What’s you favorite part of decorating? Conceptualizing a design, the hunt for the perfect pieces, choosing colors and fabric? Mine is adding details.
You could call me the embellishment queen. I love to take something and make it even better! Fussing and fluffing and adding layers of detail.
Here’s the newest layer in the living room…

A room at StoneGable is not complete without a few plates on the wall!

Some creamy textured plates found a new home above the Kessler painting.

I was careful not to give too much height or heaviness to the display as they should not complete with the height of the windows… but I grouped them to mimic the window’s arched shape.
These came right out of my kitchen cabinet…
My Annebelle hydrangeas are turning from a snowy showy white to a citron green.  They add a pop of color to this very neutral room.
Even though the closest ocean is almost 3 hours away, I still love to display shells in the summer. I am a big shell collector at the beach!!!! So dishes of shells here and there around StoneGable are common summer decor!!!
Of course, the living room needs a touch of the summer beach too!

This beautiful huge carved shell is one of the treasures from my AT HOME site.  Stop by… there are so many sales going on now!
The silver shell dish was a prize I brought home from a spring trip to Savannah!
Is decorating really ever done? Not for me! I’m always and happily adding and editing details… one layer at a time!


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    Good morning Yvonne
    I love the new look of your blog and all the pictures are of so beautiful. As for me I like it all…the hunt {although I must admit most things just fall right into my lap]. I just wish I had time to do more. Happy weekend.


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    You are so talented, Yvonne. Every detail of your home is lovely, and it’s obvious that you have a passion for beautiful interiors and gardens, as well as preparing amazing dishes in your kitchen. We are miles inland, but like you, I use a bit of seaside decor here in the summer. My Nantucket baskets are out year round, but in the summer sea shells and a carved mermaid join them tabletop on the sunporch. Thanks for sharing! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!

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    Beautiful, Yvonne!! I LOVE the chest and painting and the shells, flowers and plates are just the right touch. Your home is gorgeous and I always take away some inspiration every time I visit your blog. Have a blessed day!

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    So pretty, Maam Yvonne.

    I love your style. I had revamped my living room and some of the touch was taken from your living room but in a smaller scale, as my house is a very petité, that’s why I called it D´Box.

    I will post some photos next week even I am not finish re-doing it.

    Happy w/end.
    /CC girl at D´Box

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    I like pulling together all the final details, too, Yvonne. The whole room looks just gorgeous and that chest and set up is the perfect finishing touch (well, we all KNOW that we are never really finished)…but it looks beautiful!!! xo Diana

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    All your details are so lovely. I love the seashells, they just make me feel more relaxed. I think you are excellent at arranging objects to highlight their beauty and to work together in a group. Lovely.
    Thanks, Patty

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    Love the plates too, and I am a detail person X10. I love what you’ve done, Yvonne. Those windows are absolutely gorgeous, and you already know how I love the painting.
    Now, about those hydrangeas…

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    Just beautiful. I really enjoyed that you gave reasons why you arranged items the way you did. The finished product is easy for us to see in your photos, but hearing the process for achieving the look is invaluable. I can see the implied arch around the dishes that matches the windows’ arches, but your description for not competing with the windows’ heights and grouping the dishes to echo the arches is excellent.

    Wonderful tutorial.


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    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Your vignette is beautiful!
    My favorite part of decorating is conceptualizing the design. “The hunt” is often frustrating, BUT when the design comes together ~ it brings such happiness!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend,

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    I adore the addition of plates on your wall, dear friend!!!
    This room is stunning!
    I’ve enjoyed watching the process of your vignette atop the dresser!
    Thanks for sharing and for encouraging us to continue until we feel
    our decor is just right!!!

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    So beautiful!! Love those plates that you have in your kitchen they are so lovely on the wall. They have such great detailing and the hydrangeas are beautiful too! Love the colors. Perfection my dear as always.


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    What a pretty vignette! It’s always nice when you can take things from other rooms and repurpose them, too. I love remodeling more than anything, but now that we’re almost done I’m starting to have fun with the accessories and see how they change a room.

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    I’m sure this is a silly question but how did you hang the plates? I don’t see those ugly brass plate holders. It’s why I don’t hang plates!!


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