There are just some things you do not do in the blogging world….
is one!

Today I found this image…
from MY post CHERRY BLOSSON WREATH on a floral designers web-site. 
Not only was my photograph posted but there was a description of it and a sale price that was a pretty penny!

I am so very happy to share my copyrighted work with almost anyone who asked permission. All I ask is that I am given credit and a link back for my hard work.  It pleases me to inspire others and have them make their own version of my work! That is one of the great blessings of blogging! I love to share and inspire others! 
What is NOT okay is to take original work and original photography and pass it off as one’s own work.
Unfortunately this is not the first time I have found my original photography on another’s web site being passed off as their own~ without permission, without credit and without any link back to my original work. I have even found my work on sites with my watermark cut off! This is the second time a designer has used my work… that I know of!
Some of you may say. “Okay, this is just a part of blogging”! Well, sadly it may be… but it is the side that lacks integrity! And we should not sit quietly by when this happens! 
Just a word about most bloggers…
Most bloggers that I have crossed paths with are the kindest, most supportive, generous and friendly folks I have ever met! Most bloggers put a tremendous amount of work, money and time into each post! And most bloggers are so respectful and appreciate that. If you are a blogger and know me… I am talking about you!!!!  As a community, we are thrilled and delight with joy for one another’s successes and share the burden and often times pray for one another’s sorrows! We show great care for all! It is just too bad that there are just a few that don’t have that same regard!
This offender will not be named. I will protect her identity. That is more than she did for me!
I have contacted the offending person and asked her to remove my image immediately and as of yet MY photograph with MY watermark is still on her blog and she is selling MY work, passed off as her’s.
I am asking you, and you know who who you are… take down my photographs NOW! Shame on you!
I hope this serves as a reminder to all of us. It is always better to use our own original work. If using other’s work please ask permission, credit the source and give a link back UNDER THE IMAGE where it is easily visible! Let’s all play nicely together!
A word about Pinterest because I am sure this will come up…. I am still trying to sort it all out, as many other bloggers are. I know there are all kinds of issues… it is such untested water and I still don’t understand all of it! But Pinterest is totally different. As long as I have the “pin it” sign up on my post… and when pinning a photograph of mine the link on Pinterest goes back to my original post… I say pin away! For now, anyway! However, let’s keep the focus for this post on the topic at hand. Thank you.


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    I just saw that you posted this on your Facebook I am so sorry that is just not right! I would never do that!! I definitely give credit where credit is due if I use someones idea. That is just awful! I am sorry that this happened to you!

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    So…you contacted the site “owner” and asked her to remove your work and she has not done that? I’d name her if it’s not off TODAY. But…that’s just me.

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      I agree with them, Yvonne. If it isn’t removed by midnight I’d name her and call her out publicly. You have a right to protect your blog, photography, creations, etc. and if she won’t play by the rules then you have to take action. I’m behind you 100%.

    • Anonymous says

      Yvonne should take a screen shot of the webpage showing her watermarked photo first, just for proof, then call her out. I have to say, this woman can’t be very smart if she is showing the watermark! If I saw this, I would just look up StoneGable to find out what it is.

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    Ugh!! Yvonne, I am so sorry. How did you find out? Did you just happen on the site yourself? I’ve often wondered if there is a way to search for your own work somehow.

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    WOW. I know copying is the most sincerest form of flattery – but not THAT kind of copying.

    Lordie lordie – very bad form, indeed.

    I agree with Deb above. 24 hours or unless she gets tarred, feathered and gets to wear a Scarlet L for “low life.”

    I am glad you discovered this, but sorry, too.

    I say 24 hours or else. Something must be done to show some integrity in blogville, sheesh.

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    I’m sorry, but I’m with Deb on this one. I would name that sorry little chick’s name and web address in a heartbeat as well as report her butt! That is STEALING!!! I started out putting my watermark in the corner of the photos, but within the last several months I started putting it smack dab in the middle so it can’t be cut off or altered without signficantly altering key parts of the design. There was a person out there who was STEALING my photos and putting them on a wedding video she was selling. Like you said, Yvonne, as long as I am given full credit, I don’t mind at all. But to STEAL my intellectual ideas and hard work to claim as your own without crediting me in any way, shape or form makes my blood boil!!! Once I started watermarking, there was no more of that mess!!! This chick has a lot of nerve STEALING your wreath and putting it on there with your watermark and everything!!! And if she thinks that leaving the watermark on there counts as crediting you, she is sadly, sorely, stupidly mistaken. If I was a potential customer of hers, I would see your watermark and wonder why she just didn’t replicate the wreath herself. I’d think she wasn’t up to the task, and that’s why she STOLE your photo instead of making one of her own. I’m feelin’ feisty now!

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    Yvonne, I am a former quilt shop owner, and I have had this happen many times in the years I was open for retail business. Unfortunately, there are many who do not have the values and morals that we practice, but what can you do when you see others have copied your work? It eats on me still, even though I closed my brick and mortar store a year ago. So sorry this has happened to you. Was so happy to see that you are blogging again. I had just happened upon your blog, right after you closed and I was so sad! God is good…..all the time!

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    I am wondering if this is the same blog I just learned about. Yesterday I received a kind comment from someone telling me she recognized my Jewelry/necklace organizer posted on a blog as their own. I followed the link and there it was, my entire post. I returned later last night and the blog was removed.

    In January, I received an anonymous comment telling me someone from Brazil had filled her blogs (she has five of them) with many photos of my family and she was impersonating me. That really shook me up! I contacted her and she removed most of the photos.

    I now add a watermark but I can’t possibly go back through the years and change them all.

    If it wasn’t for the comments I received, I would never know about this.

    It is so sad this happens because, as you said, the vast majority of bloggers are so wonderful and encouraging!

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    Yvonne, I am sorry that this has happen to you! I agree with the others, you should call this person out. What she has done is wrong.

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    Yvonne, You can have your attorney send a “cease and desist” letter to the bad blogger. If you have registered your page with the US copyright office you may also have statutory rights to monetary damages–check with your attorney in your state! This has to stop. If all bloggers carried through with this type of legal action the stealing would lessen, I think. Good luck to you. Linda

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    I hate this has happened to you. Unfortunately it is becoming much more common as this is not the first time I have seen it happen. I hope the person who has done this will at least have the decency to remove the post.

    BTW… I’m glad t see you blogging again and hope this doesn’t discourage you.

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    Sorry this happened to you. I love your blog and appreciate all the hard work and effort you put forth to share your talent with us. Hope this woman does the right thing and learns a lesson.

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    Yvonne, so sorry to hear this. You have extended much grace to the one who stole your work. What’s with the price? Was she making them and selling, or a hoax i wonder. Well your wreath was beautiful, but I know you feel violated and I’m sorry.

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    I’m not a blogger, it is VERY BAD FORM in regular life to pass someone else’s work off as your own. That florist is a cheat, and I hope he or she is ashamed. 😐

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    This is awful! I see it happening alot… in fact, I was searching ebay for a Restoration Hardware pillow that has been discontinued.. I found the pillow and the seller had a photo of my friend’s family room on her auction listing …showing the pillow in my friend’s house. Horrible! What’s worse is that she watermarked the photo as her own!! I quickly contacted my friend and told her!

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    Yvonne I am so angry for you!! The talent you posses is amazing and you share it so freely but for someone to not only steal your ideas as their own but to use your own photos…well that is just down right wrong! I hope they take down your photo immediately! You have my full support!!

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    Yvonne, I know that old saying that imitation is the ‘sincerest'(?) form of flattery, but this is just plain theft! I would pursue this further. Apparently, she just doesn’t care, or thinks it will blow over. How dare she! I am behind you 1000%. xo

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    Hello Ivonne,

    Well, this happens so very often to many of us. But we still need to show off our work to the world and be found, don’t we? It is hard to give you advice as our feelings towards this issue might be a little different.

    But I can say…that if your work is taken and used it must be TOTALLY AWESOME!
    They have no right to take your work or make a profit out of it.
    You have amazing photography in this blog. Great talent!

    I personally like to make things difficult to those who use mine…
    As we know watermarks can be easily removed {if visible}. He, he, he! :o)
    My images have quite a few of hidden and visible ones…and of course images are low resolution {printing them would be painfully awful!} and using them when images say that are made by me…not too good…so good luck to those…

    You are welcome to email me if you wish…Cheer up because you are AWESOME!


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    I am APPALLED!!!!!!!!!! This is horrible! It is unconscionable that you have asked her to take it down and she has ignored you! We are ALL behind you 110%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Pinky

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    Yvonne, you are too kind. I think I would go ahead and name the person. What’s she going to do, sue you for slander? You are being totally truthful about what she did. Furthermore, I would leave public messages, feedback, or whatever on her site to let others know this is your work, not hers. I do a google image search every once in a while on my quilting items just to make sure they are not on anyone else’s site.

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    I would contact the seller and let her know she can share profits on her sales at 50% and lawyer fees…. In the mean time it is a pretty cherry blossom wreath.

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    Totally Agree~ I look at them for Inspiration and entertainment while reading. On Pinterest, it upsets me when someone posts a picture of a Blackberry Tea, etc., or something that I really like, but they don’t say where they got it. What good is a picture. I try not to Repin those because they’re no use to me. I always copy the URL or Website that I get things from giving the Blog, Website, Company, etc. credit, but if something happens, I Want to be Able to go to that resource to read for myself. Barbara is right about “imitation is the ‘sincerest’ form of flattery, but in today’s world people don’t think, are looking for anyway to make money, etc., etc.—sad to say. My hubby said “when you put Anything on Facebook and it being a public media site, it’s out there for everyone to see so you better think before you write.” I know you’ll check and make sure your pics / posts / words are removed from the person’s blog or whatever. I sure hope so. So much is computer, computer, computer today, and I don’t know what to tell you, Yvonne. We don’t have time to “mark” every single thing we post! I’m a Willow House consultant, and we all share pictures, BUT I always ASK if the person cares. We’re all very sharing and caring. However, this is a different situation you’ve got. Well, let me say a Positive thing. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It’s fabulous and very tastefully done. Keep up YOUR good work. Back to the girl…. There’s a saying that if someone’s talking to me about a person what are they saying to others about me. I know you’re thinking how does this fit. YOU may not be the ONLY person the other girl / blogger is copying. …and the saying goes that people do things to make themselves look good when it’s only harming them… I sure hope this passes, and everything’s removed.

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    Yvonne, I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Shame on the other person. They should be ashamed. I cannot believe they stole it, watermarked and all. Some people have a lot of nerve. I would try to remember the saying “what goes around comes around.” Maybe it will catch up with her.

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    Yvonne, so very sorry. We all love your work and your photos. they are inspiring and beautiful. You did the right thing to confront this person. I can imagine how upset you are right now. Prayers for a good outcome.. xo marlis

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    Yvonne- Isn’t there always SOMEONE like that out there? How DO these people live with themselves? Especially if you have asked her to remove it and she still hasn’t. Am I wrong or is there a place you can report an image “theft” to Blog world? As you can tell, I don’t know much about the process.

    However, you are much kinder than I am- I would have put a link to her blog so that she was “outed”. A person like that deserves to be outed. What’s next up for grabs-Your hubby?;>) hmmmm…xo Diana

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    So sorry…I know it happens with Pinterest..I just use a watermark and thats about all you can do I guess…not a fan of facebook, so don’t have a problem there…Naps on the porch had the same problem…Your photos and menus are so beautiful..I can never understand that people are inspired to steal rather then create…good luck

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    Hi Yvonne…I have been meaning to get here and welcome you back for days. I’m sorry it took me so long. What a rotten story this is. I am so protective of my blog that I can’t imagine even wanting anyone else’s photos on it. It’s perhaps the rudest thing I’ve ever heard. Hang in there. I admire you for taking the high road and not naming the offender. You will be paid back for that kindness tenfold I’m sure. Again, I’m so happy you’ve come back!

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    When I thought you weren’t coming back to the Land of Blog…I added some of my favorite posts of StoneGable to my favorites, as a reference guide. Even then, had I used an idea…I would have contacted you beforehand and ask permission to use your idea. This is truly lack of blog etiquite and common sense. Thank you for taking a bold stand against abusers. I know what a kind and gentle spirit you are and my heart bleeds for you having to be so forceful. Perhaps, you have paved the road for this person to come to the magnitude of her errors. Please keep blogging…for through your blog I am mindful that you are reaaching others for Jesus! I am continually blessed!

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    Hi Yvonne,
    It is upsetting, I know! It is flattering, however the blogger should have asked permission and given you credit for your creation and hard work! To be selling it is another thing altogether!
    I visited another blogger a few minutes ago and she has used my words from a post I had written a year ago and she didn’t give me credit for it. I am flattered but I am annoyed too because she posted it without my permission and she did not give me credit for it!
    So, I’m in the same boat. What’s a lady to do?
    I hope your problem can be resolved in a prayerful manner.


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    Well, Lord help her if I find out who she is that stole your content!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Let me at her!!!! ~smack~smack~

    To this day, I refuse to EVER click on anything posted by that *other* site, which shall remain nameless per your request, that did it to you before. Nasty women!

    I can hear my Mother saying “It will all come home to them, Honey Girl”…(that’s what she used to call me)

    If the offending wreath photo thief is on Blogger, you can report her. Go HERE:

    I saw where there are now tons of spammers on Pinterest, using their own websites to link back to, with stolen pictures, such as yours, to lure people into clicking on them. *sigh* One guy claims he’s made $1000/day, spaming Pinterest. Somehow he gets paid for clicks to his site, I think. tech/news/a373674/pinterest-spammer-earns-usd1000-a-day.html The world is a sad place & I thank the God there are still a few good people, like you, Yvonne, in it.

    Supportive Hugs,

    p.s. I still say you should let US all know who the person is!!!!!! That would be fair justice!

    • Anonymous says

      First…….Breathe! We all love your work, AND the blog!!!! I have told
      many of my friends about the site. Will continue too! It is that good.

      Secondly…… Remember, All gifts come from above. We are inspired by the
      things that we see in creation and from the people that love and surround us and our memories. That, NO one can take from us! Think about that.

      Third…….After watching an artist’s work, and getting to know his/her work,
      people that follow or are students of the artist can TELL who did the piece,
      EVEN without a signature. People that know you and your work RESPECT what you do. Sadly, for her even her own customers will question her validity/honesty from now on. That is something you have no hand in or and did not initiate.

      It IS most unfortunate that she feels that she has to take credit for
      something that truly did not belong to her. It may feel like your lost but, it
      really is hers. Don’t let it blow your day and take energy and vibrance away from the blog we
      all love.

      YOU are abundantly blessed!



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    BTW, I just realized that your blog isn’t on my sidebar, so I am going to fix that (must have reluctantly taken it off when you stopped blogging). Blogger isn’t letting me edit the design right now, but I will add Stone Gable when I can.

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    What are people THINKING??? I cannot imagine having the guts to post something and claim it to be mine. How embarrassing and SAD.

    I hope beyond hope that it was a mistake or her post had been “hijacked” and she didn’t purposely do this. However, I am sure I am wrong.

    People are nuts…

    Take care and I hope you report that her post has been taken down.

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    I’m confused. Was someone trying to sell a print of the image or were they saying that they made the wreath and they were going to try to make a wreath and sell it? I’ve done enough floral design to know that no two people make floral arrangements alike. If someone expected to buy “your” wreath but got hers…my guess is that they would be very disappointed!! Yours are always so gorgeous.

    I’m confused on Pinterest too. I’m still there, but I really must start watermarking photos. I bought a program, I’ve just been too lazy to mess with it.

    I agree most bloggers are wonderful…I’d love to have one big blogger party and meet everyone.

    We were in Illinois Amish country (about an hour or so from here), no where near you, sad to say.

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    Some folks have more nerve than a fox in a hen house! I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you! So not cool! And…you have been more than gracious to the offending party, not sure I would have been.

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    Yvonne, so sorry this has happened. Some people just have no scruples. My husband is an artist so we are very sensitive to this type of thing. You would be amazed at the number of times people come to him and say, I want you to create something using this (well-known and copyrighted) design. He always tells them no. Apparently, many people have no qualms about stealing.

    Thankfully, the majority of the blogging world in which I wander is filled with wonderful, sharing and caring people. And thankfully, the “thief” who is using your design to promote herself is in the minority.

  35. Anonymous says

    So sorry to read that someone stole your wreath idea.

    Wonder if it was a web site and if there were any other wreaths on it,
    if they were really made by this person or if all the pictures were stolen.

    I am sure that this person will get their just rewards in life.

    I know how many times I tried I could not replicate any of the items that you and
    the other bloggers post.

    I am in awe of all bloggers.

    Denise Lamb

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    Sorry to hear about this Yvonne! If she does not remove your picture you really should follow up…she will continue to do this if not confronted head on…sometimes people need to be called out in public. I know you are a wonderful Christian woman but this offender needs to be rebuked otherwise she will do it again. Your posts are always beautiful but stealing another persons content and pictures is just plain and clearly wrong. So glad you left her a comment to remove it. I’ll pray for her …obviously she needs it!
    Miss Bloomers

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    I’m concerned about Pinterest. I love the idea, however, it is my understanding that Pinterest has the right to use and sell your images, without any retribution to you. It makes me wary.

    Sorry to hear about the wreath. I’m amazed you found it. I’ve been told of some of my hijacked photos, but never find them first hand.

    It’s not just bad blogging, it’s dishonest!

    – The Tablescaper

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    Oh that is so so bad. I am sorry that happened to you Yvonne. I have seen many of my own photos on some blogs, but most have linked back to me. There have been a couple that have not and I know that their readers probably believe that they are theirs, so that is when I started marking my photos. While I hate my wartermark being so ‘in your face’, it’s about all we can do.
    I hope this blogger takes your photo down and actually apologizes for using it.

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    Unbelievably gutsy and rude and wrong. She (he) is a cheater. I have a teensy knitting blog and I have a reader/blogger that copies my words all the time. It drives me nuts. Have you contacted the perp?

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    So sorry, I love Stone Gable and hope you continue even though this is a low point. I have a much smaller, non-descript blog but would never even consider copying someone else’s hard work, passing it off as my own and then trying to make money on it. As your sister-in-the-Lord I kow you will show grace and mercy and diplomacy even when the rest of us would, quite frankly, rather do the opposite. Blessings for an easier time ahead.

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    This makes me really angry. I follow a few blogs and you are the second in as many weeks that have had problems with people using their images in ways they weren’t meant and without permission. It really sucks. There seem to be less scruples in the world every day. It makes wary of ever getting my own blog off the ground. I hope that this person had not managed to sell any prints. I hope everything works out.

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    I’m so sorry this happened to you. I can’t even imagine how or why someone would do this. It is inevitable that people are going to knock off your ideas, but it is sheer stupidity to advertise that you are stealing someone’s work for profit. I hope it gets worked out.

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    I’m sorry this happened to you Yvonne. I hope all the support you’re getting in so many comments makes you feel better. I know it is a different subject, but I hope Pinterest can solve their problems with abusers. I love the site because you can click on the picture and be taken back to the original blog. This is what I do for pictures that I love and I have found so many wonderful blogs by doing so – including yours!

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    Yvonne…I am so very sorry to hear that…You are such a talented person and should receive all the credits you so rightfully deserve…Unfortunately some people do not follow the rules of morality…I understand how upsetting this can be for you as you obviously pour your heart and soul into whatever you do and you do everything so beautifully….

    My hubby and I have experienced the same kind of problems with people taking pictures of the front of our homes…It had happened to us with three of our homes…Our house would appear on the front of their advertising pamphlets…whether it was a landscaping company or a major brick company..while flattering, it was disturbing that they did this without our permission…

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    I sympathize. I sell on eBay, Bonanza, and eCrater, and I have had other sellers copy my own photos of items I sell, even when taken on distinctive furniture and with my business card or Mr. Backpack Bunny in the photo, and then use them to try to sell the same item themselves. It IS a violation of federal copyright law, and eBay at least will pull a violater’s listing if found to be using someone else’s photo. Sad to say, many people are lazy and either deceptive or ignorant. Didn’t they learn about plagarism in school?


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    Yvonne, I am so sorry this happened to you. I know how you feel. I have done photography for years…hobby and professional. I will never forget browsing one day at different Photog. sites and came across a picture that I actually was speechless for a few minutes as I looked at it and said…THAT IS MY PICTURE! I had taken a class in a nearby city with other photogs and we shot some models that day. We shared our photos on line with one another to critique. WELL that particular picture must not have needed Critique cause she posted on her pro website as her work! I was livid! I did contact her and I told her she had exactly 24 hours to take my picture down or I would call the Better Business Bureau and I would call the Photographers Assoc. I was in at that time and paid them to protect me! It came down immediatly. I don’t mind anyone using anything I have as long as they do not call it their own and they give credit where credit is due. Well, the one thing I know for sure Yvonne, is if we do what is right God will take care of what is wrong! Bless your heart…God don’t like ugly! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, thievery is just plain wrong!

      I love your inspirational posts and aspire to live my life with the grace that touches yours. Please don’t allow people like this to take away my source of inspiration! (although I completely understand your feeling of betrayal)

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      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, thievery is just plain wrong!

      I love your inspirational posts and aspire to live my life with the grace that touches yours. Please don’t allow people like this to take away my source of inspiration! (although I completely understand your feeling of betrayal)

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    Good for you for calling them out! I am not a blogger, but I love being inspired by those of you that are. I was so happy you started your blog back up. When I have time, I just love seeing your site. Your words of love and encouragement are the cherries on top!

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    Hi lovely lady.
    I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Shame on the other person. They should be ashamed. I cannot believe they stole it, watermarked and all. Some people have a lot of nerve. How can you Protect your photos?
    XXOO Diane

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    I am not a blogger either, but am shocked how someone could do that. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but outright claiming someone else’s work as your own is not. I hope that person comes under conviction, takes down your picture, and sends you a personal apology.
    On another note, I have so enjoyed all of your lovely pictures and tutorials, so I pinned a few on Pinterest, but made sure to give credit to you by saying “via Stone Gable”, and of course your watermark was visible, too. Since I’m not very blog savvy, was that the correct way to give credit? I’d feel terrible to think I did it all wrong!

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    I am so sorry to see this happen. You are such an inspiration to me and others. I read your blog daily and what an enjoyment!!!

    I see this same issue with women who design rug hooking and cross stitch patterns. You do have to be protected by copyright laws. I would suggest on pictures to put the “copyright image” across the photo and this way it can’t be reprinted without that image on a photocopy.

    If all else fails, such as the person not removing her post…contact an attorney and let her know this and I feel it will go down.

    Best of luck!!
    Keep up your great work..I love your blog!
    You are such a class act!!


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    That’s just blatant stealing. I do post bloggers pics on Pinterest but with the link back to their website. I’m not making money off anything I Pin and I am certainly not claiming it as my work. I look at it as a way to give the blogger more exposure and hopefully give me inspiration to one day go back and try to create something beautiful. Love your blog, read it almost every day. Thanks for the inspiration and sorry for the hassle.

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    This happened to me with some photos of mine that show up in a photogrphers portfolio. How I found this out was when our daughters best friend was getting married and asked for some of my ideas. She said she had seen all those photos in this guys portfolio when he was trying to sell her his professtional services. I was furious at the time but did not know what to do. This was many years ago before blogging was around. But none the less its the same principle. I have to agree with most everyone elses comments. If its not removed then expose the person. Thats my 2 cents worth.


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    I think you should put a comment on the website to the person who stole your work thanking them for the compliment, then asking them to remove your photograph of the wreath you designed. This person definitely comes from a home where the mom and dad never believe their kids do anything wrong!

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    Yvonne, I just came from reading your post on FB.. what on earth is wrong with people? Do they not have an original idea in their head and have to blatenly steal from others? There is a lot of time, energy and most times money involved in putting together our posts, we all “borrow” from others, however we give them credit for their original work and put our own touches on it.. I pray you can put a stop to this and it ceases….I’m so sorry this has been happening to you, your blog is such an inspiration to all of us… hugs ~lynne~

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    Hi Yvonne….first of all, let me start by saying your wreath is beautiful!!! Secondly….I can’t believe people actually do stuff like this!!! Doesn’t their conscience bother them????

    I’m sorry this happened to you!!


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    Is the item still on the other persons site? Has she taken it down as requested? If she has not I think it is time to let your loyal followers know who it is. I don’t want to be involved with her in any way. That is the best punishment, for anyone that followers her to know and unfollow her blog. Each of use could report it as abuse.
    I am so sorry that this is happening in bloggerland. We all enjoy this part of our lives and people like her destroy the pleasure.
    Sandra Jensen

  57. says

    It’s so hard to believe that this is actually done. Very sad that the person is so insecure that she copies other’s work. It’s even more difficult when the watermark is there. :/

    It’s my personal opinion that you should not allow this to continue. Lorraine’s incident of someone impersonating her is frightening! I know that when we post something on the web, it’s out there for the world but hey, there is something called integrity.

    Brightest blessings ~

  58. says

    I made your tomato basil recipe and gave you credit with a link…I used my photo even though yours was waaaaay prettier. I have seen some of my photos on other blogs without credit. :( I don’t consider myself a great photographer but I think it’s time for me to figure out how to do the watermark.

  59. says

    Yvonne, I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope she does the right thing and removes your photo. Unfortunately I had this happen to me before. I decided to use Google Images to and check and see if any of my pictures were being used. I was directed to a blog of a woman who copied my entire post and used it as her own. When I contacted her instead of removing it she made her blog private.

  60. says

    Nope; not nice at all – and I see to my right all your careful servings like colored sugar? sour cream scones? and could go on and on – your style is easy to pick out – it’s so elegant! Hope said perp stops this sort of stuff NOW.

  61. says

    What a terrible experience for you! Sadly, it happens a lot in design work. I’ve also had my original knitting designs copied and sold or used for profit by individuals and yarn shops and it always amazes me that someone would have so little integrity, let alone zero pride in their own work. I’ve started watermarking a lot of my photos, but wonder if it is effective, although the reason I ended up here on your blog today is that I saw one of your photos pinned on Pinterest, with your name on it. :)

  62. says

    Yvonne, I just saw this post and I hope the issue has been resolved, but I have a feeling that even if it has it will continue to go on. I have had this happen to me several times as well…not exactly like this but similar. There is a blog with the word ‘transferware’ in their title. This other blog has repeatedly used my images…images from years ago when I sold on ebay even. I foound them on Twitter also and have sent several emails/tweets/etc and asked them to credit me. NO response at all. It is frustrating to say the least. I have figured out that they have about 15-20 blogs and basically just steal content from everyone else and put it on theirs with links to where you can buy items (so they get the kickback for it). I have had things copied a lot to, and that’s ok and I really don’t expect a credit there but using images is another story. Unfortunately I think there are some people who will do anything for a buck and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. As much as I hate to say it, I am sure this is going to happen to you again and probably again many times. You are so very talented in so many ways…your ideas, recipes, spirituality and creativity and on top of that you are an amazing photographer and for some people it’s easier to steal work than do it themselves! I’m curious to know what’s happened with this. I’ll have to look to see if you’ve posted any more about it. Email me if you get a chance!



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