If you come to visit me at StoneGable, I will greet you at the door in an apron. It is just part of my “uniform”!
I started wearing aprons as a young wife to save my clothes from getting dirty. As the years passed I continued to wear them… to gather up veggies in the garden, wipe salty little tears, dry off dishes and messy  hands, and to hold all sorts of sundry things that end up in their big deep pockets
. Aprons also decorate my kitchen. They hang on very unique wall hooks…

I love these plate hooks! They are all part of one piece… all joined together!  
Aren’t the designs on each plate so unusual?
I added the blue and white plate above. I thought it gave the arrangement a nice balance!
The plate hooks and the aprons give my neutral kitchen a bright splash of color!
I am working on making my own version of these plate hooks… I feel a tutorial coming soon!
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  1. says

    Yvonne, I love aprons, too. Wearing one makes me feel so domestic and creative. Yours are displayed in a very clever and pretty way. It’s nice to have your aprons ready to wear when you are cooking one of your faboulous meals. ——–Shannon

  2. says

    I, too, am an avid apron wearer.

    I was just laughing at my cat a little while ago – as I take it off and start to walk to put it back on the hooks in the pantry my cat thinks it playtime and chases the apron strings all the way.

    Love wear you keep yours!

  3. says

    Yvonne, I have my aprons hanging in the kitchen too, but mine aren’t on such a lovely hook. I look forward to the tutorial.
    Happy weekend…….Sarah

  4. Gail says

    Glad to see someone still keeping the tradition of wearing an apron. When my mama would put on an apron (everyday) I knew she meant “business” in taking care of our home. You keep giving me memories of growing up ( I’m almost certain I am older than you) and that’s one of the reasons I love your blog!

  5. says

    I have one bright apron hanging in my kitchen and I think it will appear in the background of a photo that is going up today. The plate hooks are very pretty and functional. Be blessed my new friend, Olive

  6. says

    Well I just love your awesome aprons and the unique hangers, beautiful! And I love that you wear your aprons all the time, what a fun idea (and clean, too). Mary

  7. Anonymous says

    Love this post. I, too, wear aprons at home for the same reasons. Several my aunt made for me 30 years ago. My grandparent’s lived on a gentlemen’s farm and she wore aprons everyday…a whole world existed in those big pockets…the things she would pull out of there amazed me! Please, please do a tutorial on the plate hooks, I would love to make one too. Suzi pblapere@att.net

  8. says

    I love the plate hooks…can’t wait for your tutorial!…I do not usually wear aprons, though I have several…I really should……
    Your aprons are beautiful and moreso hanging….what a beautiful spot in your kitchen!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. says


    Well, I also wear aprons for cooking and crafting. Have many hanging in the kitchen and my studio. Love to decorate them as well.

    Love yours because I love blue!


  10. says

    So cute. Hope you do a tutorial. I love aprons and try to remember to wear one, not only to protect my clothes but in memory of my Grandmother, who wore an apron all the time.

  11. Donna says

    I can’t wait for the tutorial on the plate hooks. I love to do crafts and I would love to make one myself. I have some pretty aprons I would like to display on such beautiful hooks.

  12. says

    Glad to know there are others who use aprons as much as I do! I like sewing my own and have many themed ones for the different seasons and holidays.

  13. says

    All of my aprons are hanging in my pantry but you make me want to display them. I can’t wait for the tutorial on how to do the plate rack. It makes such a beautiful statement with your aprons hanging there.

  14. says

    I wear my aprons when I am out in the garden. Actually, I have a dedicated garden apron. Can’t wait for the “hook” tutorial. Thanks for sharing. And a belated glad you are back.

  15. says

    I can remember my granny always wearing an apron to cook in. But…she saved her prettiest apron for the holidays! Those precious memories bring a smile to my face. I too love aprons. Happy Memorial Day. Hugs and blessings, cindy

  16. says

    I adore your apron plate hooks! I imagine these are such a conversational piece, as well! I, too, wear an apron when I’m cooking! Mine hang in the laundry room…on a hook! Seems aprons have made a “come back” of sorts in the past few years! I’ll be watching for the tutorial!

  17. Anonymous says

    What a beautiful way to display your beautiful aprons.

    I have recently purchased three red transferware paltes to display
    on the mantle in my kitchen.
    Now I love the way you have used these plates and hooks.
    I anxiously await the tutorial as I would like to try to do

    Wishing You and your family a great weekend.

    Denise Lamb

  18. says

    Yvonne, that blue apron in the middle is just dreamy! I can see I need to upgrade my apron collection. I have one (and only one) that my son gave me when he stopped working at the grocery store. lol It is his old black apron with a red apple. I ruined too many shirts with olive oil splatters before becoming a true believer in aprons. Now I won’t cook without wearing it! Enjoyed your aprons this morning!
    Hmmm. I know I have an apron pattern around here somewhere…

  19. says

    I have a plethera of aprons. I even have them when my boys were little (they are now 27 and 24). I homeschooled them and when a sewing class came up, we made aprons! They were the only boys in the class but they made cammo aprons and used them for years until they outgrew them. I have them saved for grandchildren some day! I am the same way with wearing one almost as a uniform. They keep my clothes clean and are used for a myriad of situations.

  20. Anonymous says

    I just love this Yvonne! :-)I have never owned an apron but have always wanted one! I hardly see them anymore….where would I got to buy one??
    Sharon Geers

  21. says

    I loved this little read. I always wore colorful aprons at my bakery and now have them hanging in my pantry at home for use around the house. I do believe I will now be finding them a place in my new kitchen (when we move) where they can be a part of the decor. Your hook idea is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Pamela says

    I just read this post and it is very cool. Love your aprons, and your plate hooks are awesome.
    Have a blessed day

  23. Judy Lincicum says

    Yvonne, I just bought my first apron and was looking online Hobby Lobby for a hook to display it on, thinking I should probably buy more than one, because I would like to start collecting aprons. The apron I bought is very special. It’s from Decor to Adore, Laura made it from a stash of her grandmother’s sewing fabrics and laces and sold them in her Etsy shop. Her grandmother passed away from heart problems and so sweet Laura called her aprons Eleanor’s Aprons and the proceeds went to the American Heart Institute. Great idea, yes? I got so excited when she announced she will be making her own creations in aprons and I intend to buy some more. And now you are posting about aprons and promising a tutorial for an apron rack made from plates, also my downfall, and I’m in blog heaven! You girls are absolutely amazing, and Yvonne, your kitchen is my dream kitchen and I visit you every day! Lots of Love to you!
    and God has blessed you with the talent to reach us in many ways.

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