The kitchen at StoneGable is not only the heart of my home but it’s hub!

Today I’m sharing and show you my kitchen ready for early fall!

I’m so please to be a part of….

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Early fall at StoneGable is a real transition time… as we celebrate the remains of Indian summer and the harbingers of the cooler season to come…

Fall is beginning right here on my the island! I’m starting to bring in a few Autumnal colors of fall and nubby textures into the kitchen!

A large burlap runner cover the whole island and works to warm things up!

Two cylinders filled with faux fall leaves build a canopy over chunky wooden candlesticks and candles.

My island is a real workhorse! It is my work station, breakfast bar, buffet table, project center and gathering place!  It store my bakers, plastic storage containers, knives and essential gadgets… and lots and lots of ball jars! The doors on either end are trash cans!

When we freshened up our kitchen a couple of years ago we cut the island down by 4 feet, gave it bun feet and added a soapstone top!

A little candlelight is so pretty when the evening start to get shorter.
The stools at our island are probably 25 years old! They were once golden oak and very very well loved! 
I painted them and wrote my favorite granola recipe on the seat. Easy and free… my favorite!

I said we would look into some of my cupboards… I try to keep a very tidy kitchen, because it can really get out of hand FAST!

This is our coffee station… one of the most used areas at StoneGable.
Above it are my dishes… well, some of them.

Here’s what we use ever day.

Our kitchen was made in our garage. It is a REAL farmhouse kitchen. The doors on the cabinets don’t close quietly… they have old fashioned magnets and sorta bang when the close. We wanted them to be authentic… believe me, they are!

They were given a little modern look with the great flute detail at the corners of the cabinets and the heavy molding!

One of our projects within the year is to have glass put in the upper cabinets. I can’t wait!

My everyday day dishes are Mikasa Italian Countryside. I have used them for years and years and still love them!

The big sink at StoneGable was custom made from soapstone. Another authentic farmhouse piece!

Today it is filled with Pee Gee hydrangeas… they bloom in late summer and early fall just outside my kitchen window.

This sink is so big and ample…

I like to keep my counter tops pretty free of “stuff”. This is a kitchen that must earn it’s keep! I use all my counters.

Most of the things in my kitchen are pretty utilitarian.

The door next to the sink is our dishwasher! We had it made to look like the rest of the kitchen.

If there was one thing I could magically change about my kitchen it would be my cooktop and oven!

I would love this area to be a bit bigger… and really wanted a double wall oven and warmer when we updated. However, some things are just not meant to be! To get wall ovens, I would have had to give up a portion of my pantry. And that was not going to happen. We would have lost the wonderful custom craftsmanship that went into the pantry. Life is about compromises!

So we slipped a wall oven under a cook top and its has worked out just fine!

The oven hood hold my dear stone pig Earl!  He is the lord of the kitchen!

The woven texture of the basket and the wooden spoons bring some Autumn warmth to my kitchen!

The basket also holds assorted flavor oils and salts!

This is my pantry! Very farmhouse… with lots and lots of space!

Here’s what it looks like inside!

I don’t like open boxes or packages of food… so over the years I have collected glass jars and use them instead.

Can you tell my label maker is one of my favorite gadgets?

One of my sweet readers caught a typo… I had a good giggle! Can you find it?

I use turntables to keep my oil and vinegar contained.

The upper cabinet makeover will be patterned after this glass cabinet that hold some of my favorite white dishes and accent pieces!

Right off the kitchen is a small breakfast cove. It’s a bump-out with a french door flanked by two windows.

This room is a bear to photograph because of the windows… but it is one of my favorite spots at StoneGable!

We found two great worn outdoor shutters at a local antique shop… brought them home… gave them a vacuum and hung them on opposite sides of the room! What great chippy character!

Our round farmhouse table was handmade from 200 year old local barn beams.  I have an early fall vignette in the middle of it today.

The runner is a piece of french linen… it must be very old! It even has a monogram stitched in red in one corner!

Apples and September and synonymous to me… after all I was a teacher!

My collection of silver spoons and pitchers keep growing and growing. Good thing they seem to keep pace with one another!

The little table next to the window in the breakfast area holds some of my favorite cookbooks and an old 7 Up box that I’m not quite sure what to do with just yet!

The table used to be golden oak and I upcycled it to look old and well worn!

I hope you have enjoyed StoneGable’s kitchen tour… and will stop back again.

My front door is always open to friends… old and new!!!!



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  1. says

    Yvonne, I adore your kitchen and I would love to be sitting with you there having a cup of coffee. It is a family kitchen, a working kitchen! The best kind of kitchen,
    xo Kathysue

  2. Anonymous says

    Yvonne~~ I throughly enjoyed the kitchen tour! It’s so warm and cozy~~ I can almost smell a good ole peach cobbler cooking in your stove! Thank you for sharing!

  3. says

    your kitchen is my all time favorite! it’s functional yet pretty. you have inspired many of my kitchen vignettes and decorating ideas…thank you.

    here in the heart of dixie we’re still a ways off from true autumn but i’m ready to do some fall decorating myself.

    thank you for all your inspiration yvonne!

  4. says

    Yvonne, your kitchen is one of my absolutely one of my favorites on the planet! I love every single detail, especially the sink! I also love, love, love your wooden spoons!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Yvonne, Your kitchen is so beautiful. Just looks like it would
    be a great organized place to prepare meals. Love your white
    cabinets and your pantry is so organized. I have to take mine
    apart and see if I can get it neat and make it easy to find
    what I need for a meal.

    I just would like to kn ow does your dishwasher hold a full set of the
    Italian Countryside dishes. My dishwasher can only hold 6 of the large
    dishes on one side and I have to put the smaller plates on the other side.
    Real pain when you are haivng guests over for dinner. We need to replace
    and I am looking for recommendations.

    Thanks for your help.


  6. says

    Your pantry is fabulous, and your organization of its contents is amazing! I am inspired to update our pantry to a two-door copy of yours. It is now on my wish list. Thank you for sharing your incredible kitchen. I would love to be your neighbor.

  7. says

    Yvonne, like the way you organize your dishes. I really need to get busy doing this. The carousels and stands really help don’t they? Your fall colors are very warm and lovely! Thanks for all the inspiration. Now, I just have to do it!

  8. says

    I can just hear your sweet voice narrating the tour of your stunning kitchen! You’re amazing at mixing function and fabulous! I love your island (and am envious of your hidden trash cans at either end). And, your organized cabinets and pantry is making me realize I need to get working on mine! Love the splashes of Fall that you’re adding and can’t wait to see more!

  9. says

    Yvonne, like the way you organize your dishes. I really need to get busy doing this. The carousels and stands really help don’t they? Your fall colors are very warm and lovely! Thanks for all the inspiration. Now, I just have to do it!

  10. says

    I have toured your kitchen several times as you have revamped and redone and I SO enjoy it. It is just lovely. But I did get a chuckle when you gave us the peek into your pantry. Did you notice that you have a jar labelled “Plain BEDcrumbs”?!? I LOVED that! What’s a little typo between friends, anyway. Thank you so much for returning to the blogging world. You inspire and uplift each and every time you post!

  11. says

    Absolutely one of the very best kitchens EVER.

    Love love love your style and flair and taste and, well YOU!

    So excited about everyone’s kitchens I decided to post mine too – not that it compares in any way to those others’, but my way of saying that you all truly inspire me!

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. Hugs. ~Michele

  12. says

    Hi Yvonne! Your kitchen is just gorgeous! I love your huge island and how you always decorate it so beautifully! Your pantry looks wonderful and I really like your glass jars.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. says

    I just luv your kitchen. it is so luvly and of course, it functions well. Luv wandering through. My pantry is full of glass jars as well. I am NOT a fan of boxex and packages… everything gets placed in jars upon coming home.
    Thanks for having me..
    Hugs, Gee

  14. says

    One of the most beautiful KITCHENS in blog land! I specially love how beautifully you decorate it and the perfect elements you’ve used and each so pretty too! Have a wonderful end of the summer weekends, dear Ivonne.

  15. says

    Your tour just made me yearn to get my house put back together. Thank you for all the extra special peaks! Is the bunny covered side a soup tureen? It’s so cute. I have a little bunny collection and that perked my ears right up!!

  16. says

    I LOVE the stools with the granola recipe. Genius! I have a small step stool that I have been wanting to do SOMETHING with, and I think this treatment would be perfect. Have you written a blog post on how you did the stool? I’d be interested in knowing brands and colors of paint, primer, how you did the lettering, etc. what I have is a cherry wood two-step stool with a top that got a bit of water damage from a plant that used to be on top. I’d appreciate any advice or suggestions.

  17. says

    Love, Love, Love! Your kitchen is adorable and I love Earl! I really like the burlap table runner on your island and all the items on top – I might need to do something like that for my dining room table – I am so ready for fall! I adore all of your white dishes. I happen to love color and I have had my primary dishes for a very long time, but I am wanting to go white & I think I ready after seeing how well it all works in your kitchen. Oh, and yes just what is bedcrumbs? LOL!!
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  18. says

    Thank you for inviting us behind the doors of your cabinets and pantry, dear friend!!!
    I thrive on organization and so~o~o appreciated seeing how you store all your dishes!
    Over the years, I’ve enjoyed watching as you did updates and make overs of this space,
    but to see the entire kitchen today was truly a breathtaking experience for me!!!
    Brigh, light and white. . .exquisite!!!

  19. says

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen! I love it! So comfortable and welcoming. What a talent you have and I for one appreciate you sharing it with those of us who follow your blog.

  20. says

    Yvonne, your kitchen is beautiful and functional, the best of both worlds. It’s fun to see how you organize your cupboards. Thanks for the tour! Enjoy your weekend. ~ Sarah

  21. says

    I am so happy to see INSIDE your pantry! I need to get some glass containers like you have. I wish I had ONE big pantry like you, instead of the 2 smaller ones. Want to come down and help me organize mine?????????? XOXO

  22. Anonymous says

    You have such a lovely kitchen Yvonne! Thanks for the wonderful tour & even showing the inside of your cabinets. Everything is so tidy!! You put me to shame 😉 By the way, I’m going to gather my bedcrumbs next time & put in a jar 😉 teehee


  23. Anonymous says

    Sue M.

    Loved seeing our kitchen (especially being able to peek inside your cupboards..such great ideas. Thanks for sharing….loved it all.

  24. says

    So many things to love and adore about your kitchen Yvonne. I loved the counter stools, I love the lighting over the island, I love your stove back splash, I can go on and on. So beautiful. And wow, do you have a lot of dishes!~Have a great Saturday.

  25. says

    Your kitchen just takes my breath away…there are so many incredible details everywhere…vignettes created for beauty and function…I cannot imagine how wonderful it is to sit at your breakfast table every morning to start your day….truly a kitchen of warmth and love!!

  26. says

    If you lived on my road you would be the lady I ran to when I was out of a spice. You would have it. Right now all I’ve got is a middle aged divorcee, but he’s always happy to spare some sugar!

  27. says

    I loved your tour and the wonderful details. So much thought and organization (and love) went into the design. You inspired me to do some organization in my pantry!

  28. says

    The farmhouse sink filled with flowers…what can I say but be still my heart! Gorgeous is an understatement! Your attention to details is simply amazing…there is not question about it…the QUEEN of detail and the royal crown is yours!!!! Thank you for always making me smile or making me hungry when I visit…Excuse me now as I go make some Garlic Dills and Caponata!!! ; ) hugs…

  29. says

    It’s glorious, Yvonne! Every detail is amazing, but I’m especially in love with the pantry and your organization. What a wonderful place to entertain. I am just so amazed at all the houses on this tour and feel a bit out of my league! I’m glad we all have something unique to offer. Now I’m going to have to nose around the rest of your house :)

  30. says

    You know what I love about your kitchen? Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it is a working kitchen. There are so many that look good all the time…because they are never used. I LOVE working kitchens. Yours is superb. Lori Lucas

  31. says

    Just beautiful! I am so inspired by the way you organized your pantry. Transferring ingredients to jars and labeling everything probably saves some space, and it definitely makes the inside of your pantry look so pretty. I’m thinking about trying to copy this idea from you, but I’m worried that I might forget cooking instructions after the boxes have been thrown away. Do you remember everything in your head? Thanks for the inspiration.

  32. says

    Hi Yvonne. Out of all the kitchens that I’ve ever seen in blogland, your kitchen is hands-down one of my faves! I have pinned sooo many pics from your kitchen over time, it isn’t funny. I just love it! (Sorry for gushing so much.) Thank you so much for always being the inspiration that you are. Wish we lived close enough to each other because I sure would love to enjoy a cuppa something with you. I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with you at Haven as I wanted to. xo’s

  33. Anonymous says

    Our kitchens are so much alike! I may have to send you some pics of mine so you can see! I have soapstone countertops, like yours and wondered what you use to keep them shiny? I have tried mineral oil, but when I wipe them down, the shine is gone. Do you simply reapply mineral oil ofter to maintain the shine? Or is there a better way?

    Thanks for sharing your home! Beautiful!

  34. says

    I LOVE your sink….where did you find it? The kitchen is beautiful. you’ve done an amazing job….love your blog!

  35. says

    I’ve tried to comment 3 times, so this may be a repeat – how did you upcycle that golden oak table? and how did you put that recipe on the barstool? would love to see a tutorial!

    • says

      Kim, I have not done a post on my stools. I’ll put that on my radar for a spring post! Thanks for the idea!
      As far as covering golden oak… I use Annie Sloan Chalk Pain. No priming and it’s a dream to work with!

  36. Ilona says

    Yvonne, I am looking for an off white paint for my kitchen.
    What color did you use on your upper cabinets? They look like a
    beautiful cream.

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