thing that arrived to my home a few days ago was my new enamel sign from Ramsign, beautiful! You can take a look at all the wonderful signs at if you want. Thought you might enjoy them as well.

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    Yvonne your dinnerware really is stunning. I love that it shows the true meaning of Christmas. I spent a lot of time looking for Christmas dishes today but did not find anything that moved me, but this one does. I am going to visit Lydia’s House tomorrow and check out the set.

    Thank you!

    ~ Tracy

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