Autumn High Tea

High Tea and good friends are a perfect fit!

My friend Cathy had a milestone birthday recently. My gift to her was a High Tea at StoneGable for her and 5 friends of her choosing. 
Yesterday, StoneGable dressed in Autumn finery, opened it’s doors and hosted 6 of the most special and beautiful women I know!

The inspiration for the High Tea were these stunning tea cups! Last year on a fall trip to Southampton I happened upon a store brimming with dinnerware and a more than fabulous sale!
I brought home lovely high end cups and saucers, all in blues and rusts. Here are just a couple…
Each tea cup and saucer were originally priced over $100.00… but I got each one for $5.00! Yes, I promise that is the truth! Sounds like a tall tale.. later I found out this store went out of business and this was their final close-out sale. I call that perfect timing!

The table continued the rust, blue and white theme of the tea cups.  I adore these hues together and decided to amp up the color for this tea party!

Each place was set with a stack of rust and blue plates with white as an accent!
You might recognize both blue floral dishes. The bottom dinner plate has been used in many tablescapes (HomeGoods). 
The blue and white dessert plate is Mikasa Indigo Bloom, a beautiful line of Mikasa dinnerware!
The bottom rust plate is used as a charger (HomeGoods) and the square rust accent plate from Pier 1 adds texture and interest to the stack.

I LOVE the shape of these sweet bowls. The pedestal is so delicate! 
A bittersweet napkin ring encircles the little sherbet dish and adds some of nature’s beauty! 
SG TIP: use lots of “sticks and twigs” to add interest to your table!

Rust napkins that look almost like raw silk have such a pretty warm brown ruffled edge (Pier 1). These napkins remind me of a taffeta ball gown

The napkin rings are a plume of soft rust feathers (Pier 1). They work so well with the napkins to bring elegance and a touch of whimsy to the table.
Water goblets in shocking cobalt blue (Pier 1) give this table a big splash of color!  The shape of these goblets are very simple! The color says it all!

Little stout white tea pots (Reading China And Glass) sit on blue willow plates. Each lady could choose her own tea flavor from my tea box. Keeping the tea pots all the same preserves an already busy table from getting too overwhelming! 
A French Leaf is put under each pot to catch any drips!

Vintage silver plated flatware give a sense of formality to the Tea Table!
Each place had their own little coblat vase of garden flowers. There is something so girly about a little vase of flowers of your very own!
The center of the table is filled with garden mums, marigold and salvia as well! They spill out of a large toile planter (HomeGoods) in a very casual just-picked manner.
Big rust mercury glass globes (HomeGoods)  literally sparkle with candlelight!
I like candles on a table even in broad daylight! They make everything look better!
The pretty blue and white salt and pepper shaker sit on a toile plate (Old Millhouse Shoppe).
The table is set and ready for High Tea! Did you know that High Tea got it’s name from the height of the table tea was served on and not the formality of the event? It’s true!
Assorted Teas
Cream Of Mushroom Soup
Pimento Cheese Roll Ups
Orange Poppyseed Mini Muffins With Ham And Honey Mustard Butter
Chicken Cashew Salad In Phyllo Cups
Mimi Quiche Lorraine
Endive Spears With Bleu Cheese, Toasted Pecans, Oranges And A Balsamic Reduction Drizzle
StoneGable Sour Cream Scones
Whipped Clotted Cream
Lemon Curd
Blueberry Jam
Chocolate Mousse In Chocolate Cups
Chocolate Chip Shortbreads
Pecan Tarts
Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
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  1. says

    Yvonne, your friends must have felt so very special to sit at such a beautiful table with you. This one might just be my favorite of all the stunning tables you have done. The colors are perfect for fall and a little unexpected. Really lovely——Shannon

  2. says

    You have such an amazing gift to be able to bring colour together like that. after looking at one of your posts I feel as though I have been treated to a wonderful time out as your friends must have felt.

  3. says

    I have said many times how much I love the orange/blue combo…your table is one of the best…I ♥♥♥ it! The napkin rings add so much to the table…they are adorable. Your tea cups are beautiful.

  4. says

    Yvonne, that is probably the greatest birthday gift ever. So gracious and heartfelt. One can see it all in the detail on your table. It’s so pretty. I love blue and orange. It’s delightful to see all your pretty pieces. Wow, a splendid menu too. Belated Happy Birthday to your dear friend and I am sure all the ladies had the time of their lives! xo marlis

  5. says

    This is exquisite! The color combination brings warmth and energy to a cool Autumn event. Every little detail delights and gives a feast to the eyes! I’m sure your ladies were honored to be @ StoneGable to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. says

    Oh. My. Goodness…
    You left no tea leaf unturned! What a beautiful color combination and such wonderful details! The birthday girl was treated to such a special gift~ and your menu sounds positively divine!

  7. says

    I am so intrigued by how the rust/orange goes so well with the cobalt. I have a teapot in the chintz (from Home Depot). It now has a huge chunk out of it, but it is still beautiful. As a fabric-holic, I look at pattern china as a fabric made into china. Some patterns are works of art, while the solid china works as backgrounds to the patterns.

  8. says

    Yvonne! What a wonderful party for your friend! She is just about the luckiest girl on earth to be dining at that lovely table.

    Is that rust cup and saucer Royal Crown Derby? It looks like it. And I have a similar blue and white plate to your blue and white cup and saucer, sitting here on my table. It belongs to my BFF’s daughter, and I was trying to match up some things I have with it. Hers is a Wedgwood pattern called Crown Sapphire (I think), and the edge of it is wonderful.

    Love your arrangement! Love, love, love it in the toile planter. These are great colors and would work well with Imari, too.

    Thanks for sharing, and I’m going to go back and study the menu. I need a menu like this for a party I’m hosting. Oh, and I see you brought out those sherberts I covet. LOL! But I covet them in a good way. I love looking at them on your table. :-)

    Happy Tablescape Thursday…



  9. says

    I never thought of this color combo and it’s awesome! I’d love to know where you got the glasses because that cobalt would be perfect for her bridal shower.

  10. says

    Great table. I love the rust and blue. Every time you use those sherbets I swoon. They are truly exceptional.

    I truly miss that shop. It’s a shame they couldn’t make it in tabletop. They’ve moved to a back street location but are all paper – non of those gorgeous dishes. I still can’t believe you were so close and we didn’t connect!!!!

    – The Tablescaper

  11. says

    I KNOW how much thought and effort went into this and I hope your friends realized that. The color combo is exquisite! I never would have thought of this combination of colors but I LOOOOOVE it!!!! Every detail is so well thought out and executed, it is almost mind boggling. You are the queen of entertaining and I am (impatiently) awaiting your BOOK!!!!! See you tomorrow! XOXXO, Pinky

  12. says

    Grab a butterfly net to catch me because I am just blown away!!! The brilliant mix of colors and textures are so rich and satisfying to the eye…you can’t look away! You timed your visit to that store SO perfectly. I am happy for you because that has GOT to be the deal of the century!!!

  13. says

    That table is stunning, Yvonne! I love the combination of the blue/white with the rust. It’s just perfect! All the ladies & especially the birthday girl must’ve had a grand time. What a hostess you are!!!

  14. says

    I love every single moment of this! I’ve been plotting a Thanksgivingish tablescape with these colors…I’ll undoubtedly be channeling you as I’m putting it all together. Your use of color is impeccable. Twigs, branches, and berries…I’d better start looking for them now! Thank you for inviting us to your inspired table. Cherry Kay

  15. says

    What a beautiful setting. I love the use of cobalt and rust. Really breathtaking. Your tea cups and saucers are beautiful and I love all the natural elements along with it.

  16. says

    Hi Yvonne,
    I love the blue with the oranges and rusts. This table is beautiful and the pictures look so professional! I think my favorite part, though, are the individual vases of flowers. DARLING!! Your flowers are stunning! Love this!

  17. says

    What a gorgeous tablescape! You mix and match your china and glassware so beautifully!

    Your sugar bowl is Phoenix Bird, one of my favorite blue-and-white vintage patterns. I have lots of it packed up in my inventory somewhere. Now I want to go and dig it all out! LOL


  18. says

    I am just crazy nuts about this table, Yvonne! Where do I begin?! The colors–that rust with the blue is AWESOME. I just challenged myself to use my blue and white for Thanksgiving, but looking fall-ish (added brown) and then I see t his table…wow, wow, wow. And those sherbets?! And the bittersweet throughout! Can’t say enough…So glad I came over from Susan’s BNOTP! I am following YOU! :)

  19. says

    First, your photos are stunning! The combination of blue and rust and white is an explosion of the senses! All the pieces from the sweet little S&P shakers to the tea pots to the pedestal cups work so well on this table. Your friends are lucky, indeed!

  20. says

    It was a shining moment called “Camelot” from the dazzling decor and delicious delicacies to the DELIGHTFUL friends, I am still trying to catch my breath which was so taken away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  21. says

    l absolutely love your colour scheme and all the small thoughtful touches that you put together for your very lucky friend. l’m quite sure it was a huge success.

  22. says

    Hi Yvonne…

    Ohhh my…your autumn high tea is just one of the most beautiful teas and tables that I’ve ever seen, dear friend! It truly is fit for a queen and I’m sure that your dear friend enjoyed each and every moment of her special day! That is so sweet of you, Yvonne! Many blessings to your sweet friend on her special “milestone” birthday!

    Well my dear, I really don’t even know where to begin! Your tea table is one of the most lovely…and exquisite…that I’ve laid eyes on! I really love the color combination that you chose! I don’t know why I never think to use the blue and orange hues together…it’s stunning! Of course, all of your beautiful dishes are just “jaw dropping” gorgeous! My favorite…that little rust and white transferware teacup and saucer…I love that! The place setting is just layer after layer of autumn delight! Ohhh…and the tea napkins with the little ruffled edges are sooo pretty! I love, love, LOVE the plume feather napkin rings too! Beautiful autumn florals…love your centerpiece and the individual vases of flowers…it couldn’t be any more perfect, Yvonne! And…I love all the berries…and all the twigs! Wink! You’re right…they just add the perfect amount of “WOW” and “whimsy”!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your special autumn high tea with us…this was MORE than a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

    PS…I so enjoyed your visit and sweet note, my friend! Thank you for coming by!!!

  23. says

    This table is amazing. It should be in “Country Living” for sure.
    I would have never thought of putting blue in with fall colors, but it is beautiful!

  24. says

    Quick…get some nitro…I’m having chest pains, this is so breathtakingly beautiful!!! I’ve been waiting & waiting to see how you used your newly acquired teacups. What a steal those were!

    This is such an awesome color combination, Yvonne. I seldom think of doing orange with blue but you’ve taken it to a whole new & exciting level. How blessed your friends are to have you in their life! (us, too!)


  25. says

    Wow, Yvonne your have so many beautiful accessories to set your tablescapes. This blue and white table is stunning. First I have to say the centerpiece container with the toile scene is gorgeous, and the fall colors are such a gorgeous contrast and really compliments the blue and white. I love the cobalt blue goblets, the place setting layers and of course the baby pumpkins. Perfect for fall…….

    The French Hutch

  26. says

    You have thought of every detail! What don’t I love! The lovely teacups are treasures. You have given your blue and white a great fall look! The antique sherbets are so elegant and the bittersweet and marigolds plus the salvia and cobalt stems put contrast, texture, and color at their best. I would love to know where you purchased the trailing bittersweet. Years ago I had some fresh but it and sheds and looses its color.

    Happy Birthday to Cathy! I know your tea was a delight to her and all your friends! I could go on and on!

  27. says

    *Clapping and cheering* Yvonne, your table is absolutely stunning! What a blessed friend you have. This is a wonderful birthday present! I absolutely love the color combination! The rust colored mercury glass candle holder is gorgeous and so unique! Beautiful job!

  28. says

    Oh Em Gee! That’s all I can say – well actually I can say so much more like how AMAZING this table is – the colors, the textures, the high end element with the natural charm of the sticks and twigs. I love every inch of it.

  29. says

    I don’t think I would ever have thought of this color combination but it is stunning! Love all the touches of twigs and bittersweet. I am always in love with blue and white and with that touch of pumpkin it is now perfect. Wonderful!

  30. says

    Yvonne can I come to have tea with you next time:) Beautiful tablescape as always, I love blue and white and your centerpiece is stunning! Love the little pumpkins in the bowl and the autumn twig wrapped around them. As for your menu, you had me drooling!!! Martina

  31. says

    Yvonne…I have died and gone to tablescape heaven..oh my word, I am in LOVE with this. This might be my favorite yet of yours…the blue and white with that orange is OUT OF THIS WORLD….when I move can you come give me a crash course in tablescapes??? WRITE A BOOK! I will buy it;) AWESOME!

  32. says

    A lovely gift for your friend! I enjoy using a variety of teacups on the table, and individual teapots…though all the same is a nice look —and the little individual vases of flowers …what could be sweeter! You are a good friend to your friends!

  33. says

    Hi Yvonne. For some reason you dissappeared from my reading list!!Huh? So am your newest “Old” follower! Fortunately I linked a tablescape today and rediscovered you!! This is such a gorgeous table and the colour combinations just what I love!!

    Wow what lucky ladies to be trated to your gorgeous table and some delectable goodies on that menu.

    Happpyyyy to be back ~~

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  34. says

    You are so inspirational! I would truly never have thought to put these colors together and they are beautiful! You made blue feel like an autumn color. It is a lovely table with each and every detail so perfectly selected. I haven’t been around much these last few months. It is so good to be back and see your talent!

  35. says

    Yvonne, I love this tablescape! How nice of you to have such a lovely high tea for your friend’s special day. I’ve already forwarded your link to a friend who is First Lady at a university where orange and blue are their colors. She already has a wonderful collection of blue and white, and she’s going to love this! Thanks for the inspiration again this week.

  36. says

    Blue and rust are such beautiful colors together..each one compliments the other. Your table is just stunning. I LOVE going to High teas..
    I am going to ck out the Sour Cream Scones..sound so good…:)

  37. says

    I just loved the rust and cobalt together. The Bittersweet vines just topped it off. I must have stared at the centerpiece for 15 minutes just soaking in the purple Salvia and Marigolds in that incredible blue/white container. Such great eye candy. Exceptionally well done!

  38. says

    Oh Yvonne this is just stunning!

    This beautiful table setting makes me want pull out all my blue dishes for Thanksgiving!

    Happy Halloween weekend:) and Table scape Thursday!

    Kay Ellen

  39. says

    I love this color combination. Cobalt blue is one of my favorites and yet, I really have very few things that color. This all came together beautifully and I’m sure your friend was so thrilled.

    In answer to your question, I did take the sunrise picture. I just happened to look out the window and stepped out on the deck. It was one of those photos that looked pretty when I took it, but really stunned me when I saw it uploaded. Thanks!

  40. says

    Yvonne: I know you’ve heard it before but you are such an inspiration. I usually have my lunch at my desk at work (busy, busy) but I’m thinking if I went to Pier One and found some of the lovely dishes you display my lunch would be enjoyable. I might even spruce up my office a little for each season. I read earlier that you were having a High Tea so I took a break over lunch to see what it looked like – just beautiful and was such a nice break for me. Oh yes, your blue door is just fabulous.

  41. says

    Every afternoon I enjoy my tea so much this time of year. I’m going to set my dining room with all my pretty blues and whites, then add the spice of orange with pumpkins and bittersweet…you inspire us!

  42. says

    Oh my goodness, your blog is gorgeous! I’ve spent some time looking over everything…your tablescapes are works of art! I’m your newest follower and I’m posting your button on my sidebar!
    Hugs, Cindy

  43. says

    Wow! Coming over from Enchanted Home and think these are the most beautiful images! I was in the process of preparing a post on blue and orange… using an image from my addition to tables cape thurday this week as well…. two unlikely colors together, but really smashing! These are truly lovely… you have a special talent! I would love to include a couple of these images in a the post.. including a mosaic on blue and orange… OF course, I will link to this post and credit your website! Please do let me know if it’s ok!
    Thanks much,

  44. says

    Beautiful blog and such a perfect tea setting. I would be very happy to be a guest at your table. Lovely!

    Also happy to find your blog, found you through Tina at Enchanted Home.

    Am a new follower.

  45. says

    WHAT a gorgeous table setting! Blue and rust are two of my favorite tabletop color combinations! I’m here on recommendation from Tina at The Enchanted Home. So happy to meet you and follow your blog!


  46. says

    Yvonne, I’m back to visit and study this table once again. I love this one! Makes me long for autumn. 😉
    Thanks for sharing your creative talent with all of us. ~ Sarah

  47. Carol says

    Just like everyone else who commented – love, love, love the cobalt/rust/orange/white together. Stunning!
    What a great eye you have.

  48. Anonymous says

    Love the “atypical” fall colors the punch of blue is wonderful. I have a question (ignorance showing here) I’m interested in the french leaf under the teapot. I couldn’t find anything on line and wondering about it. Are they available in many shapes or did you make it? Where available or what made out of? Love the extra detail it brings to the tablescape.

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