I love to cook… but I have found that I also love to take pictures of food!!! Here are my favorite foodie posts of 2012!
They are all practical and not too hard to make. Real… satisfying.. good food!
I hope you try at least one of my favorites in 2013…

This is not really a recipe… but it was the Number One viewed foodie post of 2012…
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    Turns out we have a friend in common…I lived in Lancaster from 1992-94 and met the most wonderful people. Jet Visneski is one of them. She asked me if I followed your blog and said she knows you. A small world!!

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    Resolution for 2013 hopefully to fulfill: make one recipe from On the Menu Monday for my husband each week. Without a doubt, I’m sure there will be so many delicious recipes to discover. A Blessed New Year to you and your family.

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    I have just spent the last 30 minutes reading, pinning, copying & pasting! Although I have seen and tried many of your recipes, this collection was a great reminder of all things I really do want to make. Plus lots of New Year’s inspirations for weekly menus coming up. Your photos and recipes are equally beautiful & yummy and the best part about making one of your dishes is that I KNOW it’s going to be fab! Muffin Tin onion gruyere potato stacks tonight! Thanks for all your beautiful posts, Happy New Year

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    Oh my goodness, you have picked some totally tempting and mouthwatering favorites for the year! It is not good for my diet at all, but I may just have to splurge for the Salmon, Asparagus and bow tie pasta…… oh my!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Hi Yvonne, How do you pick, they are all fabulous dishes and recipes. Your photographs are magazine worthy, you have the eye for it no doubt. I have to try the muffin tin potato stacks, they look delicious! Your soup recipes are so good, my favorite being the cabbage. Well maybe all of them since I’m a definitely a soup girl!
    Wishing you and yours Blessings in the New Year.

    The French Hutch

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    Oh, my goodness…all of these bring back such wonderful memories of shared recipes and foodie ideas!!! I’d forgotten about the delicious salmon and bow tie salad. Having a Ladies Luncheon this Spring, so I’ve copied the recipe for later use!
    Thank you, dear friend, for all the helpful menu choices throughout the year!
    Looking forward to What’s on the Menu in 2013!!!

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