I’m been away… visiting my daughter and sister and taking the best ASCP furniture painting class (more on that in an upcoming post)! Going away is fun and refreshing and freeing… but I LOVE coming home! I’m sorta like Dorothy when it comes to home!  
On this trip I fell into an antique shopping opportunity quite by accident!  
And look what came home with me…

…this old galvanized, chippy watering can! I filled it with and armful of Annabelle and PeeGee hydrangeas and put it temporarily on the kitchen table… just to have it in view.
 I knew it was mine the second I saw it… does that ever happen to you? You know if you don’t take some thing home you will feel like you abandoned it?  Like it already belongs to you?
How could I resist it’s chippy paint and unique handle… 
I have never seen one make like this… I wonder if it was something else at one time and repurposed into a watering can?
Even it’s spout is interesting…
The top of the watering can is the most unique of all.  It almost looks as though it had a lid! 
It is marked with a number near it’s rim…
Could my new find  have been an oil can or a milk can at one time… or has it always just had great character…
What do you think? Have you ever seen a watering can like the one that came home with me…
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    When I was in middle school I lived with my parents on my grandfather’s dairy farm a few yrs. It does indeed look like a small milk can than some ingenious, artistic person, welded parts onto to form the watering can. Great Find!

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    Unique find, indeed, dear friend! I believe your watering can had a FIRST life as a milk or cream can! Creative detailing!!! Oh, yes…I know what you mean by not being able to leave something behind. The connecting attachment is a powerful one! However, I do get the “rolled eyes” look from “Mr. Ed” when I say,” It lept into my cart!” Great buy…and Welcome Home!!!

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    No matter it’s origin, your watering can is gorgeous and made more so with those beautiful flowers. It would be interesting to know the history of your great find. Thanks for featuring my puppy popsicles. They have been a hit with dogs as well as their owners.——————

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    Can you imagine the story behind that beautiful watering can? You could write a short story or poem about your thoughts and put them to press. How wonderful! We certainly can’t pass of “great finds”!

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    I absolutely love this watering can. No matter if it had another life as something different it is beautiful. Your hydrangeas are very pretty too. Love the colors. Hope you enjoyed your visit with your daughter and sister. Have a great week-end. Sheila

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    Of course it had to go home with you! Don’t you just adore these aged pieces with years of patina? Looks great on your kitchen table.

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    Yvonne I love your very special find! It is very unique! The hydrangeas are perfect in it!

    I think you will like my new Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

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    Hi Yvonne, I need to go shopping with you! To answer your question, yes I do experience the feeling of first sight and you know it is going home with you. You found a beauty in the galvanized watering can. It really is different, I’ve not seen one like it. I really think it is perfect to hold your hydrangeas and just icing on the cake for your trip.
    Have a great Sunday.

    The French Hutch

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    So so beautiful! Love watering cans and hydrangeas… this inspires me a little painting :)
    It was so kind of you to leave such lovely comment, thank you!

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