Aqua And White Tablescape

A Winter Tablescape:

It’s still winter in my part of the country. So, I was in the mood to set a table that used icy colors. Collecting aqua elements for a while, I was excited to use them on the table.
The inspiration for this tablescape were these fuzzy white pom-pom stems. I found them after Christmas on sale, and they asked me to take them home.  Boy, are they messy. I had fuzzy “snow” everywhere!!!! I sprayed them with a craft fixative- a little better, but not great. Working with these fluffy creations was not easy, but they are so pretty and eye-catching.
Trying to keep the colors limited, I layered a silver charger (Reading China and Glass), a darker aqua dinnerplate, my very favorite white berry plates and a lighter aqua bowl (all from HomeGoods). I tucked a folded napkin in between the bowl and white plate (Pottery Barn). The blue, aqua and white striped napkin give added interest to the plates.
I thought the different edges of the plates made a pretty overall look.
The place settings sit on two crisp white cotton table runners (Pottery Barn).  Positioning them widthwise on the table made interesting placemats.
White bubble glass goblets (Reading China And Glass) are cool and tall.
Clear glass candlesticks topped with white pillar candles continue the icy theme.
Little individual candles sit at the head of each place. When the candles are lit, they give a soft glow that warms the cool whites and aquas.
Scattered aqua rocks give a feeling of icy drops.
The centerpiece urn (HomeGoods) is filled with snow-like pom-pom stems. They give this table a little fun in a theme of serene.
The benefit of positioning the placesettings on the sides of the table is having the heads free to place serving pieces. I put dessert plates, cup and saucers, dessert napkins and a bread basket (Goodwill) at one head of the table.
At the other end of the table is a gouping of  aqua jars with rusty finials and a rusty tray. A pale aqua plate holds tall water glasses with an aqua detailing (Ikea).
The table is set and ready for our friends! We are looking forward to an evening of good food, wonderful fellowship and fun!
I am joining Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Make sure you visit for a list of all the wonderful tablescapes this week.


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    I too love this tablescape a lot, the colours are so great together and your napkins are perfect with your dishes, love the pom poms and all the little details, such inspiration. Kathy.

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    I know i LOVE this table as I own several of those elements-SO pretty. ButterYum, I have a set of the bubble glasses that I bought years ago. I honestly don’t even remember where.
    Beautiful table!

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    Yvonne, absolutely stunning!

    I love the way you have combined the elements… I have a few of them and never would have thought to put them together the way you have. Who wouldn’t be pleased to be seated at your lovely table? Beautifully done!

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    I can almost see my breath as I get my nose close to the screen for a better look at your frosty scene!
    The deeply sculpted edges on your turq. plates make them look baronial! All your silvery-sparkling glass just offsets the milky opaque colors beautifully.
    You have such a canny artistic talent for creating scapes that set a mood beautifully, Yvonne. I always enjoy my visits to your home.


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    Once again you are such an inspiration with another beautiful table. I so wish that I had a dining room! After seeing your tablescapes I wish for one even more! I can just imagine the yummy food that you would serve here.

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    This is a stunning table. I love the aqua and white and how pretty are those plates all stacked up together! I can see that centerpiece is messy but it really is pretty! love how you used the runners, again so creative you take my breath away. Now where did I put my Aqua stuff???

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    You are the queen of Home Goods Yvonne. Another beautiful table scape. The rims of your dishes work so well together and the colors are beautiful for a cold winter evening meal. The centerpiece is perfect and I can just imagine the mess it probably made getting it together. I was working on a wreath for my front door inspired by your winter wreath and I had little snow bits everywhere too.

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    Gorgeous. The first thing I noticed was the white, puffy centerpiece. I’d love to add a few white twinkle lights to the base of the stems in the top of the pot to see how the light would sparkle up through them. Of course, then there would be the silly cord to deal with. Anyway, I love the centerpiece, I love the dishes (both aqua and white) and I love that set of jars.

    There is a giveaway at my place, check it out!

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    OHHHH how pretty! Love the winter cool colors! The pompoms add so much to the table, from the viewers point of view… very worth the mess!
    Dee Dee

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    Love every detail you have graced your beautiful Tablescape with.
    Absolutely a treat to the eyes!!!
    You have really presented a gorgeous table.
    Hope you’ll drop by my place sometime!

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    This tablescape is just gorgeous, Yvonne. You are so right it is still winter here in PA. These colors are just so soothing, yet crisp and stunning at the same time. Those pom-poms are the first thing I noticed, but they do look messy.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your nice comment. I will definitely let you know when I am in the area again:)

    Have a great week!

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    Fabulous as always! Love the aqua dishes and other accessories. They add a nice twist to the “winter white”. I especially like how you used the runners width-ways across the table. I need to get a couple of matching ones to try that. Your centerpiece is unique and eye-catching!


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    Yvonne, you have a beautiful way with mixing elements on a table. This one definitely sets the mood with the white and aqua. I love the layering of the plates with the sculptured edges. I’d love to be a guest at this dinner. Thanks for sharing….Sarah

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    Beautiful table, Yvonne. I almost used the same aqua plates for tonight and then changed my mind. I love those whimsical fuzzy pom poms, they add so much to the table. Thanks for sharing.

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    wow, you have amazing taste and I know because I have those same dishes and my post this week are those same dishes, and what is amazing is that the two settings are so totally different, thats why I love tablescaping so much, it’s not just a set of dishes sitting on a table, it’s what you do with the, stop by and see my setting,,,,Phyllis

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    That is beautiful! I love aqua ans white together..Those pom sprays are unique..never saw anything like them..perfect centerpiece.
    Beautiful dishes too!
    Thanks for sharing that lovely table, Yvonne!

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    Yvonne, This is so simply stunning. Love all the layering that is so welcoming. Perfect place to serve a lovely bowl of white spargle (asparagus) soup. Have enjoyed so much the recipes you share….would love to know if you have a good “Spargle” soup recipe. (We lived in Germany for 5 years and that was or favorite!)

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    So pretty and icy!!! Mine is icy this week too.

    Love the aquas. Those are beautiful plates and of cours the white ones with the berry border are outstanding. It’s always fun to mix up the use of the runner. And those brances, even if they were messy, were quite a find! Sometimes it’s that one item that sets us in motion!

    – The Tablescaper

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    Hi Yvonne…

    Ohhh my…what a beautifully set winter table! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the aqua paired with the silver…it’s different and really pretty, my friend! Love, love, LOVE your place settings…sooo beautiful! I have seen these aqua dishes before and didn’t get them…shoot, now I’m wishing that I did! Ohhh…and I love your white berry plate with that pretty frenchy bow…wherever did you find those, my friend? I need some! Hehe! Love the pretty aqua striped napkin with this setting…it gives just “pops” out so beautifully! Also, what a great idea to use table runners in a horizontal fashion…I’d like to try that, again…it’s different and so pretty! Love all of your beautiful table accessories and ohhh my, your winter “pom-pom” tree is absolutely gorgeous! What a grand centerpiece!!! Yvonne, your winter tablescape is truly one of the prettiest that I’ve seen! You are certainly a “master” of tablescaping!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity, talents, and all of your pretties with us today…a real treat, indeed!!!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

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    Your tablescape is absolutely stunning! I would be so in awe of you if I came for dinner at your house. I hope you and your guests had a great time.


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    Oh my!!!!! Yvonne ! this is the most beautiful tablescape I have seen! My fave colors! I am almost in tears over how gorgeous it is to my eyes. I would love to put a link from my page to this post of your’s if you don’t mind. Please let me know.
    Gwen from A Charming Home:)

  22. Anonymous says

    I am Yvonne’s sister-in-law and I ate at this beautiful table. I had the pork with peach glaze which was outstanding.

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    I love this table. I have the aqua plates too and they are one of my favorites, so great in any season. Your icy centerpiece is just fabulous. It almost gives me chills. Have a wonderful weekend Yvonne, it is almost here.

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