When the weather is warm but not too humid you just might find me back porch sitting! Either on my swing or rocking in our back porch rockers. Come on over… let me show you around!

New black rockers were tucked on either side of our back door bump-out. People gravitate towards rockers! Talking is better… reading is better… and sitting is better when you can rock…

Because our home is a big comfortable farmhouse styled home, I want to keep it’s decor easy and relaxed… not fussy or stiff. But that does not mean plain. 
Attention to detail makes a not so perfect decorating style… simply perfect… like adding a big welcoming pillow to a rocker!
The back door at StoneGable is flanked by 2 galvanized planters filled with bright greens and shades of coral. 
Each year I choose a theme for my porch planters. This year it is “Calypso” named after the bright coral color of one of the geraniums. 

The planters came from Target!
I often use curly branches in many of my planters to give them added height. 
I think these flowers work well with the galvanized pot and the limestone on our house.
Here is a snippet of a view from my back porch…
And here is a closer look at our neighboring farm… the farmer just cut the barley crop. I wonder what he will plant next. Our panoramic views are always changing!

Porch sitting is a favorite activity here at StoneGable!
There is still time to enter


  1. says

    This is heavenly, Yvonne. No wonder you like porch sitting so much. I would too if I had this vista. Great idea on the curly willow in the planters, love it!


  2. says

    Rocking chairs are a certain sign of welcome, and your back porch looks like the perfect spot. It is lovely, Yvonne.♥

    We gravitate to one of our porches as often as possible.

  3. Anonymous says

    How pretty and relaxing! Porch sitting is one of my favorite things to do in the late evening, as it gets cooler with a nice drink in my hand! We sit across a pasture and enjoy the wildlife!

  4. says

    I just love it….what more could you ask for…a wonderful view..and I think the flowers that you picked are just perfect they look good in those post next to the wall…Rockers, your rite they are inviting, I have a old one but I don’t have a place for it…in our out…sadly…enjoy your rocking time…wish I was there..seems like the perfect place to be at the moment…with love Janice…

  5. says

    I don’t know why I think your view is so wonderful and yet when I look out my back windows to our big field of corn, I just want it gone! I’m actually right in the heart of town, but luckily no one has built behind us and I love the view when the corn isn’t tall…but when it is…I can’t breathe!

    Love the rockers…I have always wanted Cracker Barrel rockers for the front porch but this house doesn’t have enough porch to put them on. I don’t know why I never thought about putting them on the deck. I’ll have to watch for their next sale!

    Everything at your house is gorgeous as always:)

  6. says

    Such a lovely porch, and a lovely view. And I adore that curly willow in the pots! I have quite a bit left over from decorating Abby’s prom, and now I know what to do with it. As always, everything at your home is gorgeous. xo, Andrea

  7. Shyanna says

    Well I just typed a really nice comment and somehow lost it. Sigh. Just found your blog today and love it. I have been reading for 6 hours!! Saw the strawberry shortcake in a jar that linked here and I have been here ever since! I don’t have a blog and I signed up first thing this morning for email follow. I will try to figure out how else to do it. Your blog is wonderful. Everything is so beautiful. I wish I had your talent! Shyanna

  8. Anonymous says

    Lancaster has always been my most favorite place.
    I could sit on that porch all day long and just watch
    the farmers doing their work.
    I miss my glider on our front porch. But all we see is
    the street and the house across from us.

    Enjoy that beautiful view and let us know the new crop.


  9. says

    You live in just the right spot to do some porch sitting!!! I love it when I’m out in the open like that just looking out at nature! It’s beautiful!!! Of course, I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to mow, water, fertilize all that!!! :-)

  10. says

    We like to do “deck” sittin’ here on the Prairie. This year, we’ve taken the 50’s chairs to the East side of our home. Lovely shade in the late afternoon. Evenings are divine as we look out over the neighborhood of Crooked Creek! Your choice of corals with the green sweet potato vine are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  11. says

    The back porch looks beautiful as always. Love the new planters! I use curly willow too in some planters. So glad to be home and back to real life. I MISSED my computer time:):) XO, Pinky

  12. says

    I almost wrote “where my peener go” but then I thought I might have to pay your son royalties, since he coined the term “peener”.
    Which is maybe something he should leave off of job applications.

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