I’m not trying to make everyone nervous, but….
Right now most of us are concentrating on Thanksgiving… as we should!
But many of us can multitask and it is the perfect time to start making a little behind-the-scenes Christmas magic…

Pinterest is the most wonderful site to find lots and lots of ideas AND and inspiration. But it does have it’s downside… so look out!
I’d like to tell you what Pinterest is NOT! It is not a place to compare what you have… or your creative skill level … or your value or worth. That can me a horrid trap! Now that that warning is out of the way…
I love to look at gorgeous images… most that I could never recreate,  or have time to do… or afford… but in each picture I focus in on easy creative ideas… and take in beauty and inspiration which abounds and sparks my creativity!

It is also a wonderful place to find Christmas gifts… like this North Pole Pillow…

You can see what inspires me on Pinterest by clicking HERE 
Pot carré en zinc et pomme de pin
…and HERE 
  …and HERE 
 photographer: michael graydon
…and HERE 
Great idea for a holiday cocktail party: serve olives on rosemary wreath.
You can get more inspiration from my Pinterest boards by clicking HERE… and follow me too!
Merry Pinning!
Holiday Plants with Welcome Message


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    Yvonne, I already follow your pinterest boards and must say that I repin almost everything! You find the most beautiful images and inspiration! I am completely on Christmas mode, but in Canada, Thanksgiving has come and gone, so the next holiday is Christmas. I realllly want to make your gorgeous felt stockings, but am having a hard time finding affordable felt (one shop charges $55 per yard of wool felt, and I’d like to make 6 stockings-yikes!). I’ve heard that you can felt your own by washing and drying wool sweaters. Have you tried this? Did you use wool felt, or regular felt for yours?

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      Hi Andrea, I’m making those gorgeous felt stockings too and I live in Alberta.I found the felt at Fabricland can’t remember the price but it sure wasn’t $55/yd or I wouldn’t have purchased it!! It is the craft felt that Yvonne is talking about.

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    I started shopping yesterday, the earliest EVER for me~! My daughter and her family who live overseas will be with us for two weeks this year and I have no intention of spending those two precious weeks in the stores, so I’m determined to get it done as soon as I can! I love seeing what you have found on Pinterest, and as a recovering craftaholic, I know how tempting it is to want to try and make everything I see, but as I grow older, I have learned to enjoy just seeing what everyone is making and try to tweak and use what I already have in new ways…thanks for sharing the lovely images with us!

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    Dear Friend…I’m doing MORE than THINKIN’…I’m putting Christmas TOGETHER!!!
    We host our family Christmas On Crooked Creek this year, also.. .I’m one of the hostesses for our Progressive Christmas Brunch, so Christmas can already be seen at the dining room and the lower level Family Room. “Mr. Ed” has made me the MOST WONDERFUL gift ever for this years celebration which I will share once December arrives!!! I’ve been going through archive Christmas post from all my favorite blogs for inspiration…yours is one throughly enjoy! Also, my stash of back issue magazines. I haven’t gotten bitten with the Pinterest Bug, but may at some point in time! Thanks for sharing some of the remarkable ideas for holidays via your blog!!! Hark! Is that Christmas music I hear coming from the Living Room??? You betch’ ya!!!

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    You have me thinking of Christmas now! I have Thanksgiving for our family, so I have to wait to decorate until after they leave. I also have a show through Dec 2! My Christmas decorating will have to wait until after then. :( Thanks for all the lovely inspiration! :)Thanks you for stopping by my blog earlier this week. For some reason I cannot reply to your kind comment!

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    I am getting Christmas minded. I am trying to start preparing a little by moving things around and such.

    Heading over to look at your Pinterest photos right now.

    Blessings, Amy

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    Thinking continues as the trees get put together and go up in the rooms. Due to guests arriving early from Italy, our season will begin in 9 days.. I didnt know this would be happening and thoughtI had till dec.8th.. I’ll do my best to make as much happen as possible. I joined your Holiday Pinterest board awhile back and have repinned many of your pins. Thank you for always finding such fabulous inspiration.

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    Love all of the inspiration this morning! I always like to start decorating when my pumpkins begin to rot, which has been a little earlier this year. Pinterest has definitely been a wonderful resource this year!

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    Drat, I just lost my post! Well, I am starting to get scared. Due to the lack of summer, and no autumn worth mentioning I have not had the usual changes of weather that make me aware of the changing seasons and the imminent arrival of Christmas. Only this week, when a cursory glance at the calendar made me realise that November is already one third gone have I been kick started into motion. I have spent the last two days punching, embossing, sewing, painting, stamping, inking, and all other sorts of crafting snowflakes of all sizes, for they are the theme of my Christmas cards this year. I now have a box full, ready to assemble! Like snowflakes, no two cards will be the same. I adore that wreath of rosemary, olives, and tomatoes. I also follow you on Pinterest (Celtic♥Heart on there) and love your boards. C♥

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    Yvonne, I love Pinterest and I was late to getting involved in it! I do try to take one Holiday at a time!! There are some decor items that transition into Christmas from Thanksgiving so some of those pieces are out!

    A Giveaway from Scalamandre

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    Not only thinking of Christmas, I have started bringing in some of the decor. It seems to take so long to get it all set up just the way I want it. So, I am getting the “work” done before Thanksgiving. That way, I can enjoy the results of my efforts for longer!!!

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    Oh, your Christmas ideas are so wonderful! And yes, 41 days does make me nervous! I so want to enjoy every minute of Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Having a shop definitely makes it harder to do that! I have so loved Pinterest for all of the reasons you mentioned! I just wish I had more time to sit and be still and look at it! Thanks for this wonderfully inspiring post!

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    I try desperately hard not to fall into that trap of comparing myself with others. I only want to compete with myself. Take a better photo this week than last week. I really planned a simple Christmas but my college kiddo wants to go whole hog. So there we go….

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    The reality that Christmas is just around the corner is a bit frightening. I need to start shopping so that I can actually enjoy the holidays.

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    Yes I am… though I won’t decorate for Christmas at Home until the day after Thanksgiving, as is our custom, I am being amply Inspired by the Retail Vignettes and Posts here in the Land of Blog… and of coarse my Retail Space has had Christmas set up early because peeps are already in the Christmas buying mode.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian

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    Yes, when you have so many in your family as we do, you start thinking Nov. 1st. I try to have my major shopping done by the end of November so I can do fun things during December.

    I am like you, I adore Pinterest. No, I will never get around to making everything but I love being able to find the things I have seen so easily and I often try to make things too.

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    Thanks for the inspiration. I, too, love to look at photos and get ideas – alot of which never get done, but I can dream. Pinterest is such a wonderful way to keep track of all of those things I want to do “someday”.


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    Oh My Gosh- 41 days till Christmas? When did this happen, Yvonne? Why didn’t you warn me earlier?;>) I love all the inspiration I always find when I come here- xo Diana

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    I just spent today cleaning and putting away the final Halloween decorations and making Thanksgiving ones more prominent. I haven’t gone totally Christmas yet, but definitely have a few items sneaking out already!

    For presents this year I plan on making homemade jar cakes and adding a personalized message to everyone. It’s the thought that counts, even if on a budget, right?

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    My panic button has been pushed! Time is flying by….I SO love Pinterest but it is such a time vacuum and black hole that I can be sucked in! I’m following your Christmas board, I love all your inspiration! I just need 34 hours in a day :)

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    Thank you for sharing your Pinterest Christmas board. I repinned so many shared ideas…now to follow through with these inspirations. I love to follow your blog,especially your recipes. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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    Great post and I found some new blogs in the process. I am starting for Christmas here because we go to family for Thanksgiving and we decorate so much for Christmas and I always have projects I need the extra time.


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    I only visit Pinterest occasionally because it really does stir that pot and make me want to go out and shop some more. I don’t “need” another thing in this house, and I have to curb my creative appetite!!! Looking at these photos, though, I get a couple of ideas that I can do without shopping. That’s the discipline I need to exercise!!!

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    Yes, I’ve been “multi-tasking” with Thanksgiving the short term focus and Christmas the long term view. I’ve resisted checking Pinterest only because I can get lost there and find 2 hours flew by when it only felt like 15 minutes!

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    Yes, I am thinking Christmas! I do not host Tgiving, so I am getting an early start on the decorating since I have to do it all myself. It takes forever!
    We are hosting our Christmas Santa party again this year, to celebrate the arrival of our 5th gchild’s first Christmas. We have it out, but I do all the centerpieces, desserts and gift bags for the kids, and take homes for the adults. I have to plan early to get it done in time!
    I will go check your pinterest page.

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    I love all the great ideas! I’m trying to think Christmas. Can’t believe it’s almost here. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!! I am so thrilled to have you! I also followed you’re awesome Pinterest boards. :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

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    I am thinking Christmas all the time. We are hosting our dinner group tomorrow night, and I would start decorating SUNDAY but we are also having guests the day after Thanksgic=ving and I don’t want to be in the middle of decorating………….SIGH. I am SO dying to get it done and be able to enjoy it all. XO, Pinky

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